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Is the West the best?

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Started: 6/25/2016 Category: Politics
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Is the West the best? Is Western culture the most developed and accepting, and do they have the greater morals? I am for the West being the best. Other cultures simply are backward in various aspects of culture, and some are simply just intolerant. The West has the greatest of countries and the greatest diversity of people - blacks who live by Western principles, Asians who live by Western principles, Muslims who live by Western principles, etc. Shared by these different ethnicities is peace and prosperity alongside those who started the Western culture, whites.

Con will have to prove that the West is not the best, most likely by providing an alternative culture which is better than the West.


Western culture: Western lifestyle referring to the heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems, and specific artifacts and technologies that have some origin or association with Europe.

Developed: having sufficient quality in economic and human development factors.

Greater morals: the idea that one thing has a greater understanding or beliefs in what is considered right or wrong - a subjective view of what is acceptable and what isn't.

Tolerance: the willingness to accept the practice of something of which one disagrees with or dislikes.

Western tolerance: the willingness to accept the practice of something of which Western values and principles disagree with as long as such practice does not hinder or go against Western values and principles and does not hinder someone's Western liberty.

Value/principle: a standard of behavior/ a proposition that serves as a foundation of a system of belief.

Liberty: a right or privilege.

Western Liberty: a right or privilege granted to people belonging to Western culture.


Round 1: Acceptance and opening statements
Round 2: Opening arguments - state sources for all data that isn't common logic.
Round 3: Rebuttals - again state sources for all data that isn't common logic.
Round 4: Further rebuttals - if needed, dame rules apply ^^

Best of luck to Con.


I am for Western culture not being the best culture.
Debate Round No. 1


The "West" is the best for three core reasons: 1) It made advancements in the economic system, capitalism, of which provides not only Western countries but also others, like China, with the greatest economic growth and development pre-advanced capitalism 2) It has a high amount of tolerance for other people despite Western countries' integrating various amounts of different cultures into Western culture 3) It is the largest culture to adopt the closest thing to total freedom and liberty.

Capitalism, which I can only describe as the single greatest thing devised by man, has been the sole large reason why our species has developed as much as we have. Through capitalism Western countries have amassed a wealth which has led to expenditure into the world's greatest inventions and innovations in science - saving millions of lives. Not only does capitalism amass a high amount of wealth but what it also does is promote economic freedom. Consumers have a demand for goods and services whilst producers are out looking for profit. The only way producers, and therefore businesses, can make profit is by providing what is demanding by consumers - the people. Therefore the people ultimately have the freedom and liberty to decide on what they want. Before capitalism the world have mercantilism which was simply just trading goods for goods, or goods for services. This meant that if you wanted something you had to provide something for it. Which essentially meant everyone had to be a producer. If all of a sudden not many people wanted what you were selling you were screwed. Therefore capitalism, it's successor, not only improved the freedom of people but also made things much more efficient as there was a workforce which would work under a "master" (the term used originally, they were essentially our bosses) and the aim was to maximize profits by providing people with they wanted, in return for their goods and later money (a medium of exchange, commodities). Adam Smith, in his book The Wealth of Nations, developed capitalism to such an extent that the course of history, the advancement of Western nations, would extend to the extent of our much developed world today - with post-Communist China now embracing capitalism and look at its impressive growth. Capitalism, in today's developed state, is very much apart of Western culture - it is something that we have been encouraging people to use, hence the crackdown on Communist dictators throughout the 20th century.

Western nations are extremely tolerant to those who do not restrict one's freedom and liberty. Within Western nations we accept homosexuals, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and so on despite such nations being predominantly white, cisgender heterosexuals. On religion Western cultures are also tolerant of other beliefs despite Western culture being made up of predominantly Christianity. You are free to believe whatever you want as long you do not restrict one's freedom and liberty. Unlike much of Islamic culture, Zimbabwe (when the government forcefully took white people's farmland on the basis that they were white), and so on. We no longer treat women as a second-rate citizen unlike much of the rest of the world - and in fact we are most certainly the largest culture to give women equal rights.

Western nations are developed on the notion of freedom and liberty. The United States was founded on principles regarding men (and women) to be free. The principles which make up the Bill of Rights which constitutes Western liberty. The exercise of freedom is the exercise of the perfect culture, for people should be in control of themselves - and by no one but themselves. The West demonstrates this view well. The only restrictions being that of which impacts and prevents the freedom and liberty of another. For this reason the West displays why it is the best culture, a free culture.

This is why the West is the best. I will now let Con suggest why it is not the best, and perhaps state a culture that is better. Con should not refute anything what I said until the first rebuttal round (Round Three).


The West being the best culture is a subjective point. Technically I could say that China has the best culture. I could even say that North Korea has the best culture but that wouldn't change anything since all three are subjective. There is technically no best culture and here's why.

If I said China was the best culture, half of you would think, what!?! The other half would laugh and skip the rest of this paragraph. That's because China has done some questionable things in the past and in the present that you of the West would think of as barbaric or down right crazy. But to China, it would be considered normal. That's because cultures are suppose to be different. For example lets compare education.

The Chinese education system is obviously from stats a whole lot better than the west. So why is "the Chinese way" so much better than "the Western way"? It's because education starts early. They learn what we learn in a faster more compact way. The stereotype of Asian students excelling in math is actually partly true. For Asian students, excelling in academics is what secures a brighter future. In fact, the western cultures education system is so easy to them that they are literally taking over our colleges and universities. The Asian ethnic group is the fastest growing in the west of all the other ethnic groups.

Then there's also the shame/honour and right/wrong. For most of Asia they are bent towards the shame and honour whereas the west is more of a right and wrong culture. Neither one is better than the other, but both of them are different.

And then there's the communism verses the democracy. Obviously most people will agree that democracy is better than communism. Which could be a reason why the west is better than China. All three examples replicate what would happen against every other country that I could possibly think of as being better than the west. There would always be the things that are better than western culture, the things that are the same as western culture and the things that are worse than western culture.

The quality of living is a big factor in who has the best culture. While the west certainly has a good way of living, there are countries that have better qualities of living. Germany has a better quality of living than the west. In Germany the middle to poor class has more money to spend. Lifestyles in Germany are more healthy compared to that of the west. Germany has less crime rate compared to the west and its education is free. So in terms of the standard of living, the west is not the best.

As for being the richest which some might say is an important factor, the west is not the richest. Quator, Luxembourg and Singapore are the richest countries in the world. Europe is the richest continent so technically the European culture is the richest culture.

I could continue and point out a ton of other cultures that are better than the west culture. Like if you counted space as an advantage then the Asian culture would trump the western culture once again. The truth is, there is no best culture. They all have their pros and cons.
Debate Round No. 2


Due to a confusion of what I meant by "the West" and "Western culture" (of which I corrected Con in the comments section) I shall ignore any point regarding the confusion of such.

"The West being the best culture is a subjective point" - Con

Well of course it is subjective. It is my opinion that Western values are superior to any others. The point of this debate is for me to state why I think the West is the best in such a manner that people can see sense in, and formulate their own opinion. The evaluation of such though is also subjective since people have different views on things. For instance I may argue the point that the West is tolerant towards women and liberty because many countries among the West support the freedom to abortion. However many of the readers of this debate, including you, may think abortion is not a good thing - it's all about perspective.

"There is technically no best culture..." - Con

There are a small amount of things in this world which when compared to each other remain equal to one another. You said so yourself "[Cultures] all have their pros and cons". Therefore by combining both of your statements together you propose the idea that despite there being pros and cons all cultures are equal when weighing all the factors (pro and con) together - as if a culture were to be superior or inferior then the pros would either be less significant or more significant than the cons. I find it unrealistic that such a coincidence can happen, and propose that there must be cultures that are superior to others'.

"That's because cultures are suppose to be different." - Con

I don't particularly agree with this. We see cultures joining other's all the time. It is expected that when someone immigrates into a country of different culture that they integrate into it, rather than oppose it and rebel against it. Cultures do not have to be different but just simply are due to the way the country, or should I say the people, have decided to behave. People of the West obviously will have bias views of their culture and people from China will have a bias towards theirs. However that does not mean cultures are supposed to be different - I mean who enforces this idea?

Con mentions Chinese education and to be honest there is nothing wrong with what was said. Well this is until Con mentions an "Asian ethnic group" within the West. This Asian group is surely partly converged with both Asian culture and Western culture, rather than just apart of Asian culture. I say this but equally that is not necessarily true since what makes you Asian isn't about your culture, although it can be, but more to do with ethnicity. So this argument partly suggests that education within the Asian/Chinese culture is higher, within Asia/China itself, but it also just supports my argument for the West being a diverse and accepting place, allowing Asians to live in Western countries and excel greatly.

I would comment on more of Con's points but like I said Con makes points based on the West being exclusive of Europe - therefore commenting on the points about Germany and Luxembourg are pointless. Although I do not agree with Qatar, Luxembourg or Singapore being the richest countries in the world. The reason for this is because they are richest in terms of money per person (GDPpc/PPP) and not an absolute wealth (GDP). Singapore has not got the mass wealth to out purchase the United States - it is just that Singapore has a higher proportion of wealthy people to poor people.

I will now allow Con to further develop their point that no culture is the best.


The western culture is certainly impressive and it does contribute to this world but it is not the best. Like I said before, there is no best culture. The western culture did not create everything in life that is enjoyable and nor was it the most advanced civilization back in ancient times. There could have been a time where the western culture was at its greatest but currently the western culture has fallen quite a bit.

The definition of culture is "the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively." And practically everything that the western culture is today is because of copying other cultures. All countries that had an origin in Europe are just a copy of their homeland. Just like English is a language that has copied many other languages. The copying of other cultures began a long time ago.

When Marco Polo first came to China, he saw a civilization far more advanced than that of the west. If it weren't for the Chinese invention of the moveable sails and rudders, discovering America would have been very difficult. Paper was invented in China. Without it, the book The Wealth Of Nations by Adam Smith would have had to be inscribed on a wax tablet and that would have been very hard to publish. Paper money was created in China also and it is was the most used form of money. So technically, the west wasn't the only ones who advanced capitalism. Probably the most famous and well known invention from China was gun powder. Think, every gun in every military army would be useless if it weren't for the Chinese invention of gunpowder. The Chinese also discovered the use of bronze and iron. Astronomy, physics, chemistry, meteorology, seismology, technology, engineering, and mathematics can all be traced back to China. Did you know that China discovered the number zero? Without it, the most simple equations would be impossible. The technique of inoculation was invented in China too. That means that every vaccine you've ever gotten originated from China. Silk was created in China. Stirrups were also invented in China which allowed a person to ride a horse. Extracting oil was invented in China too. There are many more inventions from China and these examples were only from ancient China.

How can the western culture claim to be the best when its very reason why it had came this far has been because of other cultures. From discovering new continents to something as simple writing on paper, none of that would have ever happened if it weren't for the Chinese and that's only one culture out of many others.

My opponent says that the United States was founded by freedom. If this were true, America would still be the little midget sized colonies that it were at the beginning. In truth, like every other nation, the United States was founded by slaves. Slaves were the ones that started the American economy.

My opponent also said that the west was for freedom and liberty when it literal existence was built by taking that away from others. The US and Canada are against that which takes away freedom when they literally took away the freedom along with the lands of the First Nations and aboriginals that were there first. Even before that, mass amounts of slaves from Africa were taken to Europe. And even now the west still uses slaves, although they blame it on other countries. If you've ever bought clothes or rugs or any type of clothing, do you wonder where the material is coming from? Have you ever looked at a ring with a diamond on it? Did you wonder where the diamond came from? How about your exotic fruits and vegetables? Many people don't even realize that their products come from the labor of slaves.

Also the acceptance of different ethnicities is somewhat of a shaky topic. Considering that Donald Trump who is running for president wants to deport every Muslim and build a Great Wall of America around Mexico to stop Mexicans from going into America and take away the rights of gay people. Muslims all around the world are being singled out because of terrorists. The sad thing is that Donald Trump could actually have a possibility at winning the election which just goes to show how many Americans think like him. Germany once went on a rampage to kill every Jew on earth. Rome once went on a rampage to kill every Christian. You can probably start to see a pattern here and it all starts with the west penalizing an ethnic or religious group. Is the west really that accepting or is there a mask over what's truly beneath it?

The west is not the best. Its culture is currently in shambles with prime minister Trudeau who claims he's just testing the waters and has no clue to a could be President who wants to deport all muslims to a country that is divided and leaderless because it voted to leave the union. It's culture as I have proved has been influenced by others. Everything that it is today is because of other cultures. Even today the west cannot just support itself. More than half the computers in the world are made in China. Practically everything could be made in China. No longer is the west the only culture to be reckoned with. Chinese culture is no longer the cheap products that it used to be and Russia is a force to be reckoned with. All cultures have something to put on the table. Just because a culture has more or less does not mean that it is the worst or the best. Like I said before, "the west is the best" is a subjective point. There is no best culture.
Debate Round No. 3


BrandonHyde forfeited this round.


I stick to my points since there is nothing to refute.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by SegBeg 1 year ago
Okay, in terms of morals, I'd say the West dominates compared to most other cultures. In terms of customs and traditions such as music, dance, food and clothing, etc, that is completely subjective. But there are some things that the West can learn from other cultures- such as the value of education- us Westerners have everything handed to us on a silver platter and yet we toss it away, people from less advantaged nations will pick it up and use it beneficially and then we come and complain that immigrants are taking our jobs. We have no emphasis on the value of education. We just say "education is important. Get it" many African and Asian cultures enforce that idea on their children- sometimes they go too far, but it is efficient. Another one is discipline- discipline and parenting in Western culture is too liberal. We let our kids walk all over over us (I'm guilty of being rude to my parents by the way), we don't set many standards. Why do you think so many Asian and African children revere their parents?

So yes, the West is probably the most moral culture, but there are aspects of Western culture that need to be improved or reformed and learn from non-Western cultures
Posted by BrandonHyde 2 years ago
It's alright. Although I did define Western culture as this "Western lifestyle referring to the heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems, and specific artifacts and technologies that have some origin or association with Europe." - so you should have known I was talking about Europe, and those who were/are influenced by Europe (the likes of the US, Australia, Canada, etc).
Posted by HeavenlyPanda 2 years ago
Sorry I did not realize that the western culture meant part of Europe too.
Posted by BrandonHyde 2 years ago
Con does realise that Europe is the West too right?
Posted by BrandonHyde 2 years ago
I said capitalism was DEVELOPED (extended) by the West, not founded. The capitalism pre-Western development wasn't all that good - something called mercantilist-capitalism.

Everyone has had bigotry, the crusades were a defensive measure over the Muslims.

I am talking about today's West compared to today's over cultures.
Posted by fung81 2 years ago
Capitalism is not western thought at all. It existed in Africa over 8000 years before the West. It existed in China 6000 years before the West. When you talk about the West, you need to include the bigotry, the colonialism, the massacres of millions of people due religious differences in the West, during colonialism, and crusades. No one is better when you look at the broad history and not skip over the negatives.
Posted by BrandonHyde 2 years ago
I assume that because you did not mention anything as to an opening statement you are okay with all the definitions as well as what I ask of you as my opponent for this debate.
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