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Is the world changing for the better (pro for better con for not)

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Started: 2/27/2015 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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No, the world is not changing for the better.
Threat of nuclear destruction, disease, political and religious conflicts, rising terrorist organizations, faltering birthrates in 1st world countries, failing economies, failing American educational system, voter apathy, running out of resources, "climate change", etc .

As much as we'd might like to believe the world is changing for the better; the harsh reality is that the world is becoming overpopulated, fossil fuels are running low and until we find a replacement we are at risk of loosing precious infrastructure and the effectiveness of supplies. And if we can't get resources over a matter of miles via car then food lines will run thin and we'll have a hard time feeding our people. And last time I checked politics are very effect anymore, so I doubt things will be solved quick. Anyone else hear helter skelter from Ferguson ?

debate_power saysNovember 25 2014 04:18 PM Report Post
It's going to reach its low point when the world is finally fully transformed into a capitalist country and when the rich and the poor are the only two social classes.

Mister_Man saysDecember 1 2014 07:24 PM Report Post
The world is slowly dying. Not very quickly, but it is slowly changing for the worse.


I accept, thank you for this debate :).
This is a debate that could go either way as to my position, and I do believe that the world is going in both directions.
More in the later rounds, thanks for the debate :)
Debate Round No. 1


Hey guys ,I will be glad if you read my essay and give me tips how ti improve it .Thankx in advance

Prompt : Is the world changing for the better

The world is changing all the time.Some people think it changes for the better ,while otherr think it worsens.In my opinion , the world around us is becoming better and better.I believe that we should always try to ameliorate our 'own world' ,making the whole world a better place.The subsequent examples from history and literature assert my point of view that our world is always changing and it changes for the better .
In 14th century,in Italy began the era of the Renaissance.The new thinking and new ideas superseded the belief that God had created the world and he was everything we should have strived for ,our paragon of virtue.In 1356 a yound woman accidentally discovered male and a famale body in the wood.She was very astute and quite interested in biology and realized thath men and women had the same number of ribs.According to The Bible ,God takes one rib away from women and gives it to men ,in order to make them more powerful than women.Later,this woman became the first person to contravene the mores and ideas of the church ,becoming the first doctor in the world.The Renaissance absolutely changed the view that God was omnipotent and that we were under his authority.This era gave the world writers like Dante and Bocacco ,artists and scientists like Leonardo da Vinci .These people decided to controvert the church and change the world.They made it better !

'The dreamers' is a novel , written by one of the most famous African writers Walter Uanda.The novel is about two brothers who dream of becoming politicians and changing the communistic regime of their country.Inspired by true events,the author recounts how the young boy is killed during a 'peaceful' demonstration by the national army ; twenty years later ,his brother becomes tha first democratic president of the country.The champions the poor and influences smany African countries to stand against communism.He changed the African world for the better .

The world does not change in a constant rate.We choose how to change it ,and it depends on us if it will be changing for the better or for the worse.Since it`s inception ,the Earth has been evolving , and it keeps evolving at the moment ; we all hope it evolves for the better .


Wow! Great essay my friend, great arguments :). Thank you for the debate :).
I believe the world is changing, some for the better, some for worse.
Better: More nations are gaining independence and finding a place in this world
Democracy is expanding slowly but surley
Religion is becoming more of a solace for peoole
Some conflicts are being resolved (US vs Cuba)

But there are worse things in the world too:
Rise of terrorists like Boko Haram and ISIS
The Yemen Unrest
Ukraine war
Columbia War
Mexico drug war

So yes, the world is changing, for the better and for the worst.
Thank you again for this debate :)

Debate Round No. 2


coolkid1231 forfeited this round.


First of all, thank you for the debate and don't sweat it on the forfeiture my friend :).
The world is changing for the better and for the worst
World is changing for the better
More new nations and peoples gaining a homeland
some conflicts are being resolved
the new generation is making a name for itself
technolgy is booming

World is changing for the worse
more wars
more violence
greater threats of terroists

Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: This is not much of a debate, but a critic on an essay. Conduct: Pro because con ff. Spelling/grammar: con made many errors but not sufficient for him to lose a point. Sources: con provided two links, but they are not sources, so it's a tie. Pro provides examples of how the world is getting better, and in other ways worse. But overall, I was hoping that both argue that "the world overall" is getting better or worse, not specific events.