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Is it a good idea for trumps wall or not?

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Started: 1/24/2017 Category: Society
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The wall is going to cost way to much and trump said that Mexico will pay for the wall. Just look at Mexico how they live if they don't even have nice buildings how does trump think that they are going to pay for it and why should they pay for it. Trump is the one that wants to build it in the first place so trump should pay for it out of his own pockets. And where are we going to get the building supplies for it anyway. Trump is going to have to do something less expensive and less building materials. All he got to do is just but more officers on the border to defend our nation from those that have no right being here


Personally I don’t like the wall idea, but I do not like what open borders are doing to our economy, so I’m for putting up a wall.

The wall will not cost too much. With today’s 3D printers, it can cost less than half to build than a conventional wall. 3D printers are already printing homes, something far more sophisticated than a wall.

Mexico needs to trade with us. We simply add a wall tariff so that they will pay for it.

But really, neither Trump nor Mexico will pay for the wall. The wall will pay for itself. The wall have a huge impact on costs due to not having the most secure border we can have. We lose so many jobs from not having secure borders, which increase our welfare and health care costs. We have huge costs from drugs getting over the border. We have huge costs from having to deal with criminal illegals. We have huge costs from having to process illegals who don’t use legals channels to come over when they get caught.

The building supplies for 3D printing most likely will come from the proximity where the wall is built. It can come from recycled materials in nearby towns and cities and from the sand itself. This is one of the many reasons 3D printing is cheaper.

The wall with the addition of surveillance drones will be far more effective than placing men everywhere where there is a wall. And, cheaper.

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Posted by mike123456789 1 year ago
Let's go then
Posted by Sidetrack 1 year ago
Okay Mike. Let's give this a go.
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