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Is it possible for there to be a new country now?

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Started: 2/12/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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This debate is about whether or not it is possible for there to be a new country. I will be arguing that it is possible for a new country to be made. Round 1 is acceptance only.


Challenge Accepted
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for accepting this debate.
Places for a new country could be:

1. Antarctica: possibility to be a country: improbable
Antarctica is not owned by any country making it not owned land. However the fact America, Russia etc. manage it. The probability they will let someone raise a flag there declaring independence is unlikely.

2. Buy part of one: Possibility to be a country: likely in only Africa and poor places, improbable in other places
If you are a billionaire you might be able to buy parts of a country. In a European country like France, it isn't likely that you will be able to buy part of a country. However if you went to a very poor, struggling government, they might be desperate and sell some land.

3.Conquer one, (similar to what ISIS wants to do):possibility: very unlikely
Conquering a country like what ISIS is trying to do is pretty crazy. It could be so crazy it might just work. If America, Russia, The UK, or any strong country intervene it could be impossible. If no countries help, unless it's armed forces are basically a joke, you have a chance at be able to succeed against a weak country.

4. Gain independence: possibility: 50-50
Like what Quebec and Scotland voted on gaining independence,but failed. If there could be something like that, except it succeeds, there's a country right there. Or a revolutionary war like America to gain independence.

5. Make an island: possibility: very high
Like Sea land, it was an island that was man- made, that eventually became a country. As long as you don't build it in another country's airspace they won't have a problem. All you need is a suitable spot, a lot of soil, plenty of workers, and a ton of money.

After all this declare yourself as your own nation, make a government, get a population, find a source of income, and be recognized by the UN. After all the essential are done, make an arms force, sign treaties with other nations, and get allies. It will be difficult for sure, but it is possible.

I believe it will be hard for my opponent to refute all of this


Addressing my opponents points
1: Antarctica would be almost impossible to create a permanent livable environment for a large enough population to be recognized as a country.
2: If you were to buy land to create a country in Africa you would be constantly plagued by constant droughts, shortages, and terrorist attacks for a very long time.
3: Conquer: You would most likely be recognized as a terrorist group and well the UN does not ally with terrorist groups.
4: Independence might have worked several hundred years ago but now it would be almost impossible to even be recognized as a separate country by the locals much less the UN.
5: You suggest a man made island country, the problem is how would you get a sustainable population and economy? the island would most likely have to be small and why would anyone move their?
Can you explain the process of declaring yourself as your own nation? How will you create a government? Who would want to move to a small new nation with no reputation and no obvious opportunities? You would need a population to generate income and income to attract a population, because why would someone go to a small poor country? Why would the UN recognize this country when they did not recognize Ladonia,Redona,Minerva,Melchizedek,or Seborga? Why is this nation different?
Debate Round No. 2


As I said before, making a country in Antarctica or conquering a country would be very unlikely and would likely not work out. I really wasn't planning to win this debate with that, just a few possibilities I threw out. So onto my other points.

Buy Land: Not all of Africa is terrible. Countries like Nigeria and Ebola infected nations obviously aren't very good places to be now. However there are plenty of places in Africa that have land for a country that aren't bad. Besides South Africa's crime rate it is fairly good to live there. So if land was bought there and the new nation's leader was able to cleanse it of crime, people would start moving there and it would be great. Ghana, Botswana, Gabon have some of the most livable cities in Africa. The thing for Africa is the land that can be available, can be made suitable for living to get people to go there. Also, I did not limit it to Africa alone. Close to 40% of Indonesia's population lives rurally. If land was bought there it could be made more urban if that is what the people want. Even in a few other places the same thing. It will of course be different for the people living in the land bought, but they can move always and there can still be a population to generate income.

Independence: Impossible for the locals? Do you know how close both the elections for Quebec and Scotland to secede were? Maybe now a few ten thousands are kicking themselves for not voting for becoming their own country and since the opportunity has passed they won't try to do it again. What if one day there are two Ukraines? One with closer ties to Russia and another with closer ties to the rest of Europe. Wouldn't that be qualified as new nations? I think so.

Island nation: Of course it would be small, I wasn't planning on seeing one the size of mainland Japan or even Puerto Rico. It would, yes, most likely be smaller than a square mile, but larger than Sealand. Something that can have job opportunities to generate income. At the beginning invite friends and family, their friends and families, and maybe even the people who helped make it. Once a few people come in it should be good. It wasn't easy for Sealand, but they are their own small country.

For declaring independence just state to the world you are your own country in which 3 things can happen.
1.The world will say okay, okay and then go back to eating, sleeping, playing WoW, etc..
2.The UN will welcome you to be part of the community of nations to see if whether you join or not.
3. If someone didn't do their research and made an island in another country's airspace or someplace where a treaty announced this is no nation's land, etc. then the UN will knock on the door telling them to abandon their nation or face armed invasion.

To create a government, look at the government of a prosperous nation is done, and then do something based on it. If it was the US. The founder would be the president or leader of the executive branch while intelligent friends could be the legislative, and the courts at least until people start coming there to take the jobs.

For a flag look at all the flags now and make one that no other nation has. For currency either have the same currency of nearby nation(s), ex. Euros, US dollars, or a new currency. Then language(I'd choose English) a seal, National anthem, and motto.

Once the requirements for becoming a new nation are met and the UN considers you becoming a member, then the 5 power nations, The UK, France, China, Russia, or America will separately decide to either veto you or not. Depending where you stand on issues will decide their position for or against you. If even one veto's you are rejected (meaning if 4 accept you, but 1 veto's, no membership, not much sense). If none veto you are part of the UN, if not, your not much different than the Palestine.

Hey I never said it was easy, I just think it is possible. There are obstacles to be surpassed for sure. Those obstacles can be surpassed. America had trouble starting out, but now they are arguably the strongest nation in both military and as an economic power. If a new nation can't be made then in some ways we haven't improved than how we were before the UN was made.

source for ideas and such:


TheCynicalDebater forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Russia_The_almighty 3 years ago
I am disappointed my opponent forfeited the last round.
Posted by Russia_The_almighty 3 years ago
Of course I know that, that was a small possibility of a country I thought of.
Posted by MechVarg 3 years ago
Russia, Antarctica doesn't have that many resources...
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