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Is (moral) power good?

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Started: 9/14/2015 Category: Politics
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I believe that Power is a good thing, for one needs power over one self to control your own doings. Adding to this, a regime needs power (and has to have) or else the country wouldn't go around. It wouldn't work. although there is a lot of power abuse, One needs power to both organise and plan. E.g. The allies would never invade the normandy if none had power.


Given the broadness of the topic we must limit the debate to the context provided by Pro. From Pro's opening case they related power to being in control over oneself, and that regimes also need power "or else the country wouldn't go around." Pro is arguing that specifically power of the individual is good and power of the state (or regime) is also good. For sake of argument I will agree with Pro that power of the individual is good as it would be setting a rather silly precedent to argue against power in all forms. Power is defined by pro, " needs power over one self to control your own doings." Pro places individual power being moral along state power also being good. I resolve that individual power and state power are actually incompatible.

Pro believes that one needs power to both organize and plan, also that " needs power over one self to control your own doings." It appears Pro has a very broad definition of the term "power". Pro is both arguing power is the capacity to organize and plan and the capacity to control yourself. Is power the ability to plan or is power the ability to act upon a plan? This isn't clear from the opening case.

Pro acknowledges that there is power abuse and that the allies would never invaded Normandy if they had no power. This shows Pro is in favor of the power of the state and believes it is a good thing morally speaking. Within this example Normandy's beaches were stormed due to a very powerful Nazi Germany occupying French lands. Nazi Germany placed state power much higher than the individual for example to quote Adolf Hitler Himself, "...That above all the unity of a nation"s spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit and the will of an individual." (1) A powerful regime believes itself more powerful than the individual and with this example also believes itself more important as well.

I contend that Pro's position in not compatible as the power of the individual runs counter to the regime; the regime counter to the individual. Having enough state power to take over neighboring nations greatly surpass the personal power of mind of which Pro advocates and supports. Begging the question that if the two are not compatible which one can be considered morally good? The power abuses of which Pro acknowledges shows that they know the state (or regime) has the greatest amount of power and has been known to abuse it. Regimes have so much power that they had the capacity to take away power from the individual for the betterment of the state. Once the state places its power and goals above above the individual it shows power of the regime is not good by any moral measurement the best example of this is the state obtaining dominate power in the fascist Nazi Party.

For these reasons I resolve that with the context provided by Pro, power is only a good thing for the individual. Power of the state becomes less moral as the power balance is rather unfairly stacked toward the state. To elaborate their point Pro should substantiate the claims: "... for one needs power over one self to control your own doings." and the statement, "One needs power to both organize and plan." Pro must show why power of the regime can be considered morally good and how individual power and power of the state is also compatible.

(1) Excerpt from Adolf Hitler's Speech at Bueckeburg
Debate Round No. 1


it is actually just a test if anyone has a good argument against power! thank you!!


Thank you for the intriguing question. Have a good one.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by ax123man 2 years ago
apparently power means the ability to control your own mind/body and also the ability for someone else to control it. The debate resolution should be "humans are good".
Posted by V5RED 2 years ago
What is moral power?
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