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Is home schooling or PLublic/private school better?

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Started: 11/19/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think that plubic school gives a better experience and will help better in life than home scholling.


I accept my opponents challenge. My opponent has made the case that public school will help better in life. With no sources, definitions, etc.

I will be arguing that Homeschooling is better than Public Schooling.

Therefore, I will provide some definitions to clarify this round for us today!

Public School: " a school that is maintained at public expense for the education of the children of a community or district and that constitutes a part of a system of free public education commonly including primary and secondary schools."

Home Schooled: "to teach (one's children) at home instead of sending them to school."

Better: "Comparative of good or well."


Let's Begin!

Home-Schooling has been increased by 2.04 million people since 1999. This number is yet a huge one and shows that parents find this an effective matter. Along with homeschooling, there have been many studies showing, better academics, higher graduation rate, and much more! So here are some key factors to why homeschooling is much of a better choice from sending your child to Public School.'

1. Safety -
Every parent wishes for their child's safety and protection from our dangerous world. The parents can moderate their child and keep them save. While in public school children can develop a nasty attitude, foul mouth, porn, drugs, smoking, etc. What do you expect from a bunch of middle schoolers/high schoolers without their parents watching them? Teenagers will usually be bad influences on each other and this is where bullies will arise. Bullying as led to a lot of depression and youth committing suicide. Is this what we want from our children? Or do we prefer to give them a safe environment where you can teach them about the world from a better perspective?

2. Education Quality -
The parent gets to set the standard for their child and are able to focus on their child's education. While teachers in the public school system are forced to focus on a huge class-room of students. Which this leads to other students totally being invisible to the teacher where all you do is turn in your work and get your grade. While at home, the parent doesn't just want high grades, she/he wants to see you master the skill and delve deeper into the curriculum.

Socialization -
Most people against homeschooling make the case "lack of a social life." Which this is actually incorrect. Homeschoolers are always offered tutors and tutorials to take. They can always meet up with homeschoolers just a like or pick up the phone and call one another. They are in a social life with others who home-school and can be in an environment just alike them.

Family Unity -
Being homeschooled, you learn to get along with siblings and bond with your family more. A distinct thing apart from public schoolers is that home schoolers have a perfect opportunity to unite with their family and get a long and grow a strong and healthy relationship with each other. The parents have better view of their children and how they are raised and raise them properly.

Travel and Convenience -
Being home schooled is also super convenient! How so? I have a lot of public schooled friends who fear of becoming sick because then they have to skip school and are left behind and get failing grades for not attending. This is a major issue in our school systems. If you are sick you can just school at home. Traveling out of town? Do your school on the trip! Its so much easier for parents to keep up with their children and make sure they don't lose a proper education.

Debate Round No. 1


MrBowTie26 forfeited this round.


I have stated sources and my argument. I await for my opponents response.
Debate Round No. 2


MrBowTie26 forfeited this round.


In conclusion, voter, I have posted sources, arguments and so much more! I ask that you have a con ballet, thanks!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by nccndy 2 years ago
The two sides of this argument is based on many assumptions.
1. That public school teaches interactive social skills. If this were solely the case, public schools wins. But there public schools with terrible atmospheres non conducive to learning. Public schools also subject children to social media which can have its own positive and negative social interactions.
2. Public schools can limit a students. On the opposite end of the argument there are schools with great discipline as to minimize distractions and that offer so many AP and IB classes that can rigorously prepare students for college.
2. All homeschooling leads to advanced studies. Though this may be true, it is solely dependent on the parents. There are parents who run homeschool with no structure or regulation. There are parents with very little secular education who can teach their children at home. There are also many different homeschool purchasing options that range in their rigor levels.
3. Homeschool has fewer distractions. This would mean that the child is free of issues at home and we all know that is not the case with all children. In my own school district children opt to homeschool so that they can remain home to care for their own children. So the living conditions vary from child to child.
Posted by Godgirl 2 years ago
I would say that neither one is better. It really depends on the person. I've been both and public school has been a better fit for me, but all three of my siblings are homeschool and it's been really good for them. Well, actually my older sister isn't homeschooled anymore; she's in college.
Posted by Golfer15 2 years ago
Being a homeschooler, I can relate to Con. Being homeschooled allowed me to graduate high school at 16, get through undergrad in 3 years, and now law school. As a homeschooler, you are able to take concurrent college classes that count 1. Towards high school, and 2. Towards college credits.
Posted by snkcake666 2 years ago
Fair opening statement, contender and qualifying sources.
Posted by Robkwoods 2 years ago
Posted by Robkwoods 2 years ago
Technically, Private school should be lumping in with homeschool. Private and home school are bound by more of the same concepts than public school.
Posted by Lager 2 years ago
So far,the contender has made a better argument. It will be interesting to see how the Instigator responds.
Posted by snkcake666 2 years ago
I will be subscribing to this debate. Best of luck to both sides.
Posted by MyNameIsSean 2 years ago
I'll accept your debate
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