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Is it okay to be homophobic?

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Started: 11/23/2016 Category: Health
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I get finding that two people of the same gender may be gross to you. I'm afraid of bananas, actually. Phobias exist. I get it. But, you can't tell other people how to livetheir life, or say that 'they're going to hell'. Some gays aren't Christian, you know. Opponent, whoever you end up being, don't say anything with 'The Bible says...' or 'If the entire human race was gay...' because those are the argument everyone uses. Give me something original, please. I think it's perfectly okay to be an openly gay person.


Before I get started I would like to point out that you have a good point. The Bible does say that homos can go F themselves, but the bible hasn"t been proven to be true has it? and yeah if the whole world as gay than guess what" you wouldn"t be straight enough to complain about it would you! No but seriously, if the whole world was gay one million years ago, we would have evolved to reproduce accordingly. And if we all suddenly went gay today, well as long as being a lesbian only means being anti-d1ck and not anti-babies we"ll be okay.
Okay just to get something clear, I don"t care if your gay as long as you"re not trying anything on me"because I"m not gay
Okay first lets define what homophobic means. homophobic: having or showing an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people. Also let"s raise our arms and praise the sun for having a dictionary definition that actually explains societies present day definition of the word.
I believe it is completely reasonable to be homophobic. I however am not supporting on actions against homos. There is difference between the two.
I believe that it is completely natural for someone to be homophobic, because when you see homophobia in men and women it"s the same thing as uglyphobia. If I"m a guy and there is this girl who likes me and I can"t stand the sight of her, I tend to avoid that person just like most men do. When you see a girl and you get the feeling she likes you, you only get that feeling when she spends time with you or talks to you a bunch or keeps looking at you, unfortunately these are all things you do when you are just in a simple conversation. So when someone tells you they are gay, you become self-conscious and start to notice all those things, get paranoid and suddenly don"t feel comfortable around that person. It"s the same thing as being uncomfortable with someone who you think has a crush on you and you don"t crush them back. Except you don"t generally tease a girl for liking you. So to go with that, if you are getting teased for being homo, then you are probably being so homo that you give all the guys the feeling you want to sleep with them. If this is the case, "stop it, get some help" you"re not doing yourself any favors by prancing around telling everyone that your gay. There is a woman version of what that is called and it"s called being a whore, and whores don"t get treated very well either if you haven"t noticed. so maybe pull that dildo out of your 4ss and think about how you act before you start telling yourself that the problem is everyone else.
The kind of homophobia that I am against is acts against homos, and that isn"t even homos for sure, that might just be bulling and have nothing to do with their sexual preference.
Debate Round No. 1


I was meaning extremely homophobic. As in, yelling at a gay couple about how they're 'going to hell'. I think being homophobic is okay in the sense that you aren't doing anything wrong, but silently judging what the couple is doing, or pushing deep down. I don't think it's okay to be against the gays/lesbians. Maybe I should have asked if it was okay to be against gay people? For now, I need to support my opinion.

I'm sure you are aware of this, but according to, a phobia is: 'A persistent, unreasoning fear of some object or situation.' I simply need to say that it says unreasoning in this definition. I think that this is true in some (but not all) situations. For instance, the clown incidents that have been happening, to develop a phobia of clowns over that, that is reasonable. But my real opposition is to the anti-homos. If we could discuss that as well, that would be great. I have no true opposition to those who are homophobic but don't do any harm. (However, I am very much for LGBTQ+, so they are wrong in my opinion, but that's besides the point.) I understand if you aren't gay, and one of your friends makes a move on you, that is uncomfortable. I understand that. But a couple of strangers (of the same sex) kissing in a public place? What should say that you have to yell at them? That is the question that I wanted to ask. If you could awnser that for me, I would greatly approve of it.


well the reason i defined homophobic rather than homophobia is because being homophobic is something i have seen, i have seen homo's being shunned from certain social situation, however i don't believe homophobia is something people really have, i mean homos are like the least threatening people in the world... except lesbians... lesbians are pretty B1chy . what i'm getting at is that i have seen people who hate homos or who avoid homos but i have never actually ever seen or met someone who had a "fear" of homo's. so to answer your question, i honestly don't think homophobia is a real problem.

Yes Anti-homo is a real problem, there are people, however few, who are acting specifically against homo's; however, i don't believe that it has anything to do with homophobia or being homophobic. for instance the reason that you hear arguments like "the bible says not to" or "what if the whole world was gay" these aren't things you say because you have a phobia of them, this is a matter of principal. people who are against homo's are against them because they are homophobic they are against them because there beliefs happen to be in opposition of hemophilia. if our standards never had heterophilia as a precedent and if the bible had nothing against them then there wouldn't be any Anti-homo moments.that's why i don't believe the homophobia is a real issue, because it has nothing to do with fear of homos or dislike in homos. i don't believe people hate homos because they hate the thought tits on tits action (because we don't, there are actual websites dedicated to that sort of thing) i believe that people only hate homos because it goes against what they believe is right and wrong. so to answer your second question, they don't do it because of homophobia they do it because they feel that those two guys kissing on a bench in public, is an attack on there personal beliefs.

also to be honest, if you did see two guys making out on a bench and you asked them to stop or to get a room, i don't blame you; because if you are homophobic than then seeing two guys making out is like the same thing as a woman breast feeding in public, it makes you uncomfortable so you either wait for the bus somewhere else, or if you are an 4sshole you ask them to stop.
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Posted by Bishop1889 1 year ago
Homophobia is a progressive leftist buzzword that has no real meaning expect as a go-to whenever someone simply disagrees with homosexuality. How do you personally define homophobia? A phobia is a fear with no natural causes or normal explanations, it is irrational. I have no fear of homosexuals, yet I am labeled all the time as "homophobic", just because I disagree and disprove of the practise of sexual perversion. Asking if it is "okay" to be homophobic is asking a loaded and biased question, of which the premise has no logical merit.
Posted by FlashisLIt 1 year ago
It says that you're against homophobic people, not for them.
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