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Is third wave feminism good? Why?

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Started: 1/24/2016 Category: Politics
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First round, the round after this- Opening statements.
Second round-Rebuttals
Third round- Counter Rebuttals
Do not debate in this round, only introduce yourself.
I am Luke, I am against third wave feminism, but pro early feminism. I consider myself a Person for the Equal Treatment and Rights of All people, or a PETRA. I look forward to a civil debate against whomever may want to debate. Best of luck.


I am not particularly interested in Being PRO-THIRD Wave Feminism.

I am a feminist. In fact I am more of a feminist than most Feminists.

The Thing about Feminism is, that If you do anything to jeopardize the respect women get, or if you promote cultures and activities which result in the neglect, use or disrespect of women - then you are not a feminist by default.

Third Wave Feminism seems to be focussed around Homosexuality, and the rights women have to enable womanizers, and fawk oppressors and promote social inequality whilst belittling women who say it is the girl who enables the womanizer who is at fault for glorify his behaviours and perspectives (even by rushing into the relationship.).
Feminism seeks to say girls should be allowed to be promiscuous with complete disregard to the subliminal, passive and social consequences of advocating perversion to children, womanizers and criminals etc.. thus leading to an air of security in what leads to Sex Trafficking, and inevitably leads to the Lazy or inconsiderate men winning.

However, Third wave Feminism is not represented by those NON-Feminists who jeopardize the Feminist Goal.

Third-Wave feminism is the group of Women who are searching for recognition: BECAUSE women are being neglected by lazy, inconsiderate men who try to justify their crimes/sins/slothenly selfishness though what they call, "entitlement"
Third-Wave feminism is NOT ONE SIDED, because they are not suggesting women should have the right to yell, hit, etc..

They are suggesting an arrogant, inconsiderate boyfriend, unambitious knob, doushbag porn addict, prick deserves to be YELLED AT. and if your apposed to siding with women whoa re being neglected by men who in the First case were not adulterous, womanizering knobs, then your a worthless and hopeless doush who idolizes womanizers [and that is blasphemy]

Third Wave feminism is marked by women gaining acknowledgement in a Global effort to have the Social Status quo prevent men from being lazy, inconsiderate, slothenly, unhealthy and unphysically fit Bigots.

Live to kill rapists.
(consensual sex can become rape at any given point in time during sex where she is ABUSED, Disrespected, Injured, Unappreciated, or in any way no longer wants it. [ Feminism is about Doushbags and unhealthy bigots not raping their girlfriends or yelling at them for not putting out and blackmailing them ].)

I'mma get mean in this debate. I can't wait for round 2
Debate Round No. 1


Okay, so correct me if I'm wrong, but third wave feminism is partly focused on the fact that women should be allowed to be promiscuous without expecting any possible consequences. This makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Basically, you are saying that women should be able to be promiscuous, despite a clear amount of possibilities of rape and sex trafficking. I'm not victim blaming, but if a person is being promiscuous then they should expect this as a possibility. I do not condone rape, but it is also the person's responsibility to stay safe. You also said how the lazy inconsiderate men win, which disregards the fact that women rape men too. The reason why men don't typically come forward is because of third wave feminists that say that he wanted it, or that he is lying, sometimes dehumanizing them. This is a horrible thing that has been ingrained into our society. On the point of your next argument, men do not, not nowadays at least, use this entitlement argument. Men are typically more severely punished for rape, sexual molestation, sex with a minor, and domestic abuse. This is a social injustice, that is put even further back by third wave feminism. Also, porn is completely okay. Since I am currently a minor, I cannot view it, but it is a perfectly consensual form of adult films. I do agree when you said that an arrogant, inconsiderate boyfriend, deserves to be yelled at, but it is the same way for a female holding these traits. I side with men and women who are being neglected by their opposite sex, as of the fact that it happens both ways. I do not idol womanizers, nor do I idolize... I guess meninizers. Third wave feminism presents its double standards in the facts that they only focus on making men change to be better, when women can be the same way against men. Consensual sex can, I guess, turn into rape once she is abused, meaning hit, bruised, cut, with intent, and she, or he, not want that. Some people like to get spanked. It is not rape though if she doesn't want it anymore. Besides if this is the case in any occurrence, it is the woman's responsibility to tell the man to stop. If she doesn't then how is he supposed to know to stop. If she later on says that he raped her, then everyone will believe her, and that man's life will be ruined. If however he doesn't stop after she/or he says so, then that is no right. These things can happen in both heterosexual relationships and homosexual relationships. It can be a woman doing that to a man, or vice versa, or a woman to a woman, or a man to a man. Waiting for your next argument.


My opponent was, "wrong" as in, he completely disregarded the context of my argument.
He proceeded with redundant remarks and claims, regarding abuse, rape and quoting and responding to what was not my debate argument itself, but structural information fro forming a mutual understanding.

FIRST case: as a rebuttal.
A man is delusional if he thinks his unappreciable behaviour is appreciable or acceptable. By definition it is abuse whether she informs him or not.
Second, it is a survival tactic to not call RAPE when a man comfortable with abusing you, and turning consensual sex into rape - because then he is clearly insane, selfish, a bigot and likely and with all possibility willing to kill her to clear his name.

IN Canada the Law is decreed that a woman can report an abusive lover at any point in Time for the rest of her life, to ensure Clinically insane Idiots do not get away as abusers because the woman was unaware that she can charge him with Abusive harassment/rape or if she felt afraid. This is because I am scientifically proven correct to have made this assertion.

So. I am pro feminism Because it allows women to get open recognition for what they suffer with regarding Neglectful arrogantly "ignorant" boyfriends, Disrespectful common law partners who refuse to acknowledge their responsibilities, men who have Zero mutual respect, and feel they have entitlement.

Feminism does not offend or afflict Men who own up to their responsibilities as a model citizen, Nor does it empower women to Becoming imposing or offensive.

Only bigots attack them, when they are clearly, OH so clearly, defending the victims of womanizers and abusers.

Feminism is clearly identifiable and understandable when your information is not acquired from pro-womanizing, slothenly, selfish, self-decreed "entitled" doushbags.

That is my argument. Please focus. and re-read the first argument I made before progressing. To ensure your in an understanding of My argument against YOUr claim. which is the focus of the debate. My content against yours, vs, yours against mine.
Debate Round No. 2


Skywalker900 forfeited this round.


Feminism does not empower women to be ruthless, dominant, over-bearing, geared towards menacing behaviours or immune to political, social and personal quarrels.

Feminism cannot be - because it is a form of opposition to reinforce meninist perspectives subliminally or passively - in favor of women being called blameless for enabling womanizers. And a Feminist adulterer is boarder-line oxymoron.

Feminism is the awareness of: slothenly boyfriends; inconsiderate men; men promoting the neglect of women by standing by their insolent comrades; the abandonment of women; and the man's general perspectives of entitlement because he is jealous of or idolizes womanizers; perverts (abusive or insolent); and neglect of proper parenting.

Feminism is Not placing Women above men ~ as women love powerful, dominant men ~ but is in fact reinforcing the Ideology fro Men to be Kingsley and Righteous, outgoing and appealing in all aspects of nature.

Feminists do take care of themselves physically to counter the slothenliness, as well as professionally, socially and recreationally. & The do attack the adulterous women who enable womanizers. Which is the foremost important part of feminism; telling young girls to be wise in their selection of men, and telling young men what a WOman really pants over.
Debate Round No. 3


Okay. From what I read of this, I think we have some disagreements that I would like to address. You keep on bringing up how feminism is about fixing men, when it was originally about gender equality. Women are guilty of all the things that you mention, but you always seem to focus on what men need to fix, and what men need to do. You did mention how women should be careful with there choice in men, which is true, but it is also true for men to do the same thing. Men shouldn't have to be any more, "Kingsley and Righteous" than women are today. Feminists need to stop blaming everything on the "patriarchy" and the "misogynistic society." Al of that is complete and utter bull crap, and to add on to that, they use arguments that, A. are loaded with double standards, an B. make no sense at all. They then support this by saying that women can't be sexist because they were, "marginalized" by society, and they also say that black people can't be racist because they are black, and they were oppressed because racism belongs in the "dominant paradigm." All of this stuff is compete and utter horse crap.
Back to my main argument about how feminism is supposedly about, " the awareness of: slothenly boyfriends; inconsiderate men; men promoting the neglect of women by standing by their insolent comrades; the abandonment of women; and the man's general perspectives of entitlement because he is jealous of or idolizes womanizers; perverts (abusive or insolent); and neglect of proper parenting." Women have done the same things, but not all women have, and men have done those things, but not all men have. Only mentioning men makes me feel like feminists just want to push men down, saying that they are to be fixed because they are inherently sexist. That might not have been your intent, but that's the whole feeling I get from third wave "feminism" nowadays. Now time to discuss your next part.
"Feminists do take care of themselves physically to counter the slothenliness, as well as professionally, socially and recreationally. & The do attack the adulterous women who enable womanizers." First off, how does not being slothy affect how kind, considerate, or in general, how good of a person you are? Although being healthy has great benefits, both psychologically and physically, it doesn't change the person's whole personality. By adulterous, you mean cheating right? It just seems as if you are talking about a woman who has had multiple sexual partners, and shaming them. If that is the case then, how can you call yourself a feminist. It also seems like you are shaming men that have had multiple sexual partners, which is ridiculous. Why can't people just live there lives the way they want as long as it isn't hurting anybody or themselves? I'm looking forward to seeing your response. Also, one last question out of pure curiosity. Do you think manspreading is a real thing, and why? Obviously I don't believe it is, but I am curious to see what you say.


An black man is a criminal druggy violent mo**er F**ker. His friends too. Now everyone is looking at the Black population with these men as the representatives.
These men did not care about Black People. They were insolent.

Now, when a "Feminist"- quote quote - does anything that is hypocritical, or results in women promoting meninist perspectives and activities, or n any way contradicting the Feminist theology. SHE and anyone like her, is not a Feminist. A feminist strives to promote the wellbeing of women.

Anything contrary to helping women, and creating social discord, and allowing any big mouth woman to shout making women look stupid, Is not feminism. I think you didn't understand that.

~ Being ordained a priest in the catholic church, does not make you catholic if your actually agnostic. ~
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
lol. u used, " correct me if I am wrong." in a debate. that is like an auto-forfeit. LOL
Posted by Skywalker900 2 years ago
I don't see much of a difference in our points of views. But just keep in mind that woman can be the abusers as well as men. That's all I have to say. I don't know if there really will be any of an argument here.
Posted by Skywalker900 2 years ago
I should have put that. I forgot to, and that was the whole reason why I made it a four round debate. Oops, oh well.
Posted by EthyWoo 2 years ago
First rule, Round 1 is to introduce yourself, do not debate in round 1.......nek minute.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
I will.
Posted by bballcrook21 2 years ago
3rd wave feminism is idiotic. If Pro wins, debate me.
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