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Is the Twilight Saga serise stupid?

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Started: 9/12/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Yes...Twilight is stupid. First of all Bella's like "Im gonna go crawl in a hole and die because Edwards left me...siiiigh..." and then hes like "I cant go in the sun when people are around because my skin is shiiiiinnnyyyy" and then shes like "Ooh your gorgeous!" and then hes like "I would kiss you but im afraid that im going to kill you"



I accept this debate and await my adversaries first round on arguments
Debate Round No. 1


Bella is way to predictable.
Edwards perfection is described way too many times. We get it. He's hot.
She's always saved by Edward.
She's embarrassed too much.
How vampires don't have souls how the freak do the have emotions? TOTAL GLITCH!
Bella sounds like a man and twitches when she talks...REALLY?!


So to make this short I will present two simple contentions.

Stupid - lacking intelligence or common sense[1]

Contention 1


To say that a movie is lacking intelligence is a fallacy. You are implying that it can actually have characteristics and patterns such as intelligence. A movie can not have thoughts or perceptions, and it does not possess intellect. Therefore since it is unable to possess intelligence, it can not be lacking it. Also from that standard, it is not "stupid".

Contention 2

Is it good or bad

I think this is what you were wanting to say but it is entirely impossible to gauge, because it is a matter of perspective. To simply say that it is bad is not considering the thoughts and perspective of everyone else whom sees it as good. The last movie by itself grossed 141.3 million dollars[2]. This is not even including all the others so it is quite obvious a lot of people do not consider it stupid, since most of them gave it excellent reviews. You can not say something is stupid and make it objective, it will never work. You could have stated that some people think the movie is stupid, and that would be possible to uphold.

In Closing

The resolution is impossible to uphold

Debate Round No. 2


Jake's too good for Bella.

Why make the wolves shape shifters? I was perfectly fine thinking they were wolves.

Bella kisses Jake when she says she loves Edward...?? Yup...sounds like true love to me -_-


Jake is the only semi-sane character in the whole book everyone else is either love sick, evil, oblivious, caught up in their selves, or just plain stupid.

Jake and Renesmee.......??????????? Meyer was just trying to please all the #TeamJacob fans giving him the 2nd best. Well its not working Miss Lets-Jake's-Heart-Just-For-Fun!

How come there are no BALD vamps? Do Mrs. Meyers have something against baldies?!

Bella almost-gets-hurt too much.

What about Dracula?

Jacob fell in love with Nessie when she was only an hour old!!! WHAAATTT???!!!


Again Pro has not shown that the move is stupid, merely ranted about why she feels it is stupid.

Her perspective are not the same perspective as different people whom have viewed the move. She may not like it or think that it is good, but other people can. Again how she feels about this does not mean the movie is "stupid". I have shown and demonstrated two errors she made while debating this.

Therefore extend all previous contentions since no rebuttals where offered.

In Closing

She has not be able to meet her BOP and in fact that this movie is stupid or that it can even be called stupid.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Mikal 4 years ago
what is sleep lol
Posted by johnlubba 4 years ago
Mikal, do you type in your sleep. How do you get around to completing so many debates? Well done.
Posted by leojm 4 years ago
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