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Is the World headed toward another World War?

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Started: 12/21/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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There are many areas in the world that war could break out. Such as in Asian, in the South China Sea, the northern part of Europe, or even in Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia or other parts of the middle east, plus we have the North Korea crisis, if the US and China don't handle this correctly it could trigger a war with each other. I know what happened in world war 1 was a build up before there was an actual war like in 1908 there were signs the world was headed toward a world war. Then after a few years of the military buildup, then a smoking gun happen in 1914, which the assassination of Austria president happens after those things got out of hand. World war 2 had another way of starting, it was around 1934 or 1935 before there were other signs of a world war happening again. Then Germany invaded Poland in 1939, then world war 2 happen. Another note that is important is both world war the general public didn't think world war would ever happen. Same kind of things is happening right now. I would say the military buildup started around 2014, so it will take some years before an actual war breaks out. Now we are near the end of 2017. Some examples of what is happening in today world are Russia and Nato's playing major military war games. Russia and the US are clearly not going to be on the same page in the worldviews, and that is leading to mistrust and a lot of tenses between the two countries. Then we have China playing a major factor in today world. First China is clearly not helping the US with trading, nor controlling the North Korea crisis. China says one thing about the North and then do the other. We have India and China not getting along and almost started a war with each other in the summer. If things get heated again, what side do you think the US will be on? Tell you this it's not on China side. The US also has big issues on the islands China made in the south china sea. We have another thing not favoring the US, and that is Russia and China have military alliances and being partners on each other economics. Both countries now have a good working relationship. Not good for the US, nor the Nato alliances.

Round one will be starting your arguments why we are not headed toward war.

If you interested, comment on the comment section...


I would firstly like to thank you for accepting me as your opponent, good luck and enjoy yourself.

Why will a war never break out between the East and the West?

There are 3 main reasons for so;

1. Nuclear Weapons

The main thing that holds the two back from each other goes down to the amassing nuclear arsenals both rivals have.

The United States have, as of recently; 1800 Nuclear Warheads ready to be deployed and 4000 stockpiled (will take longer to deploy) and with 2700 retired. (6800) [1]

Russia has as of recently; 1950 Nuclear Warheads at the push of a button, 4300 Stockpiled and 2700 Retired. (7000). [1][2]

These are MASSIVE numbers at the potential of destruction is unlimited. For example, the United State's deployed warheads could destroy itself a good few times over.

Both sides know that if a Nuclear War would happen it would more than likely cause severe harm to other nations and it would just be a matter of who could deploy the fastest. It would be a total catastrophe for both sides and would cause endless harm for the entire planet.

The threat of total nuclear annihilation is ever looming and the outcome is a deterrent to keep the two away.

2: Not enough Manpower

It's safe to say that Russia has lost the advantage it had during WW2 which were Numbers. [3]

According to reports the United States has 1,492,200 total personnel compared to Russia's 845,000. [4]

While it seems that the United States can easily take Russia if a land attack is necessary, I assure you they really can't.

It will take the US Army 500,000 troops to capture Afghanistan, Russia is larger than Afghanistan by 26 times. You can't capture Russia unless China mobilized half of it's population. You simply can't capture Russia, and with recent allegations that Russia will use warheads in even regional conflicts. Nobody wants to take Russia on in fear of escalation. [3]

The team of US, Nato and Israel will likely never happen or be any good.

Firstly, Nato has little army to speak of. In WW1 and two, the main manpower source was Britain and America. Britain had an army because most of the sources came from any country under it's rule;
Canada sent 418,000 soldiers
Australia 322,000
South Africa 230,000
New Zealand 124,000
and many more minor ones . [5] [6]
Britain's 6,905,000 army mostly consisted of foreign soldiers who were under Crown Rule. [7]

Now nearly all of those except a few islands in the Pacific no longer plead allegiance to the crown. Meaning that Britain doesn't have many soldiers to count on but even less allies.

Israel on the other hand; isn't very friendly with America because President Trump has shared valuable Information from Insiders in ISIS to Russia and many of Israel's foes. [8] [9].

3: It is much more valuable to just talk it out.

Imagine this, you want a new scooter.

A shop is selling it across town. You can pay for a bus fare there and back ($20), or pay Jim to give it to you ($10). It is much more easier to talk to Jim than to do the hard way.

War is just falling out of fashion and it is never really necessary. There hasn't been any major non middle eastern Nation vs Nation conflict in a while. There is no point in capturing territory for resources or the like when you can just buy it. Any conflicts are now just being solved with dimplomacy.

Debate Round No. 1


Okay, SageistSage, I want to say thank you for accepting this debate. So, Shall we begin?

You have three reasons why the West and the East would not go to war. And i will break those down shortly. I just want to give you some backstory on why we are entering another world war soon.

History is very important to know and to understand it. Unfortunately more and more people are ignoring history.
Over the last 500 years been very challenging for humans. Some experts think major wars runs in cycles, like in American history. The American Revolution, the Civil war, ww1, and ww2. A theory is a major war happens every 70 to 80 years. Base on this, we are right about there. According to Graham Tillett Allison, is an American political scientist and professor at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, we are entering Thucydides trap. There is another reason why I'm thinking we are getting closer to war each day.

Now let's begin With the US and Russia. But really it Russia Vs Nato, then the US.
"The rise of a more politically and militarily assertive Russia and an economically and institutionally ascendant China may be characterized as the two principal forces challenging the United States in global policymaking." (1.) China and Russia will join together if the US attack 1st. One reason is that its next door to the north. And they do not want the US being anywhere there.You need to understand the history of geopolitics. Russia and Nato's playing major military war games. Russia and the US are clearly not going to be on the same page in the worldviews, and that is leading to mistrust and a lot of tenses between the two countries. What will most likely happen is a conflict between Russia and Nato, so when this happens it will force the US in the fight. Putin himself said he will use a nuclear weapon in Europe. Not as a last resort, but as a first strike. He said this last year. He also thinks by using a nuke first, Europe and the US wouldn't go that far. So it would deter other countries. Just by using his thinking alone is very dangerous. Let's don't forget he also wants Nato to be split in half. Why so it could be the old Soviet Union again. He was a former KBG. He and China see a threat, and that is the US. There won't say it in public, at least not as former. Both countries were partners in the military and helping each other out in their economy. This partnership isn't good for the US nor the world. military build-up i mean just that. Look at Europe northern part and eastern part making sure Russia doesn't step over the Baltic states. And Russia also continues to build up their new nuclear weapons to there air force to there navy. Both are having huge military exercises, both barely have communications with each other. So, there is room for misunderstanding, room for miscalculations by both parties. "And if treaties and agreements are not sacrosanct to the Kremlin, why should NATO borders be sacrosanct? It is only reasonable that NATO"s Baltic allies ask this question and that others, beginning with Turkey, do so as well".(2.)
UK would be 'unable to withstand' nuclear strike, Russian senator warns"(3.)
"West and Russia on course for war, says ex-Nato deputy commander".(4.)
Since we are talking about Russia right now i will bring my other evidence on what Putin said. It's a YouTube video only one minute and 33 seconds. (5.) At the economic reform commission in 2016.
"A crisis could be precipitated from at least three different types of events: unattributable attacks, unilateral actions by anxious allies, and military accidents. Such dangerous situations could quickly produce unintended consequences that slip Russia and the West into armed confrontation".(6.)

You said we are safe because no one would use nuclear weapons and it will continue keeping the world safe. You were right it did kept the world safe. But not true anymore. Not when so many other countries have them. And not when you have other countries prepared to use it. You still haven't answered my question either. Do you think the world is safe for how long 10 years 20 years 50 years or a hundred years?" Do you think the next world war would not use them? I hate to break it to you, but the world is not safe from these weapons. All you need is misunderstanding, raising tensions, and a leader not understanding how the world works. If you have leaders controlling the buttons and have willingness on using these weapons the world isn't safe. It not just Putin, it trump, China, and countries in the middle east. You think Israel not going to use their nukes when and if they feel threatened by Iran? Or if North Korea will not use them if not threatened. They are so, many flashpoints in today world. Like the Russia and Nato, as i mention earlier. We also have the North Korea Crisis, and China a rising power that is threatening the West dominants of the world. We also have the Middle East in rising tensions,

You also mention not enough manpower to go into a direct war, just to let you know in today world we don't need that much manpower with the advances of technologic. We have aircrafts, Submarines, Naval ships, we have Advance missiles, we have drones, and cyberspace, plus there are other more powerful equipment that can be used if a conflict does happen. You also said now we have diplomacy, that promote peace. But in today world we have world leaders who are misunderstanding each other and will lead more risk of miscalculations on all sides. Another sign that the world is not at peace, and something is boiling for a fight.

In the next round, i will talk about China and the North Korea issue more in depth, because this is very important what is happening over there. and Yes this could lead the world to the brink of war if we are not careful... And the middle east is another topic i will discuss later on because this also has all the ingredients to bring a global war.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
Why did you Forfeit?

My argument was just too hard to go against...
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
Since you said you had to put it in a translator, just curious what language do you speak?
Posted by SageistSage 2 years ago
Sorry I had to put it in a translator and I get it now.
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
Posted by SageistSage 2 years ago
No offense but you are a bit weird, admitting my own points?
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
No need to apologize. You have 72 hours for every round. So, the best of luck to you.
Posted by SageistSage 2 years ago
I would like to apologize for my absence.
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
Remember round one is getting right in to it.
Posted by SageistSage 2 years ago
I am ready
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
SageistSage: Give me a shout out when you are ready. And if this debate is still open i will send give it to you...
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