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Is home-made food better than junk food?

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Started: 11/15/2016 Category: Health
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I think Yes. Home made food is better for the following reasons. First of all I want to say about overweight. If u will eat a lot of fast food u will be OVERWEIGHT, because any junk food has a lot of fats. Besides this junk food have a lot of additives like artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives.


The term healthy a perceptional term or an established term? Established term meaning a definition that is true for all things healthy. Well a big greasy hamburger is not healthy for people. However, it may be healthy for starving children of abused parents or in Africa. Am i right or wrong? So basically what does it means to be healthy? There is no right definition in my opinion. And if you think about it some more. It is not what is healthy but what's healthy to you. We all know what is not healthy for the human body...too much cholesterol, too much fat, too much this and that. But i don't find fat and cholesterol unhealthy because the bodies needs it. The key words are "too much" and too much of anything is bad.
Overall, it depends on the cooking methods, what's cooked, how much you are eating and how much exercise you do. If you boil veggies that is unhealthy in a way because you are sucking out the nutrition (cooking method). If you are eating home cooked cheese pasta everyday, that is unhealthy. And it is unhealthy because of the key word "everyday." (What's cooked and how much you are eating). If you are not exercising and eating healthy i do believe that is bad for your body because you still get tired quickly. (Or am i wrong about that?) So none is better.
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