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Islam will trump the LGBT movement in the end

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Started: 2/23/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Between the two movements taking place, MUSLIMS claim persecution, LGBT claim persecution.

Islam persecutes LGBT, but still poses as the one provoked in any attack it offers, media culture hi-lights this all the time with the false sensation of what really even took place.

Media Culture states ISLAM is peaceful (why? money, OIL, resources)

Why will LGBT be trumped by this?

LGBT does not have in comparison anywhere near the same resources of MONEY, OIL, RESOURCES.

LGBT can only produce able and willing bodies to do its bidding for itself.

ISLAM, teaches such faiths to be well, let's just consider how/why ISIS does what it does to the homosexuals without speaking what or why.

IF ISIS is not part of ISLAM, then neither of the two sects, Sunni or SHIA ever violently fight each other erupting into other country to create divisions and problems in the new territory it goes into because ISLAM teaches a CULTURE OF PEACE AND RESPECT.

I may not fully agree with that statement, but that is what the media-culture presents even though I know it in itself is full of lies, but lies the media wants to portray at least.

Which lie is going to beat who? ISLAM OR LGBT? I say ISLAM...

prove me wrong.


Sexual diversity is a biological reality. It was around millions years ago and will exist millions years from now.

Islam is a human constructed institution. It will eventually end like all institutions.

After Islam eventually ends, sexual diversity will still exist and be expressed.
Debate Round No. 1


If Islam can control resources (which it does like Oil to name one resource) and make it openly understood that they will shut-off their resources if America refuses to obey their Islamic Doctrine of being against LGBT (once the Islamic faith population has a good percentage in America... right now they are just one of the small minorities fighting for all their faith's beliefs) With the right legalistic battles it has the money, funding, and ability to back it will shun the LGBT claims or forfeit any oil it plans to sell to countries that do not respect its own "culture of acceptance and peace".

What does the LGBT have to counter that? Human right voices? Ha, like that will make a stinging argument in the end when it comes time to pay for the utility bills or not have any utilities to pay due to lack of supply?

Unless some wealthy LGBT mogul has a massive size amount of resources to splurge and sell to the American population, they will end up losing the battle and fight against both the people who want to use the resources and capitalize off the potential gains known and seen today in the selling market.

Sure, America may claim to be Christian, but take a closer look at the history of the Islamic faith...

It is put together by random collections, verbally memorized statements, and statements lost from fighting in battles held on to for centuries under a a strict legalistic view that if someone was to be really legalistic in questioning why it is so effectively brainwashing, why would the culture of peace go against the country of where they live in currently to perform a sexual medical operation to cut off/deform the female genitalia and then have them move back to the United States and other countries abroad where it is illegal?

If the LGBT can cause such brainwashing medically harmful actions done to their own children for the sake of their faith's claim that glorifies someone who has sex with a minor claimed to be the or one of the last prophets to be acceptable...

Then well I would believe the LGBT can win and trump the Islamic culture, but I don't see that happening.

Can you explain to me differently how the LGBT can combat those situations?


Your misunderstanding of queer identity is so fundamentally flawed it makes this extraordinarily hard.

You do realize that people are born a certain way and the "LGBT MOVEMENT" is merely undoing a judgmental society? It's undoing bigotry.

You are saying that somehow the exact society of say, 70 years ago miraculously comes back and somehow and the institution of Islam then perpetuates indefinitely. It's profoundly flabbergasting.
Debate Round No. 2


I don't think you understand what I am saying.

In the court of capitalistic thinking using a governmental authority to enforce one's own religious beliefs/rights/opinions/whatever, it takes money to be able to have time and face to present its side of the situation.

This as well is required to include any type of political/economic/religious backlash (if any) expected to be produced with any governmental "End-All" problematic situations.

You know how initially Alcohol was abolished right? What happened unsurpassed amounts if illegal producers were constantly being jailed, killed, and who knows what else. Ho much money did the *wrong-people* make money that was not able to be taxed as a result... I don't know I'm sure someone could run statistics.

Like-wise speaking, just as the United States dares to never directly and openly state that the religion of ISLAM is a religion of TERROR for the simple fact that the majority of their energy resources are depending on them... (unless America decides overnight to end using oil from ARAB Countries.. not likely)

Due to this overwhelming statement, one of two things will happen if ISLAM attempts to push and control its power on America:

1. Arabic countries will do their damnedness to make the United States suffer (economically by massive increase of cost for oil) until the United States bends over backwards to accommodate their own religious intolerant wishes.

2. America will bend over backwards to put back the LGBT communities acceptance levels in america so that they will no longer have an open voice due to fear of Islamic reprisal taking place with economic reactions.

Or do you think the LGBT community alone has this ability to over-rule the ISLAMIC faith, and cause LGBT community members to be openly accepted in American Islamic Mosques instead?

Read-between the lines...

I am not arguing about the genetic DNA make-up understanding of who/what someone claims to be from birth.

I am arguing over who will have the final push of acceptance, one over the other... or understand the backlash one can cause upon the other creating a governmental function to be embellished due to its own fear of reprisals.


I really don't think that Islam is a threat. It's oppressed people fighting off their oppressor and we present that as weird scary foreign savages.

It's how the narrative of the imperialist works. You can see this from the Huns or the Barbars ... it's as old as empire.

This is the current iteration of that narrative.

If the US stopped trying to meddle in other countries affairs and control their resources, both the institutions of extremism would fall and the threat of foreign reprimand. We need to hold Israel to the same standards as every other country, but that's another discussion.
Debate Round No. 3


Are you familiar with Sharia Law; or how about the concepts, faiths and teachings of Islam?

Go and tell people the LGBT preference inside any mosque to an IMAM and that you want to become MUSLIM while maintaining that preference and acting that way, like in Detroit Michigan. (one of Islam's biggest population in America)

Now multiply that reaction by millions upon millions of others in the MUSLIM countries.

See if you aren't going to be treated like the European Countries who do primarily nothing about the JEWs being harassed, attacked and given death threats constantly, especially when they wear their head gear as a symbol of their faith in the open public.

People undermine the capabilities and accomplishments of a religious cult that slips in during the night, builds a home establishes and takes property and then begins to build fortifications around it in broad daylight without questioning for fear of being a bigot, racist, or other "non-inclusive-concept" and then they get raped and blindsided by their desire to be welcoming to everyone and everything.

The LGBT has no worries? Ha, right. And the SUNNI, and SHIA are different than ISIS/AL QAIDA/HAMAS how again?

They each claim a version of *peaceful* calm, what is not acknowledged is that ISIS causes problems because they want to be the aggressive ones openly seen for what they do without real power.

SUNNI and SHIA will only begin to enforce their views/ways/opinions on others once they have enough population control.

Hence, LGBT better watch-out unless you think you can be openly welcomed inside an ISLAMIC MOSQUE who claim the same ISLAM as in IRAN, PAKISTAN, SAUDI ARABIA.. you get the idea what I'm saying right?

Okay... check my accuracy. Look at the human right violations against non-muslims in muslim countries.

Here I'll provide you a non-biased view of the religion you think is of no threat to the LGBT.

Check out this link... or just google it yourself:

Here's the current peaceful actions ISLAM is doing:

Religion of Peace activists in Britain kneecap a man who left the faith for
Christianity. Islam is the only religion that requires violence to survive.

Think they won't do this to LGBT with enough population controlled? Right... and my name's Waldo who lives on the planet Mars.

LGBT, would somehow limit or change this about MUSLIM doctrine of teaching and faith how?


You appear to be a bigot and a racist.

There's 1,600,000,000 Islamic people. Your website says that 0.00012% of them do "terrorism" every year. 99.999883% do not. That's a per 100,000 rate of 0.116 for terrorism.

There's another listing of actual death. Without questioning how valid the claims are, they are claiming a death rate of 0.27 per 100,000.

You are 4 times more likely to die from a disease you've never heard of, such as Leishmaniasis or Trypanosomiasis.

That means there's 4 times as many reasons to pay attention to Leishmaniasis over islamic jihad - there's 2,700% more people who die from Measles.

The definition of "barbarian" is a " brutal, cruel, warlike, insensitive person" and was invented by the Romans for all the foreigners living in the land of empire.

The fact that you equate Islam to " brutal, cruel, warlike, insensitive person" is purely imperialist propaganda.

Globally, death from war is 2.8 per 100,000.

This is 0.116
Debate Round No. 4



Jordan's muslim country from the internet's browsing ability seems to appear the most progressive towards LGBT.

However, even they seem to be non-protective of legally enforcing the LGBT individuals. (At least from the information and news I have collected and read up on so right now; unless you'd be willing to share your open source of information, unless you are the bigot and racist to believe such things will not conflict with each other.)

This indicates to me, that although Aisha (who was married at a pedophile who was claimed to be their religion's founding religious leader) had a friend who was an unusual male was allowed to enter both the male and female private quarters and was punished for his discussion of the female body (not the fact he was *unusual*) would for me in how I understand and view things, mean that although the ISLAMIC faith tends to claim the following and acceptance of the Old Testament (which they claim the Jews and Christians have a faulty version with twists and lies, and they themselves have yet to actually produce the non-faulty version which by the way...go look at the Jewish tradition of how the Old Testament Torah was written down and what would happen to the scribes who would be found guilty of faulty replacement...) so it seems ever convenient that they pick and choose what to say and who says it and when.

So I ask for clarification, by means of religious acceptance if ISLAMIC faith accepts the LGBT as a whole (without repercussions anywhere along its fence-lines of religious teaching and practice... which Islamic teaching, and which country practices that teaching and enforces and stands up for the protection of or get off your high-horse of calling me a bigot and racist)

If you are unable to provide such things, if anything providing name-calling produces the reverse effect when the person accused is found innocent of such claims. Would you disagree?

But I am not one about calling someone names, because that is ineffective and produces a lack of proper judgement to understand someone else's viewpoints. (I hope you will agree, and apologize for such name-calling without direct references of exact information claiming peace, love, and harmony. To require someone to bow-down or killed and pay taxes(jizya) upon the mercy of an islamic devoted individual/country/population who has *conquered* the terrority and now requires everyone to submit to their faith is not peaceful, nor is it under the same conditions, rights, or beliefs of any other faith I know of, Wiccans don't practice that, Christians don't, Jews don't, can you explain to me which religion other than ISLAM practices that? Or even teaches of such thing in their islamic doctrine of *a peaceful harmony of inclusiveness and accepting of other individuals and practices*?

I am one for peace and acceptance of all. But when one religious faith says to convert everyone and control all the territory of the world. I find it hard to believe that faith is actually full of *peace* as they claim without telling absolute lies under the terms for peace.

Explain now.. Or have you lost your ability to understand what I am saying from the complexity of not knowing what faith ISLAM really is?


How can I argue with racism? I mean this is really not a winning strategy. I'm wasting my time.

Go believe and live your bigotry. I've got better things to do than waste breath on some white supremacist internet scum.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by waterscalming 2 years ago
based upon a fallen world, or a pre-genesis flood/pre sodom and gomorrah time-frame behaviors and understandings...

which acceptance of their *truth* which is wrong will end up being debated in the politics and win out over the other...

*After they have completely silence all the claimed christians, all said jews, and all other said *political incorrectness*

Islam, and LGBT contradict each other, so one has to win over the other...

Which will win?
Posted by philobudey 2 years ago
I don't think your argument has been clearly stated.

What are you actually trying to argue, in a simple sentence?

What do you mean by: "Which lie is going to beat who? ISLAM OR LGBT?"

What is the "lie" of Islam, and what is the "lie" of LGBT?

Why are you comparing/matching the two?

I would be more willing to debate if there was more clarity.
Posted by Sophisto 2 years ago
Nobody cares or is impressed with your POV.
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