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Is the EU on the verge of collaspe

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Started: 6/28/2015 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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If Greece leaves the EU is it possible that a "Domino Effect" could start to unravel the fabric of all EU Countries?


The European Union is not in any shape close to collapsing at this current time period. Greece's antics of wanting to borrow more money have been obviously denied and are on the verge of getting kicked out if they continue with their policies of bankrupting the entire country. This is actually a move toward appreciating the value of the euro with countries like Greece out of the way from depreciating the value. The media is in part to blame for riling up the general public over the idea that other countries will soon follow because Germany isn't going to bail out Greece again, and with that said, consumer confidence in the euro won't fall as a result. The European Union also has 5 candidate countries wanting to gain entry which may not seem like a lot but, certainly raises confidence.

I would also like to state that I dont think that the EU is currently at risk but, I am certainly not talking in terms of long run future years.
Debate Round No. 1


Well i can have several valid reasons why i think the EU gonna collapse.
1: It was EU fault that Greece is gonna leave the Eurozone, borrowing money from the EU owing back the bailout plus with interest will probably leave them with no money, so Greece has no choice to leave the EU.
2: Only 2 days Austria launch a petition to leave the EU, arguing that the country can survive economically better outside the European Union. Link Here
3: Even though everyone is united to stand up against Russian Aggression in the Ukrainian Eastern Section of the Country, these Anti Russian sanctions on companies such as gas, oil, and other resources isn't gonna help curtain countries that will be effected by the un called for Sanctions.

I can keep on with valid reason but i don't want to keep the list long.


Greece is in the sh*ter because they can't control their spending. Don't blame EU because Greece needed to borrow money in the first place just because they cant pay back the interest due to their incompetence. They will likely be kicked out for their own actions not, the EU's.

Look there are 28 countries in the EU. Austria is not a big enough of a country to create a Domino Affect. If we were talking Germany or UK leaving then, I might agree with your stance.

Russia is a country that is dependent on 1 good, Oil. Their attacks on Ukraine don't promote the termination of the EU. If anything it promotes the unification of these countries in a time of need. Russia is just a mob country with Putin at the top, and aren't big enough to hold a threat to the rest of the Europe.
Debate Round No. 2


Nightengale101 forfeited this round.


Round 3 Forfeit by Opponent. What else is there left to say.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Debatasaurus 3 years ago
Can US states be termed nation-states? There is a problem in forming a United States of Europe as European nations are very different. Mind you, some are keen on the idea and some are not.
Posted by Nightengale101 3 years ago
Yes i agree but now the EU is worrying over their member states between Greece, Austria, Spain and the probably Ireland if Left-Wing groups get in.
Posted by MakeSensePeopleDont 3 years ago
Good debate topic but a few years too late. Everyone knows the EU is on the verge of collapse, in fact they have been for years now. They tried to unify in a manner similar to the United States of America (people seem to forget that the U.S. is actually 50 separate nation-states in agreement to be part of a larger, more powerful nation-state). In America, while Liberals were busy trying to praise the EU and tout how AMAZING Europe is and how we in America should adopt their Universal Health Care, Immigration, and overall "everyone is equal" culture and systems of livelihood; conservatives were getting hammered by the left as they were saying how terrible it was and providing FACTS on why and how it would fail. Hey look, Conservatives are right again, will they get credit? NAH. Just wait til Conservatives are (even more) right on the Affordable Care Act. The left pushes this touchy feely unsustainable garbage, it fails and destroys the economy, everyone blames the right; Clinton and the push to give out home loans to all those people that couldn't afford them, driving housing prices up, defaults of loans followed, nobody could afford homes yet we kept giving them more: some individuals actually defaulted on multiple mortgages back to back to back. Who catches the blame? Bush....really? Who will catch the blame for the Affordable Care Act? Depends, if the next president is Republican, he will be blamed; if democrat, then Republican congress will get blamed...along with a pinch of Bush of course.
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