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Is it possible to be in love with more than one person romantically?

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Started: 1/14/2015 Category: Philosophy
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1. Love in a romantic way is having someone to depend on, make special memories as a lover and a friend.
2. A relationship is an agreement made by the people in the relationship.
3. Relationships are built on trust and openness.
4. Sex is not the primary focus in a romantic relationship.
5. Some people in a polygamy relationship claim to be just as happy as those in a monogamy relationship.
6. A polygamy relationship is more on building a relationship that is about supporting one another.
7. To be in love with someone is based on your personal emotions and your interpretations of those emotions.
8. Like the human dna strands, human relationship have many similarities but have key concepts that are different and can be interpreted differently by people.
C. It is possible to love more than one person romantically at a time.

Premises 1,2,3, and 4 are non-controversial because my opponent would most likely agree these are the ingredients to a good relationship.

Premises 5 and 6 are controversial.
5.Some people in a polygamy relationship, like a monogamy relationship may be staying in the relationship for the benefits the relationship brings. A romantic relationship has no real objective standard to measure happiness within a relationship.
6. A polygamy relationship like any other relationship is about supporting each other like any kind of relationship. Loving someone romantically is when one partner in the group is in having a special memory with another.
8. It is a rhetoric analogy.


1) I disagree with this definition because it neglects the actual emotion of the individuals and barely differentiates the difference between romantic love and friendly love.

2) I agree

3) I agree.

4) This is not necessarily true, some relationships are set up just for the sexual benefits whether it is known to both parties or not.

5) People claiming to be happy does not necessarily imply that they are in love with anyone involved.

6) I agree

7) I disagree because there are many situations where people misread their own emotions or simply do not understand them.

8) DNA reveals the true properties and motives of the human mind before social construction, cultural indoctrination or psychological trauma is included.

9)Romantic love distinguishes moments and situations within intimate relationships to on individual as contributing to a significant relationship connection or a strong emotional connection in an interpersonal level.

10) Love is a genetic tool that motivates individuals to find a partner and produce a family or spread genes.

11)When a person is in love (romantically or paternally) they are more protective or territorial towards that person.

12)Children are raised better in family situations with two parents rather than just one or a dispersed family situation. (divorce or multiple step fathers)

13)Many open or polygamous relationships are simply ways to have casual sex while still holding a stable situation at home.

14) Falling in love for two or more people at once is either not a real love or a result of emotional confusion, neglect in the relationship, infatuation or lust.

15) Falling involve with two people is a result of a troubled relationship or a troubles past. (emotional dysfunctions)

16)Falling inlove for any reason that an interpersonal one is not real love but a disillusion
17)Love,lust and dependance are often confused by young or emotionally troubled people
18) societies with a polygamist social norm have oppressive social rol
Debate Round No. 1


4. They do have sexual benefits but these relationships are not based on that, so it is not being looked at when having other partners.

5. agree

7. Love is based on the interpretation of your feelings, it takes to to see whether a relationship of this sort is for them either by trial , or stories from people in those relationships.

8. The DNA shows the properties but not motives of a person.

9. The idea of a significant relationship is one that has value to the person and has meaning and i agree on the connection in an interpersonal level.

10. Love is a genetic tool to motivate people to find a family but how to love someone and how many people one can love is not a gene but rather an emotional feeling we have through our life experiences.

11. Agree.

12. This experiences would have people have a mix definition of what love is, but love has many definitions per person and with that, they believe their idea of love is love and having another person say love is this does not make it true.

13. The idea of casual sex is having sex with many people without a partner, but having a polygamous relationship allows for more than one person in a relationship and is given consent to having another lover.
14. Agree it can be a result in an emotional confusion, but like any relationship, this type of relationship may not be the one for them.

15. A troubled relationship is a reason to modify any other future relationship they have.

16. These relationships are built and focused on interpersonal connections.

17. agree


18. I see that you state polygamous societies have oppression social roles, can you give an example of how


4) What are reasons to have a open relationship besides a sexual one?
7) These things are still susceptible to cultural manipulation and can differ from society to society. One society can look at wealth and stability as a means for "love" while another can take more personality traits and treatment into account.
8) DNA does provide motives for a person to do anything. For example feeling hungry is programed in your DNA and its use is to motivate you to eat and stay alive. The same goes with sleep, sex, and loving your child more then other children.
9) I agree
10) Since we are programed to have one partner because children are raised better with two parents and we are programed to be protective over the ones we loved and even territorial, this means that any other situation where a person is "in love" with two people is a emotional dysfunction or a cultural teaching.
12) Even if they believe they are in love that doesn"t mean that it is the same love that everyone else feels. They could simply be enjoying all the sex and pretending to love them because of the social strains involved in polygamy.
13) So it is what I said before being able to have casual sex with also having a stable structure at home and people to rely on.
15) A dysfunction is when someone "modifies" their behavior in a unhealthy or self destructive manner. Live having an open relationship.
16) Connections do not always mean love it can simply be an agreement that all parties agree with and enjoy. Love is a different more refined feeling.
18) Middle eastern countries have a practice of many wives for a man, which comes from a time where women can be traded like a commodity. Mormons also have polygamous relationships and the women are not allowed to do many things in their societies. These societies are only polygamous because the women are oppressed enough to be forced to share a husband or to be forced to believe that it is fair or correct because of what they have been taught. When a woman or women can be traded or given away there is no love or choice.

19) When you can let your spouse or husband have sex with another person they you don"t have any territorial bond with them and could care less who they are with because now you can be with anyone. Love is wanting to be with just that person because that is all you need.
Debate Round No. 2


4) The term open relationship is an umbrella with subcategories underneath it. A reason to have open relationships are to gain experiences in an area on of your lovers do not excel in. A polygamous relationship would view this as having a relationship with the other person, not just an excuse to have sex.

7) agree

8) DNA is always changing through evolution of a human and some humans can be evolved to to love differently from others in society that have monogamy love. A program can always be changed through time to keep up with the environment.

10) Being in love with more than one person can be a cultural teaching. Love is a learned thing that is taught by others, so learned love is not an emotional dysfunction.

12) Loving someone because of different reasons is ok in any relationship. People can love the sex in a relationship or love someone for the emotional support given.

13) No casual sex is not having a committed partner, while polygamous relationship is having committed partners.

15) It has not been shown that all polygamous relationships are unhealthy, and you have to understand that open relationship is a broad topic in which breaks down into ways to have an open relationship.

18) You speak about what is taught, why does what you have been learned be the way to say how love is. Love is vast and comes in many forms, so maybe woman A has fifty of what the man loves and the other 50% is in woman B. Instead of morphing a woman to have all or some of the values seen in woman B, people believe in having just two so that the women will not have to change who they are.

19) A territorial bond would not be the same for everyone in a society. Romantic love can be infatuation but does not last very long for some people, but loving someone in a romantic way no matter how long is still love.


4) The experiences their lover does not excel in can only possibly be sexual ones therefore whether they admit it or not it"s a sexual reason.
8) DNA takes a very long time to evolve in such a complex way and modern society in an evolutionary time line has literally just begun.
10) Learning how and why to fall in love with someone does not seem authentic or genuine. What it does seem like is social pressure subconsciously forcing them do accommodate to the culture or be out casted
12) I think you"re using the word too loosely here; you seem to be explaining a word that means to simply enjoy something or someone rather than the connection itself.
13) I agree
15) The relationships themselves can be healthy or not harmful in a direct way but the decision to have one is. If it could be anyone in a right state of mind more people would be doing it willingly. (excluding people with social norms involving polygamy)
18) Love is accepting the things you dislike and learning to love those things in time. Looking at it that way is pretty much saying "how much does this person benefit me?" and if it"s not enough you simply add another person to make up for the burden.
19) Territorial bongs can vary in degrees but it is always there. Polygamists have a method of introducing a third person that includes covering ground rules or lines they cannot cross because of these possessive qualities. The fact that they get to sleep with two or more people trumps the negativity that comes with sharing your husband or wife. Therefore the fact that they are accepting these rules and agreeing not only puts their love for their original spouse in question but their motives entirely.
Debate Round No. 3


1. Love in a romantic way is an emotion best described by the actions one does for the other. There is no one way to show love and there is no complete similarities when expressing ones" love for another.

2. The way one decides to start or have a relationship will be looked down by others that are against it but the relationship like any relationship works if everyone agrees, and if loving more than one person is allowed can be done, and the success of how much the person is in love with another becomes irrelevant.

3. A relationship is an agreement made with all party members in the relationship, regardless of how many participants involved in the relationship.

4. A polygamous relationship is more about starting on the platform of building a relationship supporting each other in a way that is needed.

5. The idea of a significant relationship is one that has value to the person and has a deep meaning with the other person.

6. If love is accepting the things you dislike and learning to love those things in time can be done for one person, then it can done for everyone even at the same time.

C. It is possible to love more than one person romantically at a time.

I agree that children are raised better in family situations with two parents rather than just one or a dispersed family situation, and when a person is in love they are more protective or territorial towards that person. But i do disagree with the use of DNA being used to show how emotions work. Emotions, how it works and why they work are in the brain which can have different stimulants to show when love is occurring because of the chemical released when love is found.


1)Love can also be measured by viewing actions taken that show how little a person loves someone.
2)I agree that a relationship that is open or polygamous can work happily and the love aspect would be irrelevant to them.
3)I agree
4)I agree
5)There is a difference between significant relationship and love.
6)It takes away from the quality and difficulty of accepting another person because you also have one more person to help you get away from it. It becomes easier to accept two people at once when you have them both.
7)Everyone has the same chemicals released in their brains. Our emotions do work and are a direct result of our DNA, situations like bipolar disorder and OCD prove this because these are problems with genes that affect emotion.
8)It is impossible to love two people with the same genuine emotion because there is a selfish reason for staying constantly lingering.
9)It is beneficial for people to simply say they are truly in love with both.
10)It is always a result of a cultural learning or traumatic event that makes people capable of being in a polygamous or open relationship.
11)DNA is the base line for all of our behaviors and suggesting that monogamy is in our DNA also implies that any environmental situation that changes that is something less than the love produced in a monogamous relationship.
C)It is impossible to Love two people at the same time.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Abraham.perez44 2 years ago
Good jobs guys!I really like both your arguments . I agree that it is impossible to fall in love with two people at the same time.
Posted by Jesusman 2 years ago
While "sex is not the primary focus in a romantic relationship," it is the only medium to establish the blood bond. There is no a single thing that anyone does on earth that is altruistic or for nothing. A man loves a woman to get love back. That means it is not for nothing! A person does people favor to either feel good or get rewards from God. I believe one can love multiple partners because love is based on volition. Even if we use the premise of falling in love rather than entering in love, one can still fall in love with multiple partners. That does not mean they must and should;however, they have the ability to do that because they can either do that on their own will or allow their emotions to push them into it.
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