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Is money the most motivating factor in a workplace.

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Started: 7/15/2017 Category: People
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In the words of Kevin O" Leary, "The best motivator in the world is money. And if that doesn"t work, try for more money.
Imagine yourself in a situation where you are broke. Like flat broke! Turning down opportunities because you can"t even afford it. Now I want my worthy opponents to tell me that money is not the best motivator here. Not having money limits your life. Because money is what drives us. That is the sole reason to work! Leo Rosten has quite truly said, "Money doesn"t buy happiness. But poverty doesn"t either!" That one line alone means quite a lot. Money can"t get you friends. It can"t help you find a wife or husband. But what happens when you have no money. When you"re deep in debt or unemployed. You can"t do those things either! You can"t even afford to give your family what they need. Now you see money in different light. Oscar Wilde once said, "When I was young, I thought money is the most important thing in life, now that I am old, I know that it is." Money is insanely important and you CAN"T live in this world without it, because it is your SURVIVAL KIT!
I am well aware that my claim may sound very naive to my worthy opponents, but let me present some realistic instances to please the critics. There are those who work because they"re passionate about their job. But I ask them this, just because they"re passionate, do they work for free? Take the case of any actor. As they climb up the ladder in their career, their value increases. Same is the case of any doctor, footballer or even any engineer! Higher the experience of a doctor, the higher is the pay he demands. Better the resume of an engineer, higher the salary he demands. Even when humans are said to be priceless, the most famous ones have a net worth expressed in the monetary value, because all their life, they have worked hard for that monetary value!
At the end, the bottom line comes down to the fact that money is the most important motivator in workplace. Why do you move abroad for better jobs? MONEY! Why do people work for 8 hours a day when they can at least make both ends meet by working for 2 hours? MORE MONEY! TO EVEN FOLLOW YOUR PASSION, you need money! You go to a middle class family and tell him that passion will drive him more. He"ll think you"re mad. Because what is going to feed his family? Passion? Whether someone likes his or her job is secondary, because money will drag him out of his bed. Money is a means of having all desirable things in life " from necessities to luxuries! For those who still say that money can"t give you happiness, give me 100 dollars and you"ll see me smile!


I start by wishing my opponent all the best. I just want to say one thing before my argument. My opponent's argument seems totally to be for the said statement. So I am giving my say against the say. Hopefully viewers will not have much confusion. Okay so here are my points:
1.If I say money is not important then I am totally wrong. But if I say it is the most motivating factor in workplace then I am also wrong. Let me give an example. A very good doctor gets a lot of money for his experience and good work. This doctor however could not give much time to his near and dear ones, especially his child, because of his work. Would he still like to work harder to earn more money?
2.A person surely wants to earn money. But more important for him would be the recognition that his work could get him. I will give an you example. Let say you are in the beautiful city of Rome. But you could not get out of your hotel.Why? You are there to launch a product. You do a lot of work to make the investor get impressed with your idea. However the whole presentation that you do, some one else take the credit. You are however paid a lot of money for your work. How much would anyone like to earn in this way?
3.Money is your survival kit but that never says that you will always try to earn more money. Let me give you an example. Let say a well experienced person is asked to do something unethical or something against his religion which his value system forbids. Will he be able to do it?
4.What if the person who earns a lot of money from his workplace is alienated by his colleagues. No one provides words of appreciation or encourages him. He could get this recognition from another workplace but the money is not that much. So don"t you think he will move out to the second workplace?
So concluding my argument I would like to say money is very important factor of motivation in our workplace but more than that a social working condition is more important. Thank you.
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