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Is there a reason why most black fathers are not involved in their children's life?

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Started: 10/19/2014 Category: Society
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It bothers me to see black children without a father, because I'm one of those children. It seems as if after the 1970's African American fathers disappeared from their children's life, and I really want to know why. It is proven fact that after the crack- cocaine epidemic millions of black families were hindered. I know that all black fathers were not addicted to crack-cocaine, but it surely seemed to effect all black fathers. Statistic shows that when an African American male is raised without a father he is 10 times more likely to become a menace to society than any other race. Since this is true why haven't one tried to stop the cycle, is it too late?


Thank you Con for instigating this interesting topic. However, I have detected a major flaw within your position.

First and foremost, I would like to scrutinize why Con has already negated his/her argument. The resolution contains this notion; "Is there a reason why most black fathers are not involved in their children's life"? As the con, the individual that opposes the notion, there is a reason for black fathers failing to be involved in their children's life, you have provided reasons in your introduction for why black fathers are not involved in their children life. Including the statistics that you have and mentioning the prevalently drug induced atmosphere for black families, are reasons for black fathers neglecting their children. Essentially Con, you have not only inadvertently adopted my position, you have additionally my fulfilled my behalf of the resolution. Despite this, I will provide below a few succinct arguments corroborating the notion that black fathers may not be adequately involved in their children's life.

According to the Census Bureau examining various years throughout contemporary American demographics, black families have had an average of about 24 percent, while all other races poverty percentage amount to an estimated 11 percent. Families with higher poverty are more lily to be exposed to an environment where the crime rates may also be excessively high. This may correlate with black men who impregnate women, and are either subsequently indicted with a felony and then taken to jail, or are either killed.

Noting the brief economic statistic above, many black men who live in poverty ridden surrounding or household, may be far more likely not to attend a higher education prior to high school, or even complete high school. This may lead to a less paying job in the future, or even no job. A man who is not satisfied financially via vocation, is far more likely, abandon a women he has impregnated because of the financial situation that burdens his ability to support the mother and the baby.
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My opponent forfeited, unfortunately.
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Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
there are reasons why blacks are less educated. Has less with the schooling, but the attitude towards education.Like I said before, there was a black kid that acted too white. What does that mean? Too educated. Spoke proper English. What?

And in Washington D.C. Bush put in a voucher program where mothers could take their kids out of bad schools and put them in charter schools. And Obama stopped that as one of the first things he did when he took office.Like I said, voting democrat is one of the biggest reasons why blacks have been stifled in this country.

And the greatest reason is strife. Strife causes confusion. And if I was to hire someone, and they had a chip on their shoulder, I would think twice about hiring them.No matter what the pigmentation of their skin.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
The 1960's changed the way the way blacks voted from republican to democrat. The democrats offered them special or civil rights. The republicans offered them constitutional; rights, and they fell for the democrat lie.They were told they were entitled to other peoples money they were then herded into housing projects and welfare. Now the state became the provider for their children. So the fathers just simply took off. And since they were told because they were descended from slaves this is just reparations. But it does something to a man's soul not to provide for his responsibilities. Then they were herded into the sex culture.And life , even in their music, became about sex.

Now you have poverty pimps like Al Sharpton going around fanning the flames of hatred for often perceived race problems, and whites have been intimidated into not criticizing any blacks for their behavior or be called a racist. But a few of us have the guts to call it how we see it.

I am not minimizing the race problems we had. But they are long gone for the most part.And voting democrat also keeps the economy down , especially for the unskilled.

There was a black kid that was beat up severely because he acted white. Not by white kids, but by black kids. Do not ever forget that thousands of whites gave their lives in the 1860's to get rid of slavery.Not just for blacks, but for all America.
Posted by intellectuallyprimitive 2 years ago
I need to revise my sentences more efficiently.
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