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Is milk a sauce?

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Started: 2/2/2018 Category: Health
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I believe milk is not a sauce because it is not thick enough. When you put it on top of something it won't stay on top it will just go through. It doesn't even taste good on spaghetti!! It's not in the sauce section it's in the dairy section.


It depends on how you use the milk. If you drink it out of a cup, it is a beverage. If you pour it into a bowl full of cereal, it is a sauce. Therefore, milk isn't necessarily a sauce, but it can be used as one.
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Posted by Masterful 5 months ago
Lol Spex is a retard
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 5 months ago
What? Why?
Posted by vi_spex 5 months ago
cereal is breakfast
Posted by Masterful 5 months ago
"a liquid or semi-liquid substance served with food to add moistness and flavour."

Do you know of a food called cereal? You realize sperm can be a sauce, so long as you can argue the definition.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con gave a characteristic which would make milk not sauce, Pro gave an example that you could use milk in the same fashion as sauce but then admitted it is not necessarily sauce. Con wins for better defining and staying with his argument, pro loss for backtracking and not explaining why using it on cereal would make it a sauce.