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Is there a reason for existence of life?

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Started: 5/9/2016 Category: Science
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As such, unless the religion/ spiritual angle is taken in, I don't see any point for the existence of life. What do we achieve by living our difficult lives, for when death comes, we will have nothing with us.


Hey lord_megatron! This opening is going to be a bit short, but hopefully it'll cover some of the question at hand.

-Your "purpose" or "reason" for being here is what you make of it. Now, I know that sounds a little cliche, but hear me out. You choose to give up, you choose to go on. Your "purpose" is your everyday choices. Religious or not, you choose what your reason for being here is. Even if your religion already has a reason laid out saying why you're here, it's not permanent. You can change that reason at will. Generally, people have an "existential crisis" where they question their reason for existing and may think they're insignificant. This is due to being human. We're intelligent creatures (for the most part) who are extremely curious and always want to know more. When we find answers we have more questions.

I think I just covered my 3 rounds worth but may go in further detail but overall, we aren't given a reason for being; we create it depending on how our lives so far have shaped our thoughts.

This kind of seems like a question, but if it's truly a debate, good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


So suppose I live for a 100 years and do some significant breakthroughs and overall have a successful life. But what was the reason/purpose for all this? Why is life there in general at all? In the end, the human race won't really matter, and the universe will continue to survive unless some really big catastrophe happens. Is there a reason for this long and hard existence? Why do you and I strive so hard to survive, so hard to make an impact, when in the end we all are going to die and all that will be left of us will be a memory, and that too will be wiped away by time.


Thanks for the quick counter, usually takes hours for a reply.

You are thinking a bit too far ahead and imagining it as all doom and gloom. Yes, it is true our planet will eventually be destroyed, almost certainly within a billion years as the sun swells up before it dies and roasts us. But you must think of it this way: look how far we've come in a few centuries. We went from travelling on horses to landing on a rock in space, while travelling at the speed of sound. It's more than likely we'll be on another inhabitable planet by the time the earth is destroyed and will likely be able to harvest resources from our solar system. Like I stated before, you choose your purpose. If you think life is meaningless, you won't enjoy it. The truth is we don't know what happens when we die. There are ideas and theories but for all we know we'll live in a place of peace, be reincarnated or live an infinite dream the split second we are about to lose consciousness. We know little to nothing about reality or the universe we're in. We've created ideas of creatures and monsters which keep our curiosity alive. If you don't want to choose a purpose yourself, I'd say to make it to learn more.

Sidenote: You made it out as though we're meaningless and still have tough lives; there are many benefits of life as well. The chemicals that flow when we come into contact with others humans and species, comforting us, giving us the feeling of an adrenaline rush. Your brain has ways of comforting you and the feeling of accomplishing something is a reward within itself.

Your turn!
Debate Round No. 2


You seem to think of life as a journey that is worth undertaking. But I don't. No, I won't suicide because it is too painful. My life, your life, the human race, they don't matter, for the world will go on, life or no life. What is the use of this life, what will I have achieved after death? As a standard human, that will account to almost nothing.


Now first off, I'm sorry to hear you're suicidal. I hope you can find a way to find peace within your mind (this is not meant just in a religious way. Whether you believe in a deity, deities or nothing at all, your mind is the source of all happiness, sadness, fear, comfort, etc).

Secondly, that's an overly biased statement. You do not decide what my, or anyone else's life is worth. Everyone decides their own worth, which they change at will over time. Everything that happens in this life is not meaningless. You have feelings whether you like it or not, you're not a sociopath. And I know this as you mentioned "pain" and how you don't want to experience it. You said that we live to live and nothing else. That is false. You can find many comforts in life, but if you choose to only see the harsh side, you'll never be satisfied by life.

I'll finish this off with a quote;

"Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light."

Peace :D, and I thank you for setting up this debate, I hope you can see where I'm coming from as I've tried putting your argument into perspective.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Longline 2 years ago
The way i see my existence goes as followed.
One (1) SOMETHING does not come from NOTHING. I know my being here has a reason behind it. Even if i do not know this myself. Just as i am able to think and create SOMETHING so that i can use it, i believe God, or whoever it is created me for SOMETHING. I can also reason that, my creator is not a mindless being. Because i have a mind of my own. My mind is SOMETHING, therefore it can not come from NOTHING.

Two (2) I want to be HAPPY, everything i seem to want or working towards seem to have one purpose. to make me feel Happy. I hate things that cause me pain, sadness, shameful, and any other negative emotion define by any humans. I seem to appreciate what we humans consider POSITIVE EMOTIONS, these are all the emotions that's comes along side HAPPINESS.

THIRD (3) i have a feeling that there is a BEING unknown yet out there who is responsible for my existence. I do not have any concrete evidence of this being, But i somehow just know.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
a reason for life merly explains the cause
Posted by lord_megatron 2 years ago
is there a difference? I will change it to purpose then
Posted by tejretics 2 years ago
You are conflating "reason" and "purpose."
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Reasons for voting decision: Good debate! I gave better conduct to Pro for a) Con not creating enough new material to keep the debate going at a substantial level. b) Pro's gracious attitude towards Con in the final round. I gave Pro the point for arguments because a) Opening argument was never directly refuted. Con did not counter that it was impossible to make what one wanted out of life. That argument flows Pro. b) Con argued that death brings nothing, and Pro never countered. That argument bolstered Cons assertion that the effort put into life is wasted, so argument flows Con. c) Pro correctly pointed out that Con was overly biased against the worth of other's lives. That flows Pro. Final argument tally is Pro=2, Con=1. PRO WINS