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Is the Digimon anime better than the Pokemon anime?

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Started: 4/22/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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I believe that the Digimon anime is better and more interesting than the Pok"mon anime.

1.) The Pok"mon anime is repeatitive.
In the Pok"mon anime, each episode, the characters meet a character of the day, encounter team rocket, struggle, then live happily ever after. (Of course there are exceptions to this) Even when the character of the day asks Ash of he'll see him/her again, he never does. This may not bother a younger audience, but being more mature, it makes the show boring. In the Digimon anime, each episode builds up a long story.

2.) Each season is different and has very different features.
As each Digimon season passes, there are brand new characters, new digivices and a different setting. (Exceptions include the first two seasons) For example, in Digimon Tamers, their main source of power was from their Digimon (like in several other seasons) except the Tamers can biomerge with their Digimon replacing the mega digivolutions. In digimon frontier, the humans used spirits to transform theirselves into special Digimon. Each season has a new way of digivolving so to speak. In Pok"mon, there's STILL Ash, only there are different supporting characters, as for the pokedexes, they fufill the exact same purpose as any other pokedex, they just have different designs.

3.) The characters seem more human.
Especially in Tamers, Digimon did really well on building up their characters. For example, Rika was unaccepting and disrespectful towards Takato and Henry, but as the series went on, she grew from her mistakes and experience and slowly became more accepting of other people. In Pok"mon, Ash pretty much never seems to learn from his mistakes or grow from everything. It's like a robot.

Over all, Digimon is a better anime in general than Pok"mon. It has more depth, story, and it's not nearly as repeatitive as Pok"mon. (I do not plan to do any debates about the games since I haven't played any Digimon games :P)


well with pokemon it actually builds up a story line in the show ash may be saying that he will see them soom day but in one of the episodes with the marage master mew was there and when mew sacraficed himself to save his friends ash said well see you someday and in lucario and the mistery of mew he finds mew again so he may say it but he dose see them later
Debate Round No. 1


That's what i meant by exceptions. And even if you say that Pok"mon builds up a story, its not a very good one. It's just about a kid who never ages (There are memes everywhere about that factor so explanation shouldn't be required) who wants to become "the very best" (by that I mean becoming a Pok"mon master). In digimon, there's another universe just for the Digimon and the kids were brought there (or the Digimon were brought to them) for a much larger purpose than battling other Digimon. The kids were battling for the two worlds. You may say that Ash battles team rocket on a regular basis but he never actually gets rid of him which really annoys me since he got rid of the other teams (I.e. Team Plasma, Team Galactic, etc) in a few episodes. Not to mention Ash never really wins any of the Pok"mon leagues. Assuming the storyline and the pattern as Ash goes though region to region, it'll be never ending which can get really boring.

P.S. This debate is mainly for the T.V. shows. Try not to make your arguments rely on movies.


Well ashs dream was to be the very bezt so he pushes himself and his partners to there highst level they can become he may be young but its fpr little kids
btw digemon may look cool (i do like it) but in the world that they live in dosnt get hit until they defeat devimon then they face against a stronger opponent that is when they're world is hit
Ash may seem like he never ages but i grew up with it and i seee an adult under his kid self tht you see now he fights for what is right and for the good he helps people in need so to wrap this up pokemon has a bigger meaning than people see i see that picture as a kid who wants to be the very best like no one ever was, he is pushing beyond his limits of what he thinks he can and cant do that is whag i see
Debate Round No. 2


So I do understand some of your points but I doubt that Pokemon necessarily has a better and bigger meaning. You also have to realize that in Digimon, the characters are there because they need to fight the evil that exists in the digital world making their actions a ton more meaningful. Ash is considered the hero for a reason (I see that because he obliterated the regional evil teams). But the fact that he can do that yet he can't obliterate team rocket is ridiculous.

To bring up another point supporting my argument is that it doesn't make as much sence as Digimon does. One part of this includes the team rocket issue that I explained in the previous paragraph. Another part (that is often mentiond in memes and some debates) is that the ethics of pokemon are questionable. Is it truly moral for people to capture creatures and to store them into tiny balls and force them to fight? In digimon, most humans don't come in contact with Digimon and the only reason the humans have digimon is because they need each other to digivolve and become strong enough to fight the evil Digimon. Any Digimon who aren't the protagonist nor the antagonist live lives similar to how some humans/animals live.


yes pokemon may seem like it is confusing but team rocket is world wide all of the other people like team magma and team aqua were just in that one area it may seem like he never destroys them but why destroy a group of only 2 people. team rocket may seem like the bad people who try to take ashes pikachu and they always find newer things but they always fail i believe that pokemon is alot better than digimon tell me this when did digimon come out which one made alot more money which one has the games the cards the shows pokemon dose digimon came out at the exact same time as pokemon did and alot more people watch pokemon than they do digimon
Debate Round No. 3


First of all, this debate is about the anime, not the games, cards, nor merchandise. So your argument about that is invalid. Secondly, just because one is more successful than the other doesn't mean that it's necessarily better. Digimon just wasn't able to gain as big of an audience as Pok"mon was able to which disappoints me because of how good of a show it is and was.

Also, you said "yes pokemon may seem like it is confusing but team rocket is world wide". What makes you think that? Just because a group of two people stalks Ash doesn't mean it's worldwide.

"team rocket may seen like the bad people who try to take ashes pikachu and they always find newer things but they always fail" The whole purpose of team rocket is to be the antagonist (or villains). What do you mean find newer things? Is it that they find better Pok"mon to steal and give to "the boss"? Also, tell me this. If team rocket has found bigger, better and more appealing Pok"mon, why would they keep stealing Pikachu?

The rest of your argument was hard to comprehend due to your bad grammar.

But anyways, thank you for this debate.


Everybody who reads this i shall say this we put up a great debate yes it was one of my better ones and this person was hard i never new someone could love digimon as much i used to but all of the votes should go to the person who was for digimon not me thanks CAHAL101
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by CAHAL101 3 years ago
she put up a good debate congrats snowQueeGaming i went home and watched digimon then pokemon and you were right digimon dose have a better story line
Posted by Asburnu 3 years ago
The one without the tiny mouths and noses and huge eyes is the better one.
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