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Israel is not as evil as people make it out to be.

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Started: 4/19/2015 Category: Economics
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Before we start i would like to make it very clear that Israel is not completely in the right because it does sometimes overreact. I am arguing that Israel has not committed a "genocide" on the Palestinian people or that Israel has stole Palestinian land and if you weigh out the crimes on both sides Palestine has done more wrong than Israel. This debate take history into account as well so we are not just looking at the current situation we are also looking at the background of it to see who is in the wrong. You can begin.


I'm a Jew so I am arguing that Israel IS completely in the right. I think the following reasons prove it

A1: What Gaza have done is put factories and tactical stations by schools and hospitals [1]. They then go on and say it was a 'mistake'. The UN never complains about Gaza killing civilians, they only care if Israel is [2]. We live in a world that is extremely Anti-Semitic [3] [4] and therefore it is almost certain everyone will over exaggerate to the extent in which you are calling them 'evil'.

A2: No-one says Gaza is evil. So it's just fine firing rockets over the border trying to kill people, right.

A3: All the commentators are maniacs. The UN are saying Israel should share the iron dome with Gaza [5]. Well then you go and share your F-22 Raptors with Iraq - why not?

A4: All we ant is for the war to end and nothing to happen but Hamas refuses so people act like it is US that's refusing to protect Gaza.

I will lose this debate simply because everyone is so anti-Semitic its pointless but I will try and keep some pride. Over to you!
Note: most of these are anti-Semitic because that's life.



4. (example of anti-Semitism)

Debate Round No. 1


I think we have had a misunderstand standing i am pro Israel. I don't want to argue that it was 100% Palestine's fault. I want to argue that Its more Palestinian's fault. You see i agree with what u said and what you said is my opinion as well. Maybe i did not make it clear what i was for sorry i would like to stop this debate. I would never argue agents Israel.


fair enough, what I said is still contradictory to yours though
Debate Round No. 2


biggest_pro_going forfeited this round.



Please don't vote - Shabbat Shalom.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by biggest_pro_going 3 years ago
I am sure there are people out their who would love to have this debate with you but i am not one of them, if you really want to debate you could make your own one.
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