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Is true gender equality a pipe dream?

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Started: 12/13/2013 Category: People
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Women have always been the dominated sex. They perform so many tasks simultaneously like cooking at home, taking care of kids, managing a job, keeping the house clean etc. They are prone to suffer from adrenal burnout and depression. We say that women are on par with men. But this seems like mere fantasy. The harsh reality is that women are exploited, abused, manhandled and persecuted to a lesser or greater degree in different societies. Where does this all stop? When will women rise to their full potential? Or is this wishful thinking? I propose the argument that women will continue to be denied their true position in society for some time to come. This is axiomatic and well understood. This is my line of argument.


Women are not dominated in every aspect of life. There are plenty of arenas where men are dominated.

For example, mate selection.

In a majority of the world, the female has a distinct advantage in mate selection.

The sinking ship and the burning hotel, men are expected to make sure all of the women and children are safe before attempting self preservation.

War, men can be drafted into the army against their will to fight a war.

Equality between an apple and an orange is a difficult task to judge.

83% of the time, custody goes to the mother.
57% of the time woman has custody, she is awarded child support.
40% of the time custody goes to the father, he is awarded child support
As a result of all of these biases against fathers, the percentage of all child support dollars paid is extremely biased. Roughly 90% of all child support dollars received are received by mothers

I argue that equality shouldn't even be the goal, but harmony would make life better for both sexes.
Debate Round No. 1


Women are considered biologically inferior (this is not my point of view) than men as a matter of principle. The reality is nurturing instinct is more maternal than paternal, and women go through depression much more than men. Why is it that women are underpaid for the same jobs, or made to go through more scrutiny when they compete with men for jobs. They may be intellectually superior than their male counterparts, and yet, they are given a subordinate role.
I wish to make my point of argument very clear. True gender equality does not imply bra burning. It means empowerment of women so that they may more constructively contribute to society. Women are anatomically and genetically different from men. When I talk about gender equality it does not imply that women should run the 100 meters along with men. Nor should they replace their XX chromosomes with XY. What I mean is atrocities (like female infanticide, pre-natal sex selection, denial of women's rights, improper women's education, poor women's health, crimes against women like rape and molestation etc. ) should end? But is this possible in today's world? How many people are truly interested in women's rights?
My illustrations'


Women are not considered biologically inferior...

There are facts of life, such as men being physically superior than women. Women being inter socially superior to men. Women have evolved to be more detail oriented whereas men have evolved to be more focused on "the BIG job".

There is a natural order to things, predators feed on their prey. Life isn't always 100% fair.

Women have more control in the dating scene. They get to choose their mate where men have to compete to be chosen.

You seem narrowly focused on women's rights, not equality.

There are definitely areas where men are at an unfair disadvantage, Ignoring those areas while focusing only on women's rights does not promote equality. That only serves to breed resentment between the sexes. True equality would be to focus on everyone rights regardless of sex.

All of the links you provided are narrowly focused on third world countries where things are skewed in favor of men, in western countries it is quite the opposite.

If a man and woman get in a fight, they automatically arrest the man unless there are witnesses.

Egalitarianism is a much better goal to seek than "women's rights".

Debate Round No. 2


All of the links you provided are narrowly focused on third world countries where things are skewed in favor of men, in western countries it is quite the opposite.
This is not true.
See the statistics for Europe, for instance.
It shows the stats are skewed disproportionately in the favor of men.
Also look at some key occupational statistics :
1) IT -
The numbers are very low.
This link illustrates that only 30% of European researchers are women.

Does this not prove that there is a lot of ground to be covered in matters of true gender parity?
This is not just a Third World phenomenon. It is a global pandemic and needs to be addressed as such.
This is my stand.


There are many reasons for women to not advance to CEO level positions in western culture, reasons they choose for themselves. Some women preferred to stop working and raise children.

Smart girls marry for money.

These are choices that men almost never have the option of making.

Its actually very rare these days for societal oppression of women, outside of 3rd world countries.

The statistics pointing to lower rates of women in all these career paths are mostly because women have the choices to stay at home as mom, or marry for money like a Prada. Men simply don't have these choices.
Debate Round No. 3
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