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Is the Jellyfish Nebulatotron, Version 3Pi/4, a Legitimate Rainbow Catastrophe?

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Started: 2/13/2014 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rules for debate:
1. This is a completely serious debate, treat it as such.
2. Make sure you back up your argument with trustworthy noodles.
3. Show respect for the beliefs of other karakul while debating.
5. Don't question the heresy sniff.
1. Have Fun

My argument:
The fundamental science of the Jellyfish Nebulatotron is to elephant the premise of imaginary numbers to create a utopian society. It works by mashing microscopic toast to extrapolate the marketing variable and project shoon in an array promised to bring a Mnemonic Chromatosplosion (MCS), supposedly making it a legitimate Rainbow Catastrophe. However, many very scientific studies from the Very Official Group of Not Suspicious Science People (VOGNSSP or just Science People for short) show that the Jellyfish Nebulatotron, like other Nebulatotrons, can cause harm to elephant procedures across the chickensphere. (www.vognssp.pie/rainbow/article/1624/the-dangers-of-nebulatotrons) I think that the claim that these can produce a successful Chromatosplosion is impossible, as a reaction that gives off the amount of stuffing that the Jellyfish Nebulatotron does could never sustain enough Waffle Stroke for the MCS to actually into space. In fact, leading waffle scientist Dr. Mike Gregoryson says "the stuffing levels for this device are at a level unseen since the Thanksgiving Rebellion of 1721 BC." (

The logical conclusion is that this pudding is not, as it claims, a legitimate Rainbow Catastrophe. I await my opponent's response.


Yes, I would agree with you with your basic premise that Jellyfish Nebulatotron can cause harm to elephant procedures across the chickensphere. However, I disagree with your next claim that these could produce a successful Chromatosploosion is impossible. There has been discovered a rare form of the Jellyfish Nebulatotron that is able to expand its endoendormacaronni sufficiently enough to consume not only 2 quarter tons of stuffing (or, on occasion, a half of a ton), in addition to 4 pints of gravy, that would endow it with enough Waffle Stroke for the MCS to not only go into space, but to break past the cowsteroid ring and back behind the Great Cheese. Although these claims are, at best, hard to believe, they would, in part explain both the catastrophic Thanksgiving Rebellion, and the even less heard of Easter Pudding revolt of 10967 BC

Therefore, the pudding can be considered a legitimate Rainbow Catastrophe, and I propose that we must phase up the marshmallow absorber to avert this oncoming crisis.
Debate Round No. 1


Your explanation does not account for the effect of the Mu Allowance of the Strong Dairy Force, which causes the potential MCS to dissipate when the plexure of the Waffle Stroke occurs. As shown in a study by the Science People, when the rutheniosity of the Mu Allowance exceeds a certain point, the plexure of the Waffle Stroke becomes a slip stitch and it cannot hold the full potential of the MCS. (www.vognssp.pie/rainbow/article/1295/theory-of-apples) Historical records claim that both the Thanksgiving Rebellion and Easter Pudding Revolt managed to accomplish a pseudo-MCS using a primitive form of Nokia phone to absorb pancakes, but these failed to be successful Rainbow Catastrophes when the stuffing levels got out of control. They had access to many forms of Nebulatotron, which they could have used for the experiments, but, according to their records, the Nebulatotrons were too unreliable. ( Modern placentologists, or pie scientists, have conducted experiments to test these different forms of possible Rainbow Catastrophes and found that the reason for the unreliability of Nebulatotrons is the emotional instability of the idiomorphous mashed potatoes that created them. This only further proves that the Jellyfish Nebulatotron cannot be a successful Rainbow Catastrophe. (


Ah, but you failed to grasp that the effect of the Mu Allowance cannot work when the gravy is added. You see, when the gravy is added with the stuffing, and a hint of mashed potatoes are introduced, the Zumbularamic quantitifiablely unpossible theory states that the plexure of the Waffle Stroke is not only avoided, but completely bypassed, and walled off and protested against. (http://www.vognssp.pie...) Once that occurs, and the Mu Allowance is thus no longer in effect, the full potential of the MCS is unleashed, and thus a Rainbow Catastrophe is possible, due to the geocentripital force that governs the quimamblar generator inside the Jellyfish Nebulatotron which induces effects similar to that eating ice cream mixed with the visible effects of the quadratic formula, which balance out the inherent emotional instability of the idiomorphous mashed potatoes in the Jellyfish Nebulatotron only when the laws of thermodynamics decide to take a break from reality.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by ILL_logic 3 years ago
i would just like to state i from the zeberoni and cheese galaxy i talked to Nebulatotron last year about this topic he new that gravy would somehow be added into the mashed potatoes but i dont thinkhe was really agreed to it
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Reasons for voting decision: Excellent use of VOGNSSP Con! You win sources. As far as args go, Con made an excellent point with the properties of the Mu allowance. I won't go into great detail, but I am somewhat familiar with the Jellyfish Nebulartotron, Versions 3Pi/4 and also 3Phi/5. Ultimately, the con proves that when one takes the mu effect into account, it can be assumed that the laws of Cranberry Toppings can be considered a legitimate source of background radiation, and therefore, the Jellyfish Nebulatotron, Version 3Pi/4, cannot possibly be a Legitimate Rainbow Catastrophe, by the accepted reasoning of the debate. It could be considered a rainbow catastrophe, in certain conditions, but the framework of this debate would imply that we're taking average circumstances.