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Is it okay for white women to wear black hairstyles?

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Started: 11/22/2015 Category: Society
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Racism is defined as : The belief that all member of a certain race possess certain characteristics to that race to distinguish it as superior or inferior to other races. Therefore when black women say that white women shouldn't wear certain hairstyles, it is racism. The complaint is that they are scrutinized for wearing the hairstyles in the workplace but it is celebrated on white people. Racism towards African Americans does exist however that is not the fault of the white person wearing the hairstyle. It is assumed that because they are wearing cornrows/box braids etc. that they do not also support black rights. It is clearly wrong for ANYONE, black or white to be discriminated against for a hairstyle. And the people who wear it are not the ones doing the discrimination so why the hate?

I also understand that it's a cultural issue but if that's the case we should all stop eating ethnic cuisine, stop using products made in china, etc. It's automatically assumed that the white person is not giving credit for the style. I, for instance, am white but my hair is very thick and difficult to manage. I have one of my black friends cornrow it once in awhile so I can have a break from taking care of it. Does this make me racist? Obviously it doesn't offend my black friend who does my hair. She is a black woman just as much as the next person. I am not a trend setter. I don't even use social media. My choice of hairstyle is for practical reasons. So why should it be judged?

Hollywood is irrevalant in this by the way. I'm talking about every day people.


You do not wear a hairstyle, you posses it adorn it and work it but you don't wear it because it's a part of your body unless it's a wig.

If it's a wig it's not okay as you are cheating the natural selection method of keeping our species at its peak.

Let's say, hypothetically, that you want to attract a guy who's only into black chicks and you cheat the system by using a black hairstyle, this results in a child being born who never should have naturally been created and is one of many examples of how artificial attractiveness is ruining our species' ability to get rid of the genetically inferior.

The white hair is designed for adorning white hairstyles and to cheat this and have two people have sex and a child who never naturally would have found each other attractive is simply unbalancing evolution's essential scale.
Debate Round No. 1


Nearly EVERYONE is of mixed decent. If you have Swedish, German and Irish ancestry for example, you are just as "genetically inferior" as the next person. Although all of these nationalities possess Caucasian skin, they each have their own cultural traits. Perhaps not as distinctive as African American/Caucasian but not a 100% pure race. There is no such to insult biracial people is to insult the majority of humans in Earth. This is why racism does not make sense-we had to have all come from one place, or origin at some point, religious beliefs aside.

I referred to the style as a "black" hairstyle because that is what people call it during arguments of cultural appropriation, WHICH is what this debate is about, not nazi BS.


Pro runs a kritik on their own resolution.; they say no one is truly white or black. That makes the resolution impossible.
Debate Round No. 2


WaspStinger forfeited this round.


DB8 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Deb-8-A-Bull 1 year ago
Lib and chamber turned it into race wars. 2015 get with the times. REPORTED.
Posted by Dilara 1 year ago
i agree with pro. i guess black girls can't straiten their hair or dye it blonde...
Posted by DATXDUDE 1 year ago
Nobody is gonna accept this debate.
Posted by lib1101 1 year ago
Calling it a black hairstyle is racist all together. We shouldn't call it a "black" hairstyle, or a "white" hairstyle, we should just call it a hairstyle.
Posted by CHARBAR2020 1 year ago
I think it's okay.
People are people and some people are nice and some suck!
It doesn't matter where you are from or what race/color/religion. People f-ing suck!
We waste what we have. Tsk Tsk!
Posted by Robkwoods 1 year ago
Calling it a "black" hairstyle is the problem. I wouldn't give it that kind of power. It is a hairstyle, it doesn't belong to any particular race. Soon black people will get upset over white people eating fried chicken and watermelon and listening to hip hop.
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