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Islam should be irradicated in the U.S

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Started: 12/24/2013 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I will be expressing why I don't think Islam should be allowed in the United States.

Round 1- con accepts challenge

Round 2- Logos

Round 3- debaters further support arguments


I argue that Islam should not be eradicated in the U. S. The 1st Amendment guarantees religious freedom. Islam is a religion. Therefor, it deserves the same protections afforded to all other religions in the United States.
Debate Round No. 1


Islam is America's Trojan horse. Muslims are determined to assassinate anyone they know is not a muslim. So if the 1st amendment allows all religions, is it not making us vulnerable to the Trojan horse we call Islam? This is not to say hat I am not one for religious freedom. If we vote for Islam to be eradicated, and "yes" outweighs "no," and on Islam and no other religion, and the American government decides to ban other religions without giving the people any of the say, then they are the tyrants, not us. After all, were Muslims not responsible for the conspiracy against president George W. Bush?

Muslims are living viruses, and anyone who is not a muslim is the bacterium or cell. Their objective is to kill people in order to spread their religion. Allow me to explain the rest of the connection.

1. Viruses don't kill other viruses. Muslims don't kill other Muslims of the same branch.

2. Viruses kill what SHOULD be in the body. If you try to kill somebody solely because they practice a different religion than you do, are you not violating their religious freedom?

3. Viruses can spread either quickly or in an unbeknownst manner. According to, the Islamic population of the United States jumped in 2001-2005 from %0.5 to %20.


I disagree that Muslims and only Muslims want to kill people of other religions. According to the FBI, Christians and Jews are responsible for twice as many terrorist attacks on U.S. soil than Muslims. Does that mean we should eradicate Christians and Jews, also? They kill even more people of other religions than Muslims. I think you agree that the answer is no.

Although the Quran does command Muslims to kill infidels, there are also parts of the Bible where the Israelites are commanded by God to kill people of other religions. Most Christians know that those commands aren't for them, and in the same way, most Muslims know that the Quran's violent commands don't apply to them. The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and kind people who deserve to practice whatever religion they choose, just like you.
Debate Round No. 2


Loveshismom forfeited this round.


mabrewer forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by xxWesxx 3 years ago
Not only is Pro's entire argument one giant fallacy, but it is also quite humourous to someone who has an education in virology. Your use of the term virus, although unfounded, is actually still counter to your own logic, seeing as nearly 99% of viruses are not harmful to our cells at all....and many may even be beneficial. Just worth pointing out the humour there. Furthermore, racist and bigotted propaganda hardly hold up as logic in the form of debate. Racial/ethnic/religious, or any other form of segregation only further escalate violence anyways. Why do you think there is such volatile warfare in the Middle East in the first place? By banning the practice of a religion, you are not only uniting said religion against you, but you are oppressing the very people you aim to protect. Removing our freedom and rights hardly is a measure of democracy and freedom. To censor all information that we don't like means subjecting much of the truth of censorship. The way to defeat the evil fundamentalism of the world is not to censor it, it is to combat it with education.
Posted by ModerateLiberalism 3 years ago
I'm sorry Pro, but your arguments are grossly inaccurate and offensive. As whiteflame points out, your logic is incoherent and it appears that you just happen to have a vendetta against Islam for some particular reason unrelated to the majority of Muslims in the world. Religious freedom is a right, and rights are not something to be voted on. In fact, your description of the world as a cell and the Muslims living within those cells as viruses and bacteria sounds EXACTLY like Hitler's description of the Jews in Mein Kampf. I hate to pull a Hitler analogy here, but if you replaced Muslims with Jews in your biological analogy, you would probably be charged for plagiarism. This sort of dangerous hate speech is exactly what foments genocides and ethnic cleansings, and I'm not one to make an unwarranted slippery slope argument. Saying that an entire religion should be eradicated when we have specific protections against any sort of federal discrimination whatsoever is akin to burning the Constitution. This resolution actually makes me vomit in my mouth a bit.
Posted by whiteflame 3 years ago
See, at this point, you're just buying into the main problem many of us see with your central thesis. Your logic goes like this:

A bunch of people in the Islamic faith have said that they want to push their religion on us, in one way or another. Therefore, all Islamic peoples want to push their faith on us.

Sorry, that doesn't follow, and that's not a reasonable conclusion. A single quote is not enough. A dozen quotes is not enough. Your point is that the 1+ billion people of the Muslim faith are here to do us harm. Even if you had a hundred quotes, you're still pretending that that hundred speaks for a population 7 orders of magnitude larger and incredibly diverse. It would be akin to saying that, since a Jew shot Itzak Rabin before he was able to sign the treaty with Palestine, Jews are all anti-peace.

But you take it a step further than that. You're not just discussing Islam's harms and how it wants to dominate US religion. You want to perpetrate a large harm on them in return. I don't know what that harm is, because you haven't defined how you, in your intriguing spelling, would "irradicate" Islam from this country. I can guess that you don't want to start committing genocide, so I'm guessing some combination of racial profiling and religious screening, perhaps even eviction of people from their houses. Banning their practice of religion, their presence in this country, and likely others as well.

So, great. You're upset that they're possibly going to trespass on your freedom of religion, so you'll make a preemptive strike and take away theirs. Fantastic. Way to show them up.
Posted by chengste 3 years ago
For those who feel I was being to general check this:

Yet, according to Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the Board of CAIR:
Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.


Thanks to your democratic laws, we will invade you, Thanks to our religious laws, we will dominate you.
Aduallah al-Araby in his book The Islamization of America

There are so many more just look
Posted by Artur 3 years ago
I am deist who has read the quran, bible and several teachings of Bhudda.

I know islam and christianity. I can challenge anybody on the topic:

"quran permits/commands muslims to kill nonbelivers/followers of other faiths" I will be CON and argue that quran doesnot permit/command it. who wants to do this debate?

p.s: after new year. I can say: islam is far better, more logical than christianity and fairier than christianity.
Posted by Somecrap 3 years ago
Posted by Somecrap 3 years ago
and pro is a good example of brainwashed person u never check for yourself what islam really is... same like the media shame on u
Posted by Somecrap 3 years ago
"Although the Quran does command Muslims to kill infidels," -
you giving something without context this passage speaks about the romans who killed messengers! (for negotiation) and the pagan arabs who violated the peace treaty... so god command to fight back. even if u dont know what its talking about read some 5 verses before and after its crlear...
Posted by whiteflame 3 years ago
I disagree, chengste. You're going to generalize that argument to the 1+ billion Muslims currently living in the world? They all want to dominate it?
Posted by TheLastMan 3 years ago
I'm muslim and that's very rude. Islam is not like that at all. People always misinterpet Islam. Islam is a religion of peace.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con successfully rebutted Pros points likening Muslims to viruses by bringing up relavant portions of the bible itself. Although the Trojons horse argument was an interesting one, it wasn't based on logic since - 1. Muslims DO kill other Muslims ( see: Shia-Sunni) 2. The argument wasnt based on empirical evidence, as pointed out by Con.