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Is singing the most important factor of vocal music?

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Started: 12/29/2016 Category: Music
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I will argue con. Arguments R2, R3. R4 rebuttals. Thanks.


I am arguing pro. Do you realise that the word "vocal music" has the word 'vocal' in it? Did you know that vocal means human voice to sing? I do realise that vocal also means whistling and other sounds made by a human but singing is the main part. Without singing no musical movie would be musical. Singing is like the sunlight and water in a piece of music if it was a plant. We wouldn't have any amazing songs in the itunes store without singing. If singing didn't even exist then headphones, earphones and apps that provide free songs won't even exist and this will be a great threat to society. Did you know more than 75% babies fall asleep to lullabies and if singing didn't exist then nor would lullabies which means all those babies and kids would've annoyed their parents and probably scream the life out of them. The sweet voices of people fill most of the atmosphere and how dare you think that singing should be abolished. This argument may be a bit over exaggerated but it is the truth and we all know it. With singing songs won't exist and half the celebrities gang would abolish. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Thank you
Debate Round No. 1


Before coming up with arguments such as your own, PLEASE read the title. I'm not saying singing is bad, I'm not saying it should be abolished, I'm not saying any of that; I am merely arguing whether singing is more important than vocalizing, beatboxing, rapping, overtone singing, whistle noting, and SFX-ing.

"Vocal", yeah, means "voice", but NOT exactly singing

Please consider this in your next argument.


Lets say it your way right.
Yes singing is the most important factor of vocal music because we know that vocal means voice. Well ok, but if singing was not the most important factor of vocal music then in any piece of music that needs something vocal then the piece of music will be a trash can because whistling or shouting just gives an effect in music.
Lets say singing wasn't the most important factor,lets list the consequences:
"Singing won't be popular which means that singers lose jobs and become jobless
"Also songs won't be much affective without words that are sung and the hit songs won't be hit and producers won't get profit and will go out of business.
" If singing wasn't the most important factor of vocal music then the vocal music isn't much of entertainment.
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Posted by spacemelon379 1 year ago
@matpat can u please stop delaying because ur taking ages
Posted by Matpat 1 year ago
I mean, without a beat, how do you stay in tempo? And speaking from experience, beatboxing is hard to do! WAAAAAAAAY harder than singing. Behind it is vocalizing and rapping. Although overtone and whistle note singing are hard, nearly impossible to perform, I have done them both, and can state without a doubt that those two, while not very important, are quite critical in acapella groups such as Pentatonix.
Posted by The-Voice-of-Truth 1 year ago
What woudl you say is the most important factor?
Posted by Matpat 1 year ago
"Singing" in this context refers to mainly choral singing, or singing you would see Top Ten artists doing.

Other aspects are vocalizing, whistling, beatboxing, overtone singing, and whistle noting.
Posted by Jocularly_Solemn 1 year ago
You realise that vocal means the part of music that is sung, right? The word vocal refers to the human voice, thus, the debate might be pointless.
Posted by ApotheosisOrangutan 1 year ago
What do you mean by "singing"? Do you mean the right notes, or the right words, or rhythms, pitch, tempo, volume? All of those?
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