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Is it better to be a criminal or an honest good person

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Started: 11/7/2016 Category: People
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In today's capitalistic society most success is measured by the amount of fortune or money a person possesses. I'm going to argue for being a criminal. Criminals are the ones with the big mansions, the fancy Ferrari cars and all the best dinner locations, women, parties, jewellery , while the honest hard working person gets by with barely making ends meet unless you are Bill Gates, most people have to work very hard and they will never live in a mansion or drive a Ferrari. If I'm a big criminal, I can have anything I want, so what, that the law is after me and I might not sleep good at night, with some highly paid lawyers I will get off and live the dream, while the honest person will just have to settle on the fact that they don't have a guilty conscience.


I will be arguing the side of that it's better to be in society as a good, honest person.

This argument is very heavily based off on morals, depending on whether the morals of the person force them to think of a life of thievery and crime or a life of honest work.

One of the major negatives to becoming such a person, is that often it is short term. Often, to become the kingpin of a criminal enterprise, you have to risk it all and hold onto your wealth perilously, being able to lose it all with the slightest misfortune. The 20 wealthiest criminals, even though had held onto fame and fortune for the longest amount of time relatively, had almost all ended up in jail or death. With the government breathing down on you, it's close to impossible to be able to hold onto all of your immense wealth to be able to use it in the future.
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Although most criminals do end up dead or in jail, they live the life of luxury and do not have to engage in the grind of everyday work life such as traffic jams getting to work, the 9-5 hours and the boredom of every day life such as discussing the weather around the cooler at work or chatting with neighbors about your lawn. Criminals live somewhat exiting lives with the law breathing down their necks. It's not for the faint hearted but it's exciting and stressful with turf wars and other criminals competing with you.

But if you want to look at it from the financial side, criminals can make millions of dollars, buy all they toys they want and get all the women/men they want and have all the material things that most people can only imagine to have. I would also like to point out that there are many white collar criminals who live lavish lives thanks to fraud, pyramid schemes and corporate scams. Just look at Bernie Maydoff, how many mansions and cars did he have. Sure he is in jail now but he lived a pretty lavish life for a while and with the champagne and caviar and women he got to live like a king even if it didn't last forever. The problem is criminals do not know when to walk away. Just make your millions and retire from crime while the honest person works their tedious job for 40 years so they can retire on a measly little pension. The criminal is the one with the mansion the fancy cars and the freedom to do what they like, while the honest person can only say "I did the right thing" and I'm still struggling to make ends meet
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 1 year ago
I agree with you 100%, white collar crime is the way to go, now I just need to get in a gang like that so I can share in the 1 billion Euro scheme. Where do I send my resume?

GrimlyF you wouldn't be one of those recruiters would you, you seem to know a lot about it, do I send you my resume, I can cook accounting books or provide legal defense for the gang. Let me know where in N. Ireland I send my resume.

I'm jealous!!! hahaha 1 billion Euro (I will be happy with just 1 million Euro)
Posted by GrimlyF 1 year ago
FANBOY.Live fast,die young?.Why?.You and Con both equate criminality in such a narrow scope you'll be down to tommy guns and model T's next.No finesse,no style and certainly no longevity.In N.Ireland Google has its main European office( this consists of 3 desks and no telephone or computer).The British income tax agency went over Google's books and found they owed the government 3.4 billion Euro's.The N.I. government REFUSED to take any payment from Google despite having to go to the E.U. for a 1 billion Euro loan less than a year before.SOMEONE has made a barrow load of money and we'll never know who.The Libor interest fiasco where we put 3 minions on trial.All three tried to point out at only their bosses had the authority to fraudulently change the rate.They were found not guilty and no one else (particularly their bosses) is being investigated.Billions were made for the banks and millions were made in payments to the bosses.There are dozens of stories like this with the same endings.THESE are the criminals you should emulate.No flash, no swagger,no publicity and,above all, no suspicion.
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