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Is there any definite proof of GOD?

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Started: 10/20/2014 Category: Religion
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I want to challenge your views on GOD existing.

First round to accept and first argument and let's take off from there.


I am 13. I will say that straight forward. Please don't go into my profile and use that information to judge the way I put out my argument like @Dheu (another member on this website)

Insults towards GOD will not be tolerated. Disagreements are not insults. Calling a GOD an a bad word will not be tolerated and can be flagged.

Keep it clean. No bad words.

Support. Read each other's posts, and take the other person's views into consideration.


So here is my point of view, I see it as if there was a god, then why are people dying in terrible horrible ways? Why would children be being raped, why are people getting brutally murdered. I think that if god was real all these terrible things wouldn't be happening. Also what is there other than a book to say that god is real, nothing. The bible only proves that someone thought that there must be a god that created all of this, it doesn't prove anything. If god was so against certain groups of people then why do those groups exist? Why would god even create a person that might go against him? If god was real then there wouldn't be school shootings or rape, murder, drowning, fiery deaths, no one would die in these horrible ways. If god does exist then why is he letting all of this happen? Wouldn't he want to step in, and if he is just letting everything happen then why pray to him if he isn't going to do anything? Okay also if god was real and Satan was causing all of these bad things to happen why would god let Satan keep existing? Why not just kill Satan? I personally think that if god and Satan are real, then wouldn"t it make more sense to pray to the guy that has more power (Satan)? I am an atheist, but I am thinking about converting to Satanism, or atheistic Satanism. It seems to me that if god and Satan are real then Satan has more power.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello and thank your for accepting.

I told you already that humans create all these horrible. Think about it. Did God create kidnapping? No! Humans did. Did GOD cause natural disasters? No. God created the lesser forms of them for example hurricane and the rain. Human interactions cause these to be more severe. Only a book. Those are three words that us humans these days say SO much when it comes to religion. And it is understandable. This book was written so long ago that the main values are not able to be felt, seen, and experienced the same. Imagine watching Christ getting crucified. We weren't there. That is why we can't feel it. But the people who were can. There is proof for the unfaithful that Jesus was alive. So if Jesus was alive, SO IS GOD. God did not create HOMOSEXUALITY. Humans chose to change who their preferences were. If God created homosexuality, it would be present in all of his creations. Therefore leading to no reproduction. Catholics are not against homosexuals, though homosexuals believe that they are. Catholics are against what homosexual's actions because it defies some of God's main commands: "Be fruitful and multiply". That is why Catholics don't accept homosexuality. God did not create it.

Read the comment I put on your opinion in the is there solid proof of god's existence.

Do you expect God to jump out of a trash can or something and tackle down a gun man about to shoot? No! God already interfered in his own way. He gave humans a conscious. The gunman chose to ignore the conscious and went to shoot. After the shooting he will realize he was wrong. And that is one punishment god gives. When we realize that we are wrong.

Question: If God created everything bad, who created everything good?


Okay so you say that god gave people the right to make their own decisions, or free will, so he won"t step in if a murder is going on. If that is what you are saying then why pray to not get killed if god will not interfere with the man"s free will to kill. So you are praying to a god that will not interfere with things why pray to him? If he is not willing to step in and make that person not want to kill or commit a crime, then why pray to this god. But I am pretty sure that Satan freed people from the slavery of life without free will. Now again this is just me saying ifs and hypothetical"s.
Okay people don"t choose to be gay, who in their right minds would choose to be gay? I mean I certainly didn"t and at times I wish I was straight, there are places that I can get killed, tortured, beaten, and thrown in jail just because I am gay. Why would I choose this? The answer is I didn"t.
I never said that he didn"t create everything bad, I said he is doing nothing to stop the bad things people do, and the bad natural things.
The fact that we exist is proof we exist, and that evolution is true. The fact that I am here to debate you only proves that we have evolved enough to be able to communicate in an intelligent and calm manner. It does nothing towards proving the existence of a god.
One more thing, once you realize why you don"t believe in Zeus, Allah, or any other gods you will realize why I don"t believe in your god.
You never answered my question on why god doesn"t just get rid of Satan.
Debate Round No. 2


Hello, and thank you for answering.

God gave humans free will. Not to do good or bad, but whether they will follow him or not. In what ways do you want God to step in? Praying to God is your communication with him. Not to ask what you want. Say, you have a homework assignment due. You pray to God to do it while you are asleep. Not going to happen. Now, what if your mother were dying and you asked god to cure her. Would it happen? It depends. God could be doing his duty, and he needs my mother in heaven. If not, he would cure her.

May I ask, what country has the most homosexuals? America. Why? Freedom of sexual orientation. No one getting beat up here. Now if you say that people DID NOT choose, then that justifies the theory that homosexuality is a mental illness. But again, if God made homosexuality, it would be present in all creations.

Who causes the things that are bad. Satan. By saying that Satan is more powerful and all, you are doing what Satan wants. He wants you to say that.

The Christian faith is complicated. And that is why you have to put your faith in it.

God doesn't abolish satan because there would be no point for life on earth. What makes heaven special is refraining from bad (which satan causes) and doing good. God allows evil so he can see our hearts and how we act, and then determine which souls are worthy enough to go to heaven. How else would he know who is bad or not?

I believed we evolved into a higher level of thinking. Which is why we don't blindly follow anymore. We don't trust, we don't believe, we need physical proof to belief. That's why so many question God.

I don't believe in Zeus because if the legends were true, I would see Zeus on a daily basis. Allah is the god of THE savage beasts who destroy buildings with planes and kill people because they have a different religion.

God loves you. Even if you don't love him. If the time came, he would save you from danger. The Christian faith loves you. We are open to everyone, only some of us are bad and greedy.

Here's a prayer:

Oh God, thank you for the food thank you for the play, thank you for everything.
Oh God, bless mom, bless, dad, bless everyone. I love you God amen.

We bless everyone. We don't say everyone except for murderers, homosexuals, Islam, etc. EVERYONE.

By the way, if you want to become straight, if you are a boy, find a girl, you will. If a girl, find a boy. You can do it.


I know that there are people that have prayed to not die in a horrific way and those prayers gone unanswered, so why is this, and if god needed those people why take them in fire, or by drowning, or slowly dying from some horrific illness?

Okay so on the homosexuals point, i am gay and only started identifying as gay a year ago, before that i dated girls did the whole straight thing, It felt weird. It was gross, I then i found aleksander we met in school, and i fell in love. I felt amazing, way better then any of the times i had dated girls. Also if you think it is a choice and it is easy to be gay then prove it to me, be gay for a week, then repent. Also people can and do get bullied and beaten because they are gay, many commit suicide. Why (If it is a choice) would they continue to be gay? Okay so what if it is MH disorder it isn't hurting anyone, if anything it helps decrease the human population and it helps orphans get adopted that otherwise wouldn't because most straight couples deiced to get pregnant. It does not hurt you to have your neighbor to be gay so why try to change them? I think it weird you out. You don't understand it so you think it must be bad. I have two questions for you that i would love for you to answer in the comments. If you found out your brother, sister best friend, uncle, aunt, any of those people what if you found out they were either gay or satanist. (Two answers, one for gay, and one for satanist).

I have read through the satanic laws and sins (yeah even satanists have things they consider immoral) and i agree with all of them they make sense.

If god is true why don't i see him on a regular basis?

Thank you for the positivity at the end I greatly appreciate it even though i don't have the same beliefs as you do. I hope you have a nice day and thank you for having a civil and not barbaric debate with me.
I have nothing against 90&% of Christians, it is the 10% the crazies (witch all religions and lack of have).
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GodlyBeret 2 years ago
Sorry con, forgot to answer your questions.

Yes parts of my family are different religions. I think my immediate family and I are one of the only Catholics in our big family. I have handled it pretty well, no arguments or anything like that. I would try to convert them but if not, there is nothing more I can do but continue to do the best I can to follow God myself.

For homosexuality it would be a similar but different matter. If the member were lesbian, which I think I have one, I would be indifferent, for it wouldn't affect me. I would ask if she knew what she was doing and if she was happy, but I wouldn't love her less. Same for a gay. Only difference will be that I won't make it awkward so that they don't feel provoked to do anything. But I will still show normal family love,

Being a catholic is not really easy these days thanks to our ancestors with the same religion and their actions. But we are trying to change as a whole. I know a person who is homosexual, and have some bisexual friends. I won't push you off a cliff just because you are gay. I won't threaten you just because you are lesbian. I won't treat you differently and show a different love to you because you are gay. I won't tell you that you won't belong because you are a lesbian. I won't love my straight neighbor and hate my homosexual neighbor. I won't love my Christian neighbor and hate my Islam neighbor. I won't help my Catholic neighbor but harm my Atheist neighbor. My love, as best as I can, for the world will remain as a whole.

Bless everyone, and God Bless.
Posted by GodlyBeret 3 years ago
I wanted to answer con's question on why we don't see God on a regular basis.

God doesn't have a body while Zeus does. God is in everything.
Posted by GodlyBeret 3 years ago
True, there is proof that we are alive!
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
Life. Only explanation that is credible.
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