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Is there a need for homework

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Started: 6/20/2013 Category: Education
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I think that homework is important for all students. Homework reinforces class work which helps young children get practice in reviewing the lessons that they have studied during the day, while older students, whose work is much more complex, focus on new problems in the evening and apply the skills learned in the classroom. The assignment helps children to develop qualities that all teachers like to see in the classroom, such as persistence, diligence, the ability to delay gratification. Children develop skills, like remembering assignments, organizing materials, gathering information and distributing time. A bonus is that homework affords parents a glimpse into their children"s work habits, Some advocate homework as preparing youngsters for a global knowledge-driven economy to provide them as good a start as possible. This needs to be monitored whether homework is having a positive effect on our children? The purpose of homework is thus in many cases to help students learn the subject by repeating it's content, as well as helping them to acquire good working habits at home. Homework can give parents an opportunity to see what's going on at school and let them express positive attitudes toward achievement.


I do not think that homework is necessary for a student. You are saying that a student is gets time to revise for what they have learnt. If a sincere student does not get homework, he/she will get more time to study.And a unsincere student never does his homework. They come to school and copy from the notebooks of students who have done homework.

It is just waste of time to give homework to students. It prohibits the student even to get engaged in co-curricular activities. The student becomes a dull under the load of both homework and studies.

Not only does banning homework help schools, but not doing so can hurt their students in their studies and in their health. Many students stay up late into the night to complete their work. This can cause attention problems and low quality work.

When students are working at home, they could be doing the wrong work. If they practice the wrong way, they will remember it, and do it wrong on the test.

If homework is banned, then test scores will rise, students will get more sleep, and will be able to spend more time with their families.

My opponent has provided the source so let me also provide it.
Source:Studies upto Ninth Grade without doing homework.

Debate Round No. 1


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Debate Round No. 2


When students assume responsibility for their homework and complete an assignment, it is only then that they learn to be accountable for their actions. Students complete their assignments or projects on time when they are organized. Turning the project in on time has it advantages because points are not deducted and he/she won"t suffer consequences. Homework teaches kids how to deal with adversity. Kids can take pride in finishing an assignment regardless of difficulties or problems. Completing homework in a timely manner will help students develop trust and self-confidence. The inspiration to work harder on the next project occurs when they feel good about their accomplishments.
Homework is important as it is at the connection between home and school. It acts as a window through which a parent can observe his/her child"s education and put across positive attitudes towards children and their education. Homework is a good thing because it helps to reinforce the information that the student learns in class. It also ensures that the student is studying outside of class, which is very important.
One obvious benefit for children completing homework after hours is that it extends the learning process. It's a solid opportunity to show children that education never stops as they age. Learning continues throughout their lives and they will still gain skills and knowledge even into their elderly years. Having a structured system of this type of learning as a child reinforces the global concept of lifelong learning.
Self-discipline is at times an activity that is a struggle for many people, even adults. Homework is a repetitive task for children that provides them the opportunity to complete assignments regularly and in a timely matter. When schoolwork is expected the next morning, a student knows he must buckle down and finish it the night before. Deadlines like this force a student to say no and practice self-discipline.
One social factor in having children complete homework is that it gives parents another reason to interact with their kids. Even if parents feel they don't know the subject matter well enough to be a good tutor, just negotiating how assignments should be completed and encouraging their kids where they could go for further research gives them reasons to talk to each other. In a technological world where many people are glued to their cell phones, old-fashioned homework assignments have a social edge.
When students complete homework on time and receive the positive reinforcement of a fair grade afterward, students are given a feeling of accomplishment. These reinforcements in turn provide students with feelings of self-confidence.
Thus, I strongly believe that homework is important for all students.


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Debate Round No. 3
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