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Is there a solution to the Discrimination against Attractiveness/Unattractiveness in Business World

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Started: 3/16/2015 Category: People
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In todays world, particularly in the Business World, when hired or getting paid higher salary, many studies show that attractive people tend to get the most benefits, and people who are perceived as unattractive tend be below the rate then the attractive people. People call it the halo effect, that we tend to trust the ones that are perceived as attractive. It all comes to biology, but is there a way to stop the discrimination against Attractiveness/Unattractiveness?

Say you were to hire one person in your high end company and had to interviewed two people. Both had the exact qualifications, amazing resumes and personalities, yet one was perceived as unattractive and the other attractive, who would you hire?

I am against discrimination, but curious to if there is an escape from it, if there is a solution.


I accept this debate.

I'm not "pro discrimination" or anything, but I believe there is no way to avoid discrimination here.

My argument is pretty simple. It goes that attractive people look better and tend be be taller, and usually act with more confidence. You, as a business owner, want your company to look good and sound good. And attractive people not only get hired at a higher rate with more benefits, but also tend to do better at business and sales, especially if they have the same resume as an unattractive person. While this may not be fair, it makes sense for the business. There is no reason to force a business to hire an unattractive person over an attractive person.

I would probably hire the attractive person in your scenario. I'm sorry, but I would prefer to hire an attractive person over an unattractive person, and while it isn't fair, it is most likely the right choice. Also, a law against discrimination would also be bad, due to the intervention in the private sector as well as forcing a business to hire someone who they may not want.

There is just no good way to force a business owner to hire an unattractive person over an attractive person. Good looks can be apart of a resume also.
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I extend my thesis to the next round.
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