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"It Is Probable That There Is Life After Death".

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Started: 12/22/2013 Category: Religion
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I would say that life after death is definitely possible and there are many reasons to believe why this is the case:

1. our mind seems to be an intangible part of us and yet it exist.
2. many people have reported out of body experiences when near death or clinically dead.
3.The bible says there is life after death
4.If death is all there is, than life would have no meaning


Hard with only 500 characters.

The resolution says "probable", not "possible".

1. There's a far stretch between intangible and immortal. Also "seems" is not an argument.

2. The mind (and people) often deceives. People have made many mistaken fanciful claims. When their brains are in a near dead state, that makes them all the more fallible.

3. The Bible's credibility has yet to be established.

4. The world does not owe your life meaning. Life without meaning bares no contradiction.
Debate Round No. 1


1. supernatural phenomena has been experienced by many witnesses regardless of their religious background

2.people who have near death experiences almost always have the same experiences (examples: going through a tunnel with a white light at the end, feelings of happiness, seeing their lifeless bodies when their soul rises out of it.)

3. The fact that most of us wonder what our purpose in life is shows that their has to be some meaning to life and death is temporary.


1. See "2" round 1. Already answered. People deceive and can be deceived.

2. Sleep paralysis visions share the same commonality but science has revealed they have nothing to do with demons. Also, this is not as true as pro says but we have such little space neither of us can elaborate.

OBE's can be replicated in a lab.

3. People wondering what their purpose is only proves they believe they have a purpose not that there actually is one.

Death being final does not mean life is meaningless.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by phantom 3 years ago
I know. I don't know why I even accepted this debate. It was a completely useless waste of time.
Posted by Magic8000 3 years ago
500 character limit.......seriously?
Posted by Seek 3 years ago
Agreed with prior posters: Question is indefensible. Try again.
Posted by Subutai 3 years ago
Change the resolution to "It Is Probable That There Is Life After Death". I want to accept, but the current resolution is not debateable.
Posted by Rational_Thinker9119 3 years ago
Nobody doubts that it is possible. The question you need to ask is; is it plausible?
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