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Is the new generation open to more opportunities than before?

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Started: 4/4/2015 Category: People
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Please note that this is an absolute personal question

I am not looking for deep facts, just a quick query.

My opponent is to:

-State why the new generation isn't open to more opportunities.
-What more could be done to create more opportunities for the youth.

Round 1: Acceptance.

Round 2: Facts, with a link to help with Con's statement.

Round 3: Conclusion.


I will accept this debate . Good luck . I will be arguing that there isn't more opportunities.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you and good luck to Con.

I want to start my debate with a few examples, stating how and why the new generation is open to more opportunities than before.

EDUCATION: The area in education has significantly improved over the past years for the youth. They now have access to various technology to help them learn more easily and comlete tasks faster than before. This links to the new job system in most companies nowadays. These companies require computer and technology skills, which are now being taught in most schools. There are more lessons in schools related to outside world and jobs, and the range of areas in each working places have impored, which makes it clear that this system has created more opportunities for the new generation.

OUTSIDE EVENTS & CLUBS: It has become remarkably easy for young citizens, even adults to find an outside club where they can carry on their hobbies, usually with an additional fee, but very small. This way, they can take their time to perfect their skill for the future if they are interested in that area as a job.

INTERNET: Internet is one of the easiest way to earn money. An example could be YouTube. Upload videos, then get your pay. Easy and entertaining at the same time. More jobs that you enjoy are created. PewDiePie, a great example is one of the YouTube's richest user, he also became famous over the internet and now earning $4m a year. To be absolutely honest, one does not simply have to work exceptionally hard to gain that pay per year over a website, you require small amount of items to become rich on the internet such as computer, camera etc.

I hope this helps you understand more just a little bit. Thank you again for participating.


I agree that there are more jobs. Except that the population of America is growing really fast between the birth of people and immigrants coming from all over. Comparing the opportunities to the population of America that is still growing fast today , the population will end up outgrowing the amount of the jobs there are. To conclude I agree there are more jobs but not for the opportunity of every American.
Debate Round No. 2


One of my rule was that we need to save the conclusion for round 3 (the end), although you've used it on round 2.

You have only argued about the effects of population growth in the US.

I think, in conclusion, there are more opportunities created for the new generation and they are making more opportunities for themselves, as it became easier.

Thank you for your time, and sorry about my lateness as I didn't have much time left from work.


jamapica forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Creativist 3 years ago
@Courtnic2 I use these facts to show how they are open to these opportunities it requires for you to use your brain.
Posted by Courtnic2 3 years ago
Are you looking for someone to debate the number of opportunities for young people or the openess of young people to those opportunities?
Posted by Darkdrow 3 years ago
There are more opportunities today but they are harder to obtain. I work in chemical plants and when I got my job all you needed was a high school diploma. Now the people who work for me need degrees and experience which can be hard to get when nobody wants people with none.
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