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Israel is morally justified in its attacks on Hamas

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Started: 1/13/2015 Category: Politics
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I affirm, Israel's attacks are justified.
To start, I'd like to look at what qualifies as justified. Any action that has a net benefit (includes preventing a greater harm) is a justifiable action. A net benefit means that at the end of the effects of the action, more good was done than bad.
With that in mind, I will move on to my arguments.
My first is that Israel's attacks are warranted by the threat of Hamas. As already seen, Hamas is willing and has been willing to carry out attacks on Israeli civilians for no purpose other than killing. Without continued military pressure on Hamas, this could only intensify, leaving more innocents dead. Israel's attacks may have killed civilians, but they have all been against Hamas targets. It is not Israel's fault that Hamas hides behind civilians. Israel's attacks are morally justified because the net benefit (preventing Hamas from rampant killing) is far greater than the harms (the number of deaths from attacking Hamas).
My second reason is that any move that is defensive is morally justified. Israel's attacks have often been targeted specifically at Hamas military installments that pose potential harms for Israel. Attacking these as a safety measure is morally justified, as again, the lives saved outnumber the lives lost. If Israel were attacking Hamas as an offensive operation, things might be different, but as a defensive measure, moral justification exists.
A large part of this case is built around the fact that Israel actually threatened. This is true. First look in the news. Hamas has already killed many civilians whether it be from hidden tunnels or the few rockets that beat the iron dome. Second, a story. I have been told first person accounts of being in Israel and hiding from rockets pouring from Hamas. Needing to hide in shelter on a vacation. No person, no country should have to live in constant fear of being killed. As an operation to liberate civilians from the shackles of fear, Israel's actions are justified.


I oppose the statement! Israel's attacks are not justified!
Let's understand the reality!
Israel is attacking on the world's most precious creatures which is human being! are the human beings worth killing for no reason? of course NO!
Israel does not have any rights to kill innocent people!
if there are political conflicts, they should use other peaceful ways to reduce the conflicts! WAR is not the tool for solving the problems!
if you wash blood with the blood it wont be cleaned!
lets make another way of making peace!
Israel is not attacking Philistine! but they attack on ISLAM! they want to show that how cruel they are, and how they had forgotten their humanity!
Israel is seeing political and economical benefits on attacking Hamas! they want to occupy Bait-ul-Muqadas (بیت المقدس) at the cost of killing Muslims!

I strongly oppose that Israel Attacks are not morally justified!!!
Debate Round No. 1


Political means have many times failed to resolve this conflict. When we're looking at a situation where killing fewer people can save more down the road, we need to take that option. The main thing Europe did wrong at the start of World War 2 was let Germany build up forces. Attacking them the second Hitler showed military intent would have prevented World War 2. Sure, some people would have died, but those deaths would have prevented more deaths later. Israel is in the same situation. By continuing the attack on Hamas, lives in the long term will be saved. These lives will outnumber the ones being lost by attacking Hamas. This is not a racist war, this is a war for the security of a nation, something always justified. I want to emphasize that this is not a racist war, this is a war of protecting lives, what you yourself think is most valuable.


Human Being is the best creature of Almighty Allah, and he is the only one who decides about the future and living organisms (Humans). If he decides to take the lives he is the owner but Israel is not!!!
Why Israel should attack to save the human lives in long term? are they the only nation in the world? are they only caring about human being lives? OFCOURSE No!
because continuing attacks on Hamas will only results to killing innocent Muslim people, and Muslims are not terrorist!!
It does not seems logical to kill someone today for saving the future lives! how can you judge on peoples lives?
It is not a racist war? but it is more than racist war! because it is more killing Muslim People than killing Hamas and his group!
Debate Round No. 2


Any casualty inflicted on civilians by Israel are the fault of Hamas, not Israel. Hamas uses civilians as shields to protect themselves. They hide rockets in schools! Israel is not waging this war because it is religious, Israel is simply accepting the fact that some civilian casualties are necessary BECAUSE HAMAS IS FORCING IT TO BE SO*. You completely missed my last point about Europe's mistake in WW2. If Israel allows Hamas to grow without even the threat of attack, Israel will soon be destroyed. I agree that not all Muslims are terrorists, but Hamas is a terrorist organization. I agree that people dying is wrong, but those casualties are the fault of Hamas, not Israel.
If Israel needs to attack to ensure its safety, as it does, and the civilian casualties are the fault of Hamas, as they are, the attacks on Hamas are nothing if not justified.



We can not simply blame someone for just an action!
1. Hamas just simply protects their nation, and they are not using civilians as shield, but they are protecting them and protecting their rights!.
2. Who knows those hidden rockets were owned by Hamas? maybe its kept there for showing a bad image of Hamas to the world.
3. Israel is forgetting the humanity, and they simple kill innocent people by blaming they are terrorists and they are part of Hamas.
Your point of WW2 is totally different from this scenario, because of the following reasons;
a. Hitler who is known the most dangerous terrorist in the 1940s, he was doing it for reason which was personal or maybe for power, while Hamas is doing so to protect their nation and they do not want power!
b. They were powerful in terms of military, economic, and other resources though they wanted to occupy more countries and role on them, while Hamas is not doing so!
c. Can you analyze how Philistine is destroyed by Israel brutal attacks?
If you are agree that people is dying for wrong, then why should Israel continue their attacks on Philistine? Everyone knows that by attacking, only innocent people is killed, they can not kill Hamas! if they think they have the power, why don't they kill Hamas personally, rather than continuing brutal attacks?
Hamas is defending their nation and country, though they need to sacrifice their civilians, just to protect their rights!
If Israel stops their attacks on Hamas im sure Hamas will also find a way to solve these issues.
Keeping in view all the above reasons and descriptions, Israel must stop their attacks because their attacks are not morally justified!
Debate Round No. 3


In order to determine what is a net benefit (making the action justified), we need to look at the positive effects compared to the negative ones.

Positive effects:
Saving lives. The main point my opponent has yet to refute is that Hamas is constantly attacking nonmilitary targets in Israel. If Israel doesn't destroy Hamas, Hamas will destroy Israel. Killing a few to save many more is by all means justified.

Potential negative effects:
First I'd like to point out that I agree that people being killed is sad. I value human life as much as my opponent.

Innocent deaths in Gaza. What is key to understanding how Israel is justified is realizing that Hamas is in no way defending its people. If you require proof, look at the links I provided in one of my rebuttals. Hamas is simply using the civilians as it wages war on Jews. Jews are not waging war on Islam, it is but a few terrorists waging war on the Jews. These deaths, although unfortunate, are not the fault of the Jews, they are the fault of Hamas making the only reason the attacks wouldn't be justified invalid.

Now to talk about the WW2 argument.
To respond to your response A: Hamas is in no way defending its people, Hamas is a terrorist organization that is waging war on Judaism.
B: Hitler wasn't powerful militarily or economically until he was given time to grow without being attacked, this is precisely what we're trying to avoid with Hamas.
C: Hamas is not trying to solve any issues because Hamas is the issue, they are raiding innocent Israelis that aren't military targets. Israel's attacks are against military targets while Hamas is just killing Jews.

In the end, this debate has been won by the affirmative because all 3 voting issues have been won by the affirmative. Israel's attacks are justified because without them, more people would be killed. Any casualties inflicted are simply the fault of Hamas. Finally, we cannot repeat the mistake that lead to WW2, we cannot stand by as Hamas grows in power.


Positive effects are not saving lives if Israel continuously attack on civilians of Philistine!
have you ever asked yourself why Hamas does the attacks? because they have to protect their self &they are defending from their nation, if they don't respond, Israel will occupy their country! If you kill innocent people it wont save the future lives, plus Israel is not the only country who thinks of saving future lives! because other powerful countries are in the world who can sort it out, bu Israel constantly attacking on Hamas?? are they the owner of this world? are they the owner of philistine?? are the human lives are in the hand of Israel? Of course not!
Please search!;
The Rafah shelling in particular was widely criticized, with Ban-Ki Moon calling it a "moral outrage and a criminal act" and US State Department calling it "appalling" and "disgraceful". UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said that both Hamas militants and Israel might have committed war crimes. A Human Rights Watch investigation into three of the incidents concluded that Israel committed war crimes.
Just check out, how many people are killed, how the infrastructure of philistine is destroyed! how people are suffering! if you think you are human being and you think you have empathy, checkout cruelties of Israel how are they killing people.
a.Israel is perhaps anti Muslim nation though they kill people!
c.Hamas is not the issue because they are not in conflict with any other country, perhaps they are defending from their nation against a country who think they are the owner of world!
Overall in conclusion; Both the countries are count guilty, but mostly Israel! because all the attacks are on civilians, and non of their attacks are justified! i request them to stop their attacks to prevent future defends from Hamas!
Israel is never justified on their attacks, just by saying we are saving the future lives, they can't continue killing innocent people!
Attacks are not justified!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
Con, you seriously need to do some research. Just because someone supports Israel it does NOT make them part of the "JIDF", primarily because they don't have to be Jewish. More importantly, such a group does not even exist and was only invented to undermine the credibility of those who do support Israel.

-Under international law (Check out Article 52 of Geneva Convention), Israel does have a right to protect itself.

-The IDF saves human lives, therefore they are not anti-humans. How is sending text messages and distributing leaflets to those in dangerous areas (advising them to take shelter) "anti-human"?
Over 2000 Palestinians came through the Erez crossing to receive treatment in Israel during last summer.

-They are killing terrorists. The only problem is that these terrorists use innocent people for political gain and exploit their civilian population.

-Religion? Hardly. Israel is a secular state therefore the religion of Palestinian Arabs is irrelevant. The *only* thing that attacks are based on is self-defense.

-Political motivations also disqualify. Have you not questioned why Israel only attacks when Hamas decide to fire a barrage of rockets/missiles or when they attempt to attack its towns? ALL conflicts are initiated and sustained by Hamas.
Posted by Naweedyosofi 2 years ago
That's very great that you are not JIDF!
but when you support Israel it means that you are JIDF, because of the following reasons;
1. Israel attacks are not justified.
2. They are anti humans.
3. They forgotten their humanity.
4. They are killing innocent people.
5. All the attacks are based on;
a. Religion
b. Bait-ul Muqadas
c. Political
Though Israel has no right of taking lives of innocent people and they must stop attacks, if they continue they will see the reaction, and continuing those attacks may not work! therefore attacks are not justified!
Posted by KonstanBen 2 years ago
One thing needs to be cleared up: thinking that Israel is justified in no way makes someone part of the JIDF. I don't support all of Israel's actions, but I do believe that these attacks are justified. This is not because I'm in the JIDF (I'm not), this is because I am against terrorism and for saving lives.
Posted by Naweedyosofi 2 years ago
Mr. JIDF !!
Please stop supporting nonsense !
I am sure you are also human and you know the value of your own life as well! just assume your self one of the victims of Israel attacks! assume you lost your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, or your own children ! i strongly say; those who are apart of family and they have the humanity in their blood, and they are not made of machines, they will realize how painful is losing innocent family members!
It is not about attacking on Hamas and killing his group but it is brutality when its about killing innocent people!
I am not directly pointing you, because you does not even worth of being pointing, just think with your self that if you are a human being, and feel how is it going on ?
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
In that case you sound exactly like a Hamas apologist who refuses to recognize the fact they use human shields.

Why is it that anyone who supports Israel (particularly if they're Jewish) has to be a member of the so-called "JIDF"? Again, not an intelligent response. I am someone who's been to Israel, done the research and looked and actually studied the conflict. Which I'll point out was *never* started by Israel.

The simple fact is if Hamas stopped resorting to violence, there would be NO conflict. To be an honest defender of Israel and its people you cannot negate the right to self-defense and protection of its country.
Posted by YassineB 2 years ago
- Listen to yourself, you sound EXACTLY like IDF! Yu can NOT sugar coat murdering children & civilian with 'defending your country'! Not just because you call them 'defence', the acts are not gonna be shameless & disgraceful.

- You're either a JIDF or you're just the most naive & gullible defender of Israel.

- If you at least recognise the atrocities of the IDF & suggest what they could stop doing & what they could do better, then you'll an honest defender of the interests of Israel & its people.
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago

Again, there is nothing "shameless" about defending your country or your civilian population. Who is it that actually initiates conflicts? Not Israel.

The fact is that Hamas exploits and assimilates itself with civilian population. This includes firing rockets from schools, storing weaponry in Mosques, placing booby traps (suggest you research it) in homes, etc. As well as building an entire underground tunnel network in civilian neighborhoods. It should also be noted that the Gaza statistics are at best questionable. Reports actually show that men are over-represented.
Posted by YassineB 2 years ago

- You again! What are you, some kind of club where you support each-other?

- It's you who's trying to justify the shameless acts of killing children & women & civilian why do you always throw the accusations at someone else?!
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
"Shameless acts"? Care to expound? I personally think it's shameless to fire 4500 rockets/missiles into neighboring territory, as well as purposely kidnapping and killing civilians.
Posted by YassineB 2 years ago
- How many of you are there?! It's obvious you're an JIDF, your kind only debates in justifying Israel's unjustifiable shameless acts.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro supported his arguments with relevant sources, while Con made a number of baseless claims [see debate for information] without any direct citations to back them up. Instead of identifying with "why" Israel is not justified in its attacks on Hamas and expounding on this particular argument, Con proceeded to make unsupported claims such as Israel deliberately targeting Muslims and the religion of Islam [something particularly lacking in evidence] and Hamas protecting their nation, and that the conflict between Israel and Hamas is "racist". Such assertions naturally provide Con with a large burden of proof, which he ultimately did not fulfill. In order to prove any argument, evidence and sources are the absolute requirement.