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Is it truly theft?

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Started: 10/22/2016 Category: Arts
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This topic circulates around the ongoing question of "Art Theft," and more specifically if it is justified to target people whom utilize other people's artworks for visual-demonstrative purposes only, without modifying the artwork or claiming it to be their own. Especially, when there isn't a specific creative commons license in which dictates usage rights.

Most artists on the Deviantart and Tumblr networks do not openly provide their copyright terms, thus there is no way for people to know if the artist minds or not. Hence, I oppose classifying someone as an "Art Thief" so long as they do not attempt to take credit from the work, use it for educational purposes only, and do not obtain revenue from it.


Please read this as me saying this in a lighter tone. I'm not yelling or saying this in anger but I am trying to explain what copying is, what I've heard and seen, and what is wrong with it.
This does delve into other topics so please do not be offended

Anybody feel free to repost or write a similar journal. Help spread the message.
I do not take credit for all the ideas in here. I've seen a lot of different perspectives and whatnot from tons of people and have formed my own opinions.
I'm not trying to be mean or hateful guys.. I've just grown to understand how important one's art is to oneself.

What is copying?? Why is it wrong? Are you doing it? Do you struggle with art and feel there is no other way?

Artists? I think its hard truth time. Its kinda been a dodgy subject for some time but I am not going to hold back here guys. I feel so bad for artists seeing their work stolen and I want to speak up for myself and fellow artists at risk of art theft.
I recently was reading and watching some videos about art theft, and I especially like Mad--Munchkin's go at it.
Here's the link btw. [link]

I thought I should add my thoughts here

Please read. If you don't know if you are stealing art or simply being inspired by another artist, hey feel free to ask me. Not everybody knows that its considered wrong and very impolite so it would be better if you talked to me before you had an angry artist after you yeah? Don't worry I won't judge if you didn't know.. in fact I'd be up for helping you if you feel you can't draw, or need a character of your own, as long as you are willing to stop tracing, copying, re-posting, etc.
I'll help you!

This is why I would be devastated if someone copied my work. You know why? It seems like people sometimes dodge around this subject or speak in only little bits so here's why.
Artists put so much work into perfecting a style and scene. So much effort and thought went into it that it feels like such a ripoff when someone comes along and replicates it.
Its like this
Say you worked on a book for years. Delving into your characters, your writing style, working so hard on your plot and finally finish it. Only to have someone write the exact same book from you. You put your heart and soul into those characters. You worked so hard on the plot writing on pages and throwing so many ideas out the window to get it perfect.
I will sit at my computer for a long time just perfecting my sketch. Sketching it out, erasing the whole thing. Sketch again, erase.
repeat repeat until perfect. Ptera took YEARS to draw until I was completely satisfied with her. Copying would undermine the work I put into that. Same with every other artists. There are TONS of other artists who try and put way more thought into their art than I could and have their art stolen all the time.
Some people have changed accounts because of their art being stolen and whatnot.

This is where I am going to tackle the things I've heard people argue FOR copying. (If you've heard another point i'll add it and rebut it too)

I can't learn without copying
Copying is actually not the best way to learn. But at least if you do PLEASE do not post it! That is one of the major issues. Its not good thing to just trace cause you don't learn much from that but I mean if you do it and don't show anyone well whose really going to stop you there? But its the posting and claiming it as yours and or stating its a copy that is the problem.
But listen... I understand you're trying to learn and its great that your trying but, tracing isn't learning its more like trying to take a shortcut without really understanding what your doing.
I recommend for learning looking at anatomy books
How to draw books
And nothing is more important then real life. Yes some may roll their eyes but some fellow artists and I were talking and we all agreed that you CANNOT have a style without first learning anatomy. You have to understand a creature before you can stylize. Don't worry friend. If you are reading this and still want a style but are not sure how, start out by looking at anatomy books or if you don't have on available go online and look up animals. Trace over circles and lines over the contours and twisting of the body. Understand why it works like it does. Please don't resort to copying. It will make things a lot better.
Don't worry... art is hard but its not hard to get into! Just have fun and be patient. ;) (Wink)

-No idea is original
That is a true and valid point. You can use art as inspiration or take ideas and make them your own, it won't be 100% original but it will be far more original then taking tracing paper to a picture.

-If its on the internet its up for grabs
No way. An artist has to post on the internet in order to get business, get known. All businesses do. Steam is on the internet no? But the games aren't free you PAY. But even so.. when you buy prints you still don't copy. Just like when you buy a game you don't rip it off either. You take it for what it is. Art is more easy to steal because it is a single image. But if its easier to steal does not make it better to. And Artists need to get credit and paid too! Art is hard. Its not a skill that can be just stolen without negative repercussions on your reputation.

-Artists draw their stuff to be copied. Its for us after all
I've seen this argument and I don't... understand.. Some people think that artists should draw for them but... I'm sorry... we do not owe people things for free or draw things specifically for free usage.
I've seen this for so much.
For Artists. "Hey draw me thing... oh its not free? but you draw all the time"
For IT people. "Hey you're a person who knows computers and work with em all the time. Fix mine for free"
For People Working at Food Places. "Give me the foods for free" (yes I've seen this before too)
Haha this kinda did go into another place but this point still stands that.. people don't do things just for you. It takes time. And stealing or just assuming its for you makes the individual feel unappreciated to say the least.

-Its a compliment if someone copies your work.
Its a compliment if someone's INSPIRED by your work. There is a difference. If people like your style so much that they want to incorporate elements of it into theirs YEA! Awesome go for it that means a bunch that you like the style so much. Copying... well. you get the idea... its just stealing.

-I've used multiple traces in one pic
Tracing is still wrong.. even if you traced from multiple sources does not make it yours.

Some side notes that I didn't know where to put but are equally important.

It is also copying here if you use the same poses, style, or whatever.
ALSO guys if you really want to work off a piece and adding your own flare PLEASE ask the artist first. Some people are okay whereas others would be upset.
I'm not saying you can't be inspired by people or add elements of their styles and poses into yours. You can't get a truly original pose or style or whatever but strung together in the same sequential manner as another artist now that's a problem.
Adding your own flare is not tracing a picture and just drawing extra features on a character. (Poses,scene, and composition.)
IDEA theft is similar too such as comic ideas.

HOWEVER!! a fellow artist brought to my attention another important detail which I intend to expand when I am able. Not all art is copying yours. Characters can be similar, original characters and species will look like other ones. Please don't get caught up in those with what I call "false copyright battles". Not everyone is going to try and copy your work. Sometimes it's purely unintentional or subconsciously has something's your character has but that is no ground to get upset or overeact. Just one thing similar to yours is NOT COPYING.
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