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Is peer pressure beneficial or harmful?

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Started: 9/11/2013 Category: Education
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Yes I think so

Your peers, their choices and ways of life give you a glimpse of the world outside the four walls of your house. What they think about things in life, how they perceive situations, how they react in different circumstances can actually expose you to the world around. Being part of a larger group of peers exposes you to the diversity in human behavior. This makes you reflect on your behavior and know where you stand. Peer pressure can lead you to make right choices in life.
If you are fortunate enough to get a good peer group, your peers can influence the shaping of your personality in a positive way. Their perspective of life can lead you to change yours. It's not pressure every time; sometimes it's inspiration, which makes you change for good. For example, positive peer pressure can make you quit smoking or give up bad habits that you may have. Your peers can inspire you to become more optimistic or more confident. Your peers may influence you to change and make you a better human being.
If the peer group happens to be in school, you will discover a lot of positive changes happening in your teenager. Since the urge to "belong" to a peer group is all about feeling included and accepted, there is also this natural tendency to behave and become "like" other members of a peer group. Therefore when the members of the peer group believe in doing well in class and doing their regular lessons with care, you will find your child also following suit.


Thank you for posting this debate.

Peer Pressure can be extremely harmful as well as beneficial but I believe the latter outweighs the former. Certain people gravitate towards certain peers which can negatively impact them. Many people gravitate towards those with social weight or power these people aren't always individuals which benefit you often times these are individuals who will promote harmful habits and ideas.

"If you are fortunate enough to get a good peer group, your peers can influence the shaping of your personality in a positive way"

Although this can be true it is not always the case more often than not you can end up with a peer group who can influence you in a negative manor. If this group has a tendency to preform harmful behaviours you will almost always be pressured into following suit this is very, very dangerous and can have to life-altering implications. ALthough maybe you can become more confident you can also become more brash or foolish you can develop an unkind demenor or a bad attitude, It is for these reasons I believe that the negatives of peer pressure far outweigh the positives.
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Posted by leojm 4 years ago
Wow, never seen a one round debate.
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Reasons for voting decision: Aside from 1 spelling mistake the Con had destroyed the Pro's arguments with his the harms outweigh the benefits which is a major argument that had won the debate.