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Is it possible to create an actual utopia?

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Started: 11/11/2013 Category: Philosophy
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An actual utopia is not possible! The reason it’s impossible to make a real utopia is because not everyone is going to like each other and there are always going to be greedy and untrustworthy people in our society. Even the three economic systems are not a utopias because...

Capitalism is when everything is privately owned and you can gain or lose money. The problem with capitalism is that it can easily cause poverty and it involves a lot risk. Another major issue with capitalism is that it depends on the generosity of individuals and a select few companies to be able to get treatments for illnesses. Since there are these problems with Capitalism, Capitalism is not a utopia.

Socialism is when everyone is equal and the people decide. Everyone in socialism gets an equal share and there’s no competition. The problem with that is the people will not work as hard if they know no matter how hard they work they are always going to get the same amount as everyone else. That is probably the reason that socialism is usually unsuccessful and socialism will never make a utopia.

Communism is when the government controls everything and they aim for equality. The problem with communism is that people don’t get enough freedom and choices because about everything is controlled by the government. Also the problem with communism is that the people are going to revolt against the government if the people don’t get what they want. Which mean communism is not a utopia.

Even if a utopia was possible it would be boring. You need challenges to survive! If everything is perfect you wouldn't have anything to work for.



I sincerely believe it is possible.

I, personally, am an atheist. Most Dutch people are. Had I been raised by Christian parents in a Christian community, I would most likely have been an Christian. The ideas of my friends, parents and family greatly influence my life and opinions, as is the case with everyone. You can say you're an independent thinker, and in a way you are, but everyone has been influenced by the rest of the world, as also stated by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a philosopher in the 18th century.

Thus, a total re-education of all people in the world (or a small isolated group with no connection to other parts of the world) is needed. Yes, I'm talking about propaganda.
If, and only if, we'd make all people take the same education, have the same amount of food and income, and everyone is treated in total equally, I believe an utopia is possible.

Why? Because eventually all opinions will become the same. No-one would want anything to change, because everyone thinks everything has been perfected.

Oh btw, this is my first debate here. Please don't refrain from correcting me on anything I do and isn't allowed.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all G-d is real. I have prayed for stuff and it has happened and how do organisms exist? But that is not what I am here to argue about.

I agree what you said about everyone being influenced by the rest of the world. The problem is you can't educate everyone the same no matter ho hard you try. One teacher isn't going to educate everyone; you need more than one educator. Not everyone is going to teach the material the exact same and there are always going be people smarter than others.

Our world keeps getting larger and there won’t be enough food and water for everyone. In addition everyone isn't going to be treated equal. People are always going to think that their better than one and another. People are born with different genetics so some people will be good at things others are not and not everyone is going to look the same. Bullying can still happen because of looks and bullying prevents utopias. Also because of genetics people are going to think differently therefore having different opinions.

by the way the dictionary says utopias are a work of fiction.-

It is also my first debate to let you know.



Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy lately.

First of all, lets just assume that with utopia we mean a "perfect" world or city. Otherwise this entire debate would be completely irrelevant.

That said, An utopia would have to be build up from scratch. Take some people who look alike, have an average intelligence and no criminal record. After re-education, not just by a teacher but also by influencing their daily life (Think about a single style of music on the radio,programs on TV that glorify the Utopian society), and make them live in a small, remote community in which they have no un-supervised contact with the outside world. Make sure they get enough food and other necessities. They will live in peace with each other. They don't know any better, and have no idea what's on the outside world. If you keep making this group bigger by adding people which more or less fit into the picture, you'll eventually have a small community which will keep up its own way of live, make it's own rules and keep its own traditions. All they would know is peace.

So what if human nature sets in and they start a fight? The rest of their community will look down upon them. Humans will always suffer from Peer Pressure. Bullying isn't the thing that's preventing a utopia from existing, its one of the things that allows it to be possible.

Not having enough food is a problem that, if our vision wasn't so blinded by the need of money and power, can easily be solved. The most sustainable way of producing food is using smart agriculture. More efficient ways of planting and gathering crops can easily provide the world with more food than we'd ever need. Using cows, pigs and chickens for food is an enormous waste of time, energy and mostly, space.
For example, Soy can play a significant role in ensuring food security into 2050 and beyond, as it yields approximately 356 pounds of usable protein and 500 pounds of oil per acre of farmland, compared to 82 pounds of protein for milk and 78 for eggs. Raising a ton of soybeans requires about 2,500 gallons of water, versus 4,500 for chicken and 5,900 for pork. Clearly, maximizing soy as a food source worldwide can boost nutrition while preserving natural resources.

As for the problem of genetic, ethical and physical differences, a smart system can easily solve it all. Someone with a strong body would work at a construction site. A smart person would be placed at an research lab, to improve food or energy production. Someone who is unable for manual labor, can be send to work with elderly people. As long as you make sure they get the same amount of food, water and living space, they wont complain. They will be able to do what they do best.

I now no longer have sufficient characters remaining, so I hereby close my argument.
Debate Round No. 2


What would you do with the rest of the world? People with criminal records and others are going to eventually find the island and destroy it. Or say what if human nature sets in like in a week of being at the remote land and the two people start to fight and the idea of violence is spread. That is not a utopia. Or say if you assign someone a job they don't like- that will probably cause problems.

Humans will do anything just to say or even think these five words- I am better than you. There is no education to teach someone that they’re not better than everyone else. Being better than everyone else is what humans want to be even if it is a silent thought. No one is ever content with what they have and it's human nature to always want more for themselves. Out of all this my biggest argument is humans are imperfect you can't make a perfect world for imperfect people. Even if you do they will destroy it.

Utopia normally means a heaven-like place where everybody is happy and peaceful, and has everything in the world. Humans may dream of this type of society, but actually, they do not want it. In utopia, everybody is happy. All we want is just to be happy.

Many of us want an exciting life, life full of thrills, excitement, etc. This is not possible without a rush of blood, which usually comes from the wrong things, and we end up hurting others or ourselves for our excitement. Utopian society will be boring for such people.

People enjoy games and winning. Most of the games have winners and losers. In utopia, all are winners, which may make the game dull. We don't want that, do we?

Utopia is impossible. Nature does not permit it. In utopia, there is no loss of life. No killings. If there are no killings, we cannot have food. Death is necessary for survival. If utopia doesn't permit death, how can we live? Even if humans don’t eat meat we will be eating other animal’s foods and messing up the food chain. If no one dies there wont be enough food.

Utopia resides in a person's mind; it cannot be possible in the real world.

That's my argument; read my first two arguments before you vote. :)



105060 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by stillotson 3 years ago
A utopia could exist if you allow for certain constraints placed upon society. I would be happy to debate but I can not due to your age and rank criteria.
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