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Is it okay to hunt?

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Started: 5/10/2016 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think that hunting is a negative thing, REGARDLESS If its for food. I want to know why hunters believe It's okay to kill a random animal for the fun of it.


I would have to deny that. Hunting is not just a sport it's for feeding the hungry as well.
Debate Round No. 1


No, I'm talking about sport hunting (crazy rednecks) do it for fun. Seriously, not to mention that vegetarian diets are proven to be healthier (I'm not going to start another debate about vegetarianism). If you want to admit it or not hunting is an act of legal mass murder. But seriously traditional hunters in today's modern world are a disgrace. Again, I'm talking about people that do it for fun, sorry for the misunderstanding.


I understand, but you don't think killing bugs or snails or spiders are murder? There still a living organism, so either way its okay to kill one species but not the other?...
Debate Round No. 2


Willsoon forfeited this round.


Christina_Is_Gay forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lwittman 2 years ago
Stop eating the hunted's food and stfu
Posted by ZachZimmey 2 years ago
"...traditional hunters in today's modern world are a disgrace."
Actually, traditional hunting would be defined as hunting for sustenance, where erroneous waste is virtually nonexistent. Traditional hunting would be the type indigenous people groups participate in, such as Eskimos or the well known Plains Indians of America.

"...hunting is an act of legal mass murder."
Murder- "the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought" (Merriam Webster Online Dictionary) Murder, by definition, is illegal. Therefore, murder, especially a mass action of it, could never be "legal", as you stated.

"...vegetarian diets are proven to be healthier."
"The Verdict: Vegetarian diets can be unhealthy if you"re not careful." This quote was taken from Vegetarian diets can be healthier, but you need to be very selective with what you eat. Meat is the body's number one source of protein. That is a solid, rock hard fact. No getting around it. Your body is designed to eat and digest meat.

"I'm talking about sport hunting... people that do it for fun..."
Last time I checked, sport hunting is illegal and bad in most area, but in some instances can actually be good. (See my previous comment at the very bottom). Thanks.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Wild animals have it pretty good, all things considered.
Posted by Killerchicken12 2 years ago
Honestly, The idea that somehow Humans exclusively are guilty of what every animal does, is not that sound of an argument. Right and Wrong are relative to Religion and opinion, therefore, assuming that the anti-hunting proponent is non-religious, we must base the argument from objective reality observable to the common Human. It is fact that most animals hunt in some way shape or form, and it is also fact that many animals fun, Humans are no different. It is easily observable that hunting is simply animal nature, and humans being animals, will also naturally hunt. The argument is weak, hypocritical, and un-persuasive. I will sum up the reasons why:
- Anyone who believes that humans should live only off plants is an ignoramus. Outlawing the killing of animals violates our rights, and very human nature. (It will also have dramatic effects on the meat industry)
- Believing that Humans should not have the right to hunt, but other animals should is a fallacy. Humans are classified as Animals, same as a wolf, or bear. In addition, most if not all religions allow the consumption of meat, poultry, and fish.
- Hunting has been around for millions of years, and is the only reason why Humanity has survived, and became as advanced as we have.
Posted by ZachZimmey 2 years ago
"I think that hunting is a negative thing, REGARDLESS If its for food"
Many cultures do not have supermarkets like we have. They have to manually harvest their own food, otherwise they would starve. We really take stores for granted.

"I want to know why hunters believe It's okay to kill a random animal for the fun of it."
Sport Hunting is illegal, which is simply hunting for a trophy or simply shooting stuff and not using it. I'm not saying hunting cannot be fun, but it isn't solely for a good time. Like I said, hunting is a massive source of food to many people. Killing animals is perfectly fine. We eat them. They eat us. An article from American Hunter is pretty much about this topic, so I have included the link at the bottom of this comment. Hunting is also a terrific conservation effort in many areas. In my state of PA, whitetail deer populations are way too big. Hunting seasons limit their numbers, which get too high and completely devastate the ecosystem. Which is better- a few deer killed and eaten, or an entire ecosystem destroyed because we allow them to live? Even "exotic" animals are allowed to be hunted, even if they are endangered. A single tag is raffled off, and the proceeds of the hunt go toward helping preserve the species. A single animal isn't going to hurt anything, especially when it is for a good cause.

Posted by lyokowarri0r 2 years ago
It is okay because there is no law banning it. Easy.
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