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Is there such a thing as Love.

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Started: 4/15/2017 Category: Society
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3 Open rounds. A maximum of 100 words per round.

Con proposes that, love is an overused descriptive word.

Used when trying to consciously explain, subconscious physiological responses to a variety of different situations.

For example: The love for a partner is not the same as the love of ice cream.

The love of a partner, actually represents an instinctive reproductive or pair bonding response, or the gratification of these responses.

A love of ice cream is actually representative of an instinctive response to hunger gratification or the conscious thoughts of hunger gratification.


What exactly is your point?
Debate Round No. 1


Well we're debating.

And you've wasted 95 words.

Love: A strong feeling of affection.

I'm proposing, that the flippant overindulged, socio-conceptual use of the term love is meaningless.

I would suggest that, the way that we use the word love in a social context is not representative of the reality of the situation we are trying to define.

The situations/emotions we are trying to define are actually sub-conscious, instinctive and physiologically derived.

So, when in moments of passion we blurt out the phrase "I love you". We are not honestly describing the reality of the situation.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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