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Is there really a rape culture in the west?

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Started: 7/7/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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In the west, rape is seen as a very serious offense. Rape is shamed, rape is punished by long prison sentences, rape is taught as being wrong. I have yet to hear anybody argue that rape is a good thing. To see what an actual rape culture looks like take a look at Saudi Arabia for instance. In Saudi Arabia, women who are the victims of rape are literally stoned to death! Rapists literally walk away scot-free all the time in Saudi Arabia. This is what a rape culture actually looks like.


I would first of all like to thank my opponent for allowing me to debate with him this topic of great importance.

My arguments shall come in form of relaxed, and free flowing paragraphs, not necessarily with a strict order and following certain guidelines. ( following the lead of my opponent).

I am willing to argue that there is indeed a rape culture in the West, although it may not take form quite as you thought. As there are no set guidelines to what "rape culture" can extend to in this argument, I want to argue that there is a quite large rape culture in the West, but not the usual sort mentioned-

With the recent rise of extreme feminism, and with an ever increasing following, there have been new changes in culture. Feminists argue that there is indeed a rape culture in the West against females but, as my opponent argued, such a presence in the West is largely exagerrated, as shown by my opponents Saudi example. I would, however, like to argue that the rape Culture that DOES exist in the West is against men. The majority of new wave feminists believe that men cannot get raped, and that all rape is the fault of man. They, an increasing and already large presence in the Western world, ignore and neglect rape that happens to Males, even when it is Male on Male rape in for instance Prisons, and say that it wouldn't`t have worked if the Man didn't want it. This is neglecting the abuse and rape that happens to males, and neglecting rape, thus it is rape culture.

A second, maybe even larger instance of rape culture, is one that happens in prisons. Often when a criminal is sent to prison, or sometimes even a previous rapist, sexual abuse may happen in prison and it may even be cheered on by those that loathe the criminal. In prison it is a form of punishment, and many people don't find it bad that a serial killer, or rapist, gets sexually abused in prison as they see it as a form of payback. This also normalizes and neglects rape.

As rape culture is anything that neglects or normalizes rape, and I have reported two instances where rape has indeed been neglected, normalized, and even been made fun of, I belief thus far I have proved my viewpoint.

I await my opponents answer.
- Oibaf
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Posted by CharlesGrey 2 years ago
If I argued there was a rape culture in specific parts of the west would that work?
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