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Is technology evolving too fast?

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Started: 6/8/2013 Category: Technology
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Every few months, there is something new. New apps, new phones, etc. If you have an old phone, you cannot download any of the new apps and if you have a new phone, you can't get any old ones.
As soon as you buy a new phone, a new one comes out and you'll want that one instead. It's a big waste of money, especially if you're a parent and your child loves new technology!


When one buys a phone they get exactly what they payed for and don't lose anything with new technology. That "want for technology" is what economists call consumer demand (or aggregate demand) If technology evolvement causes a growth in want for phones, it rises aggregate demand. Growth in aggregate demand increases spending and expands the whole economy. Growth in the economy is also spurred by innovation. Therefore technology evolution is good for everyone
My economics teacher would be so proud
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