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Israel should have been created in Germany

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Started: 3/3/2010 Category: Politics
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Why was Israel created in Palestinian lands? Hitler was acting on behalf of then Germany, and if anyone should pay the land price, it should be Germany.

With regard to religion and promised land, the facilitators of Israel in the Middle East should have not been influenced by one religion. Of course, religion is a powerful thing that pervades everywhere. But say one does not believe in the religion, say even one of the atheist Zionists, won't it be better to have Israel in Germany?

No palestinians attacking them. No need to have conflict. Germany loses land for aggression.


This is a pretty ridiculous argument, as I'm sure most people can see.

First, the historical connection with Israel. Before the Diaspora, Jews inhabited Israel and saw it as a Holy Land. When the Jews were expelled from their homeland and inhabited all regions of the globe, Israel was still scene as their homeland. It is impossible to separate Jewish culture from the struggle for a homeland. This historical connection transcends religion in the minds of many Jews, much like an American with Irish ancestors still feels a connection with the country.

Second, anti-Semitism is not specifically German. Just look to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion for examples of anti-Semitism throughout the world. Since the Jews had a connection with Israel, which was owned by the British Empire, it made sense to establish a state for the persecuted.

Third, anti-Semitism was alive and well in Germany after the horrors of the Holocaust were shown to the world, and throughout the world the negative view o the Jewish people persists. This is evidenced by the great number of collaborators within German occupied lands during WWII, and even in the USA with the establishment and growth of the KKK.

Fourth, and finally, there was already a sizable Jewish population within Israel that had never left. This is important because it shows that the Jews still had a connection with their homeland.

This debate is not about the horrors inflicted upon the Palestinians after the establishment of the Jewish state. The merits of the current system are not on debate here, but rather the location of the Jewish state. For the reasons above, it could not have been anywhere other than Israel.
Debate Round No. 1


But most of the population in the current Israel and palestinian lands were non-Jewish before the immigrations that happened just a few years before the creation of Israel. Even at creation, there were less Jews than Muslims in the palestinian territory. The non-jewish palestinians also considered the land theirs and have an attachment to it. In some areas, it is religious, in others it is like a homeland connection. Same thing.

But it would be ridiculous if say the Koreans decided that their ancestors came from regions of China an Mongolia, and if they decided to claim it back. They don't feel that way, but if they didn't have their Korean peninsula and if they felt connected to Mongolia and areas of China, would it be legit to split mongolia in half and give it the Koreans?

Or if African Americans felt a connection to their homelands in Africa, and if during the past 200 years the people still in Africa developed a culture and religion different from African Americans (let's imagine African Americans believe in religion A, and the people in Africa now believe in religion B), would it be legit to create a state in Africa over the current lands, and give it to the African Americans.

Just as nobody proposed giving the African Americans a state of their own, why are Jews given one? It's not the Jews' fault that they got screwed over by Anti-Semites, and it's not the African Americans' faults for being screwed over in the past either.

If they just need a land because they are being persecuted too much and need security borders, then what's wrong with Germany? It seems like a good spot and timing was good, since they had to pay some price for the war and forefrontness in the Holocaust, just as they did with the Rhine after WWI. It would make more sense than giving them a state in the Palestinian territories, or in the USA.


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