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Is there more to the Bible than what is obvious?

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Started: 10/2/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that there is more to the Bible than what you read at face value. I am actually looking more for feedback than debating, however I am also looking for a great debate on the matter. Please, anyone who agrees with me tell me why and what can be added to my understanding as well. This debate then will be more of an exercise in learning than one of opposing thoughts. I look forward to a great learning experience!


I am neutral to the matter, but i'll give you some feedback. It may not be the best idea to post religious debates as some people could get offended or comment mean things to you. Not me personally.
Debate Round No. 1


I don't so much see it as a religious debate even though it can be classified that by many. I think of it as a study of the Bible, just like any other field or text of study. I choose to research the Bible as a "holy book" to further my knowledge of the histories of ancient Israel, and the Christian congregation. Religion is belief, but I view the Bible as a book recording the history and knowledge of the ancient Israelites and Hebrews. Having said this, I have come to a conclusion with much of my evidence having already been shown by Richard A. Gabriel who also believes that the Bible is a history containing for his part, military strategies and tactics of the day. However, I take it a step further- there is textual evidence that the Pentateuch or Torah has much strategic information, not simply laws.

Joshua 1:8 written by Joshua himself which is also historical evidence says that God said if he took care to follow all that is in the first five books which was all that Joshua had to go on, that he would succeed. Success to him at that time was to conquer Canaan. He succeeded in all of his conquest, and thus is shown to have done just so. The second scripture plainly stated by David the King of Israel at Psalm 144:1, shows that point even more so as it blesses God for teaching him in the ways of fighting and warfare. Clearly, both historical evidence and textual evidence supports this thought.

Next I will give evidence of such information in examples of how the Bible can be understood as a book containing more than simply religious knowledge. The following will be a few examples of simply qualities that are beneficial and why they are so:

-Humility is the quality of being able to accept correction when it is needed. This means being teachable.
-Obedience is the quality of listening and doing. This is beneficial when being taught religiously or otherwise.
-Unity is the invisible "glue" that holds an army together. The advantage is synergy.
-Loyalty is what drives synergy. If the army is loyal they will do anything to achieve the army's goals.

To conclude my argument at this point, historical, textual and the above examples all show that the Bible is more than a book for religious teachings, but has information for success. Though I put it in military terms for the most part, the same principles can be applied to all things as compared to the Art of War and other such writings for achieving success.


I believe God meant what he said in the bible. While there may be hidden meaning, He wants us to follow the Bible in our own way, how we see it. I have no religion but I do see the Bible as morally correct
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by BackCommander 1 year ago
I'll be honest, I'm usually one of the people who comes to the comments simply to say things people don't want to hear. Seeing as you're new to this site itself I'll refrain from doing so and simply share that many people on this site will seek argument with you regardless of what you say. Some of us will disagree with you simply because argument is a good mental exercise.

To answer your question, vi_spex is speaking of the bible itself when you says "its alien bs" and no, it was not directed at you. Sopherim typed out vi_spex's name first (as is custom in the comments here) in order to show that they are responding to that person specifically.

Welcome to the site, and I apologize in advance if at some point in the future I say something that offends you, as that is sometimes what happens when you seek to oppose. Welcome to the site!
Posted by Debator3678 1 year ago
These comments have nothing to do with me correct? I just want to be prepared in case I get yelled at by someone I don't know. I'm new to this thing, though not debating in itself
Posted by Sopherim 1 year ago
vi_spex make sure to know what you are talking about before you speak.
Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
its alien bs
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