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Is there reasons to fear hell?

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Started: 2/13/2014 Category: Religion
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I am a atheist, and I do not believe in any deity at all. That beeing said, because I was raised in a very Christian household, I still, for some reason, fear hell.

With the lack of proof for any deity, I would like to challenge someone to find reasons why I should be fearing going to hell, because I'm wondering if there are any at all.

Happy debate!


Just so you know, I too am a atheist and I'm a Chinese from Malaysia. I'm debating here for the sake of debating.

In most cultures and religions, Hell exists.
Hell: A place where you suffer for your sins accordingly, meaning the severity of your crime will affect the severity of your punishments.

!st Point: The nature of humans
1st Stage: Humans sin
As a human, we are bound to make mistakes. We sin either accidentally or intentionally, but the vast majority of humans will sin. The percentage of us who sin are most probably 99.9999%. Only rare saints like, to help you relate to, Jesus or maybe Mother Teresa. In my country, Muslims revere the Prophet Muhammad, and the Buddhists aim to be like the Buddha.
If so, is there any reason to NOT fear Hell? You KNOW that you will most probably sin or you have done so, and you will face punishment even when you're dead. There will be no eternal peace. You can't rest. In my culture, there are some cruel punishments like cutting your tongue(for lying) or boiling you in hot oil. In the Christian religion, there's fire and brimstone. And more.

2nd stage: Humans hate unpleasantness
Look at the definition of Hell. The worse you are, the more you'll suffer. If you do fear Hell, what will you do? You'll try not to sin. You'll do GOOD things. You'll help people, not hurt them. You'll want to go to Heaven, or not go to Hell.
Even if Hell does not exist, the very concept of Hell can avert you from doing bad things.

For now, I'll stop and refute any points you pose.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for debating.

Your first point gives a definition of what hell is, which I am quite aware of, since I was raised in a Christian household. For the sake of argument, let's take about the Christian hell. For me, all it is is a threat. It basically says; 'if you try to leave this religion, or don't obey it in any way, you shall fry. My big question is; is there one or more reason to take this threat seriously?

I would just like to add that I do good things, not because of fear of hell, but it's the way I would want to be treated. I also do not want to go to neither heaven nor hell. To praise my leader for eternity sounds more like North Korea than heaven. Why I don't want to go to hell is self explanatory.

Also Mother Theresa was far from a saint, but that's another topic for another time.


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Debate Round No. 2


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You said : "For me, all it is is a threat. It basically says; 'if you try to leave this religion, or don't obey it in any way, you shall fry."
But I made no such mention of this. I talked about if you do bad, you'll go to hell and suffer.

"I would just like to add that I do good things, not because of fear of hell, but it's the way I would want to be treated.'
That is you, and maybe me. We are probably minorities. For a whole lot of people, the concept of hell restricts them, holding them back from doing bad things.

The more you fear hell, the less bad things you'll do. That's why hell should be feared.

I like the North Korea statement. I've never thought of it like that before. It made me laugh.

Thanks for pointing out Mother Theresa not being a saint. I did a bit of research and her image in my mind completely broke down. I'll not use her as an example next time.
Debate Round No. 3


I think it's a shame that people do good things because they fear hell, not because they really are good people. Yes, religion has good people, and people do good things in the name of religion, charities, fund raising and so on, but I think we can have all this without the myth and harms that is being caused by religion every day throughout the world.

I often wonder, if I'm a good person, but don't believe in God, will I still be sent to hell?

Another statement about North Korea for your amusement; at least you can die and get out of North Korea!

I'm glad to hear that you checked up Mother Theresa. The fact that she is remembered as a holy saint is really bothering me.


I saw this video, a stand up comedy.
He said that in heaven you can be together with your family forever. And then he said, you know how visiting your family are, it's like ****! Hello, Grandma, hello grandpa, hello uncle-something-who-used-to-touch-me.
How did you get up here! Oh, I forgot that you used to work for the church!
I really like that North Korea joke, it's so awesome. I'll remember to use it if the opportunity arises. (This really is a sincere message, though even I myself find that it seems not)

The Christians say that God/Jesus's love is great, right? It's almost infinite and it's for everyone, regardless of who you are. Why should only believers have this right to be loved? God/Jesus loves unbelievers too right? So, why would they send you to hell? I've thought on this for quite a few times.

You may have noticed that I've avoided the "if you don't believe in God, you'll be sent to hell"reason to fear hell. I think that this message is merely created by humans to either restrict believers from not believing, and unbelievers to believe in God. It's one of the tactics to promote Christianity. Why do I say that? As stated above, God would not touch unbelievers because God loves us.

if you're a good person, but don't believe in God, will you still be sent to hell? Will I too? No. If so, it contradicts with Jesus's teachings (whatever, because I've not really come to understand Christianity).

The main reason to fear hell, though it may seem a little pathetic, suits us pathetic humans (or some of us).
We do wrong, and in return will receive punishments. This is a fact that may or may not be true, but it is often true.
I guess the idea of hell is kind of like a metaphor.
Debate Round No. 4


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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
So essentially, Hell does not exist and never could.
If it did exist, it would be pain free anyway.
But, the concept of Hell is so ridiculously dumb and made up to gain control over others by irrational Fear.
It is this false fear that many like yourself are still afraid of even in this age of knowledge.
Such naivety that you exhibit is frightening, more frightening than your silly Hell.
Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
Your concepts are invented by yourself, so you are scaring yourself.
Those that you stated are not as described in the Bible or any other scriptures.
So you are your own source of terror, not your religion, not Christianity.
You have invented your own religion.

Though the fact remains that Pain is a physical illusion for protection of organs.
There is no description nor purpose for pain beyond that.
The Bible is extremely naive and doesn't understand what pain is.
There are no neurological knowledge in the Bible whatsoever.
In fact most of the Bible is Fraudulent and not even real.
There is no evidence for any of the New Testament.
No evidence Jesus saved or cured a single person.
No evidence the resurrection was a real event.

Essentially all Christians are worshiping a Mythical Legend and nothing more.
Thus Christianity is completely Unsubstantiated.
Yet your religion is your own, it is not really Christian at all.
Actually the same can be said for most Christians.
They all make up their own religion in their head.
The Bible is not even their Guide.
No true Christianity exists.
It's all subjective nonsense.
Posted by the_streetsurfer 3 years ago
The scary thing is that it's endless pain if it exists. The scarier thing is that I believe there's a hell (as a christian) but you have no idea if it exists. It's a scary situation because you have to make a decision now. For example, hell is like being in a room with only two doors - one door leads to a quick death and the other door lets you all back into the real world. It's a hard choice but there's no turning back once you open a door.
Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
BTW: Pain is a deliberate illusion created by body nerve endings and nervous structures in the Brain to protect your bodily organs from damage.
Children that cannot feel pain (yes they exist) because of damage to the chain of structures that produce the illusion of pain, nearly kill themselves all the time, because they cannot feel themselves doing damage to their bodies. They can tear out their own eyes, burn themselves to death or scold their hands until they fall off and get infected, which they cannot feel either, and then they die from complications of their own inability to feel pain.
Pain is only an illusion evolution produced to protect our organs while we are have them.

If a spiritual being exists, it does not have organs, so it has no need for pain receptors nor brain regions to translate those signals from the receptors into the sensation of pain.
One woman who's Frontal Cortex is damaged, can partly sense pain, she feels extreme pain as a tickle.
You can stab or burn her hand and she giggles, because her brain interprets the high level pain as a tickle.
This is sort of half way between those children who cannot feel any pain and those with normal pain communication structures.
Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
It's Indoctrination at a young age that makes people fear something that does not exist.
It's also naivety.
Indoctrination of young children contaminates their mindware for life.
They will suffer irrational fears for life, without really understanding why they are afraid, since rationally, they shouldn't be.
Thus, Childhood indoctrination is Child abuse, as much as whipping them every night.
If you whip a child every night as young children, they may never be able to settle down to sleep in the evening without feeling irrational stress for many years after the whipping ceases.
The after affects are identical, thus indoctrination is definitely child abuse.
For another reason, because you have been indoctrinated into Irrational thinking and fears, you may never ever become wholly rational, critical human beings. Some of your functional intelligence has been taken from you, regardless of your IQ.
Indoctrinated children never reach the intelligence level they were capable of prior to their indoctrination.
Their rational mind will always be contaminated by irrational thoughts and hidden irrational concepts that they were indoctrinated into.
Thus you are not truly Atheists, because there is a sense of possible existence of God in your minds, which introduces this fear of Hell. Yes they have destroyed your ability to become fully functional atheists.
You are thus agnostic, and may never be able to achieve full rationality as Atheists.
I have no fear of Hell, because my mind was not contaminated by early childhood indoctrination, I escaped all that. Yet, many of my friends who call themselves Atheists, cannot really be, due to their hidden sense that a God may possibly exist. You are not alone: Richard Dawkins is Agnostic, not Atheist.
I also know that Pain is an illusion created by many physical structures of the Brain.
No such structures leave your body, thus pain in an afterlife is IMPOSSIBLE!
Posted by GudjonN 3 years ago
I'm an Atheist as well, and what's not to "fear" about hell. Not that you should fear an imaginary place, but for the sake of the point, what's not scary about being burned for all eternity?
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