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Is the Talking Angela app safe for children?

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Started: 9/28/2016 Category: Games
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Recently, my daughter Valerie asked me to download Talking Angela. Unfortunately, I discovered that it asks you personal information. It asked her phone number, her address, and her name! Naturally, I asked Valerie about it, and she didn't say anything. But later, my older daughter Lexi brought me her iPad. She had looked up what people had said about Talking Angela. I heard things like, "She is bad! She wants to kill you! She asks addresses, and she has a man in her eye!" So while Valerie was sleeping, I took her iPad and looked at the app. It asked me my phone number! And I looked closely into her eyes. It really did look like a man was watching it. Of course, every argument has positive things and negative things. So lots of people said it was just fine. I want to know what you think. Is it safe? Or scary and unsafe?


It sounds very much like the opposition has been reading warnings on social media which have repeatedly been found as hoaxes going as far back as 2013. If the opposition claims that they have personally used the application and has seen evidence of such then I ask them to prove it in their rebuttal.

Sophos, a security company that has no reason to be biased against the Talking Angela application, posted an article regarding the hoax and said that "there are no obvious privacy concerns that differentiate it from thousands of other iPhone apps." They also went on to say how the developer for Talking Angela has several similar products which have not been reported as suspicious. [1]

Snopes, a website mainly aiming to look into rumours and determine whether they are true or not has also determined that reports of Talking Angela being unsafe are false. The lengthy report goes on in detail to explain how exactly Talking Angela functions and how the allegations are false. [2] Snopes also talks about a criticism made by the Guardian newspaper regarding how easy it is for children to turn off the "child mode" feature in the application, saying that this is something that could be improved on, however, this report was made two/three years ago and changes could have been made since, but by no means does this flaw indicate that Talking Angela is dangerous.

On a final note, I would rather keep my personal opinion out of this, but I have looked at the character and while I can see a reflection in her eyes, personally, I don't think it looks remotely humanoid and looks more like scenery.

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