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Is technology making us lazy and less useful

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Started: 11/2/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 8 months ago Status: Debating Period
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With today's technology becoming more and more advanced, are we loosing touch with basic things in life and becoming more lazy and dependent on technology and devices. First example would be a GPS, we no longer read maps, how many of us still have road maps in their cars, we are so reliant on GPS that without we seem lost on the road. The smart phone, do kids know how to write in longhand anymore or sign their name, or do they just text everything now, what about long division, with calculators nobody does long division anymore. Soon the self driving car will be out, we won't even need to know how to drive anymore, we will just get in and tell the destination to the computer and off we go.

So what happens if there is a major blackout or solar flare and all power is gone, are we going to become completely useless and not know how to function or survive because your car won't work and you don't know the directions to the grocery store and your smart phone won't work.

I do not like technology, it has made things easier but it has also become to easy to just rely on it too much, for 2000 years we did everything without modern computers, farming, learning, working by hand, now computers handle everything and we don't even bother to learn or do things because the computer will do it for us.

Technology is it good for us and the future or making humankind lazy and obsolete.

I say don't rely on it, learn long division and how to read a map.
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Posted by Conceptua 8 months ago
I'll debate if you change yourself to pro. Your the one who is arguing that technology is bad.
Posted by Tree_of_Death 8 months ago
*bashes technology while on an online debate website*
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