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Is it acceptable to have sex under the legal age? (16/18)

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Started: 8/22/2016 Category: Society
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In my opinion, it is acceptable to have sex under the legal age to a certain extent. If you are above 14, and have been in a long term relationship with someone who you feel safe, secure and know they will respect your wishes whatever you choose to do then it is acceptable for them to do what they believe is right in the sexual intercourse area. However, if the person is sleeping around, doing whatever with whoever I think that is when it's borderline dangerous due to stuff like STD's or if you don't know the person very well the risk of them spreading rumors, causing danger for you should not be acceptable.


I personally feel like 14 year olds should not be allowed to engage in sexual intercourse for a few reasons:

1. Lack of responsibility

14 year olds have next to no huge responsibilities to commit to. Apart from schoolwork, which can easily be completed, and extra-curricular activities, 14 year olds have no huge commitments waiting for them, like a job. As such, they don't know about having money, and with that money responsibility. If some complain they are unable to handle their current course load, then why would allowing them to possibly have a child help their case? They have no job of their own (unless they find an extremely rare position), so supporting the child would have to be done by the parents of the two kids. Plus, maybe the woman might not want a kid, and the whole abortion argument comes up and it's not something 14 year olds (likely freshman in high school or eighth graders) should be worrying about.

2. Indecision in Relationships

In middle/early high school, relationships with others are very fickle. Backstabbing, gossiping, etc. are all commonplace within the confines of the school. As such, what would happen if a girl were to get pregnant and the boyfriend just dumps her or moves away? That would put the soon-to-be mother in a horrible position, especially at such a young age. Because 14 y/o have no income, they cannot pay for "child support" which, again, leaves the responsibility on the parents. In addition, imagine the teasing a couple would go through for having sex and the woman getting impregnated.

3. Lack of Understanding/Ignorance

The common thing stipulated by the media and sex is that "sex feels good", so even younger people will buy into that a lot easier than 16/18 year olds, as 16/18 year olds are better able to weigh the decisions of doing the action. It's obvious that there are more ignorant 14 year olds than 16/18 year olds, not because 14 year olds are stupid, per-se, but they just don't have a developed enough brain to weigh these decisions often. Therefore, if a student goes around and has se with every girl he wants to just because he can, he might not know about condoms, safety, etc. and could very easily get a girl pregnant, get an STD, or both.

I had a busy week and was unable to write up much, but I feel like my points are pretty self explanatory.
1. 14 year olds have yet to understand huge amounts of responsibility/commitment, and immediately jumping into caring for a child is a bad idea.
2. The nature of middle/high school is that there's lots of fickle relationships, which means it isn't a good idea to commit to someone.
3. 14 year olds are inherently more ignorant/unknowing than 16/18 year olds which can lead to bad consequences.

Sorry again for the delay. Pro's arguments now.
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