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Is the Problem of Production Solved keeping in view the Ecological perspective?

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Started: 11/13/2016 Category: Politics
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Keeping in view the Environmental perspective, the Problem of production is not solved Rather the problem is becoming more intense and severe day by day. What can we do to control the production on large scale so that we might be able to control our own planet. we say it as our Own Planet but no one cares about the future costs that every industrial country through production is putting on the future generations. I would like my opponent to give the scenario in which we can think of as the production problem is solved or being in the process to be solved.


Assuming the political situations of the earth are settled, and all major issues surrounding political/social problems have been resolved or are close to being so, this is my suggestion. The objective to achieve is ecological stability combined with efficient production. To achieve this objective here is the summary of my plan.
Minimize production maximize other ecology,
by the means of.
1 controlling population growth.
2 Creating more viable energy options.
3 creating stronger social and personal cohesiveness.
I will review my plans execution with three points for each of my three steps.
1 The world will have to almost completely sacrifice the norm of child bearing.
Wars must stop ether entirely or be minimized to the bear necessity.
Suicide must end ether completely or be brought to non nominal levels.
2 Fusion energy options must be explored.
Green energy sources must be put on priority above that of non eco friendly energy sources.
Energy must be conserved Ie. energy consumption minimized, production maximized .
3 A larger focus on individual responsibly must be gained.
Communities will have to be given more power and be therefore far more respected then they currently are.
Freedom must be stressed.
In fact the main objective of my argument is focused on that aspect freedom is essential. If we want the economic growth it is essential, if we want the social growth it is essential, and if we want the world to grow our freedoms are essential.
In a world that properly accounts for and thrives with its normal ecology, we will need a people that personally grew into these ideas instead of a people forced onto them.
sorry if this assertion brings my summary of track but my summary is impossible without this assertion.
This all is themed around the production problem being in the process of ending.
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