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Is violence part of human nature? And if so, will it always be so?

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Started: 3/4/2014 Category: People
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Violence is only a part of human nature because we make it. It's in video games, music, t.v shows, and movies. We don't have to be a violent species. We only use violence to 'get what we want.' I think the only reason why violence is so often found is because we don't know how to control ourselves. Violence is never the answer and should never be part of human nature. It's scary and completely unnecessary. We, as people, need to learn how to cope with our problems other ways. No violence needs to be intended in anything. I hate violence. Coming from an abusive father, I do not like it. It scares me and I try to stop it. I wish the world could just get along and have peace. But that will never happen. So right now, people need to work little by little, working on themselves and others to help stop violence.


Firstly let me start off saying that I am sorry that you personally have suffered greatly at the hands of violence.

Now, I would like to start off by saying that the (first part of the) question I posted asked "Is violence part of human nature?" You yourself actually agree with that part of my question for your opening statement to Round 1 is "Violence is only a part of human nature because we make it." I did not ask originally why are humans naturally violent? I simply stated that they are. You therefore admit, that we are naturally violent. However, I will continue for I do disagree that it is so merely because "we make it" so.

I shall point to many factors starting with:

Violence as a primitive instinct

Although animals are not excessively violent like humans are and violence is nowhere near present in every species; violence is a fact of animal life. Although it is not necessarily meaningless (like so much human violence) it is prevalent in some species. Animals primarily fight each other for dominance, for mates, for food and for territory. Humans after all started off as effectively "apes" and essentially animals. My point being, violence is a primitive and necessary instinct in much of the animal kingdom that is used in order to survive. As we started off as animals, that instinct (clearly) remains today.

Hard-wired for violence?

Researchers have found that those with lower levels of Fluctuating Asymmetry (FA) are more likely to be in fights than those with high FA. FA is a deviation from perfect bilateral symmetry, and is caused by various environmental and development stresses. In other words, (males) with greater symmetry (therefore less mutations) are MORE violent. This suggests that without environmental and development processes/stresses, humans ARE naturally violent.

Meaningless violence

Violence can be justified in many situations, even war (if fought for the right reasons). However meaningless violence is present in humanity where as it is not in the animal kingdom. I am talking about acts of Terrorism. Terrorism achieves" nothing. It is done simply to kill the innocent, usually in the name of "God". To put this into perspective, imagine you could communicate with a male lion who was without a pride. Imagine it could understand you. Now, imagine it saw its" old pride from which it was booted out from by a rival male. If you could communicate with this lion, offered to strap a bomb to it, let it charge in and thereby the bomb would detonate killing it, and the entire pride, do you think it would take that option? No. Of course not. An animal"s primary instinct is to survive after all, as I have already said, that is the only real reason animals resort to violence. Humans on other hand resort to terrorism for" what? Revenge? To make a point? To show "the West" that they (enter country name/religion/group in here) will not be intimidated? Terrorists target the USA due to its interference with other countries, that hypothetical lion would never resort to terrorism should it have, and understand that option.

War and modern culture

Yes, we have finally arrived at war. Humans are a genius for war, no other species on Earth is better at killing than us. It is thought that the earliest war that was ever recorded was fought in the year 2700 B.C. It was fought between Sumer (Iraq) and Elam (a region now part of Iran). Even 4000 years ago wars had begun and they are still fought today. Not to mention that was the first recorded war, countless others had already been fought by then. It is estimated that since then, 3,023 wars have been recorded throughout history. World War 2 was the deadliest in terms of the amount of deaths with an estimated 60-80 million fatalities. That is the population of the United Kingdom, dead. More examples? The Mongol conquests - 30 million deaths, the Second Sino-Japanese War " 27 million deaths, Qing dynasty conquest " 25 million deaths, Taiping Rebellion " 20 million deaths and World War 1 " 16 million deaths (potentially up to 30 million).

World War 2 despite the death toll was a relatively short war" Some go on for many years, decades. The Afghanistan War has been raging for near a decade. The Hundred Years" War was fought for well, a century" A century of bloody conflict between England and France and for what? For freedom? For justice? No, for control of the French throne. For nothing more than power, what humans crave the most.
The reason modern culture is in the subheading is due to my next point. You say that [violence] is "in video games, music, TV shows, and movies". All of what I mentioned about war and bloodshed throughout human history pre-dates most of that. Violence is not in modern society due to violent games and media, it is the violent games and media that is influenced by our violent nature. We have been violent since our dawn and that is really why we glorify it in gaming and media. I do not personally believe that violent games and media affects those of us who are old enough and mature enough to play/watch them. BUT the enjoyment of watching violent films and playing violent games shows that we are violent, deep down. Research supports it, history supports it. As I type this, somewhere out there, war is happening" Syrians are killed, Ukraine faces war with Russia.

Wishing violence is not in the world also does not mean we are not violent by nature. And as I said to start with, you practically admitted that what I said was in fact true. I wish humans were not so violent, but is in our nature. And it is also in our nature to destroy ourselves. And consider this, the human may not be violent, but humanity is.
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Posted by Adam2 3 years ago
if you count defense as violence
We are all gonna defend our loved ones from bad people.
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