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It is Most Probable that and Alien Species Would be Hostile to Humanity.

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Started: 3/15/2017 Category: Science
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I will be taking Pro on this one, and the opponent will be delegated as Con.

I believe that given basic biological principles and mathematics, the likelihood is that an advanced alien species would be hostile upon first contact.

First round acceptance ONLY

1 - No trolling
2 - No profanity
3 - Equitable conduct and opportunity
4 - Empirical evidence

Probable - (Adj) Likely to be the case or to happen.
Extraterrestrial - (Adj) A hypothetical or fictional being from outer space, especially an intelligent one.
Hostile - (Adj) Unfriendly; antagonistic.

Thank you and good luck.



so here we go I will provide my opinions in this a numerical fashion. 1. how advanced they are. If these aliens are so advanced to the point where they are potentially travelling billions of eons away and somehow come across us they are probably after more than just us. and should have been able to fashion some sort of language reader. 2. We must think like ourselves. if these aliens are as smart as us most likely even more, then they are again probably after something more than just our lives. They could just be explorers, looking to find what lies in the vast unknown just like us and hell maybe we could learn a thing or two from them about space travel.
Debate Round No. 1


For all intents and purposes, this debate will be based in more theoretical matter than factual, given we have yet to achieve first contact.

First of all, I need to assert the likelihood that life elsewhere in the cosmos will be similar to ours.

We have known for some time the carbon is essential for the creation of organic compounds, and while other elements such as silicon have been proposed for viable templates, nothing we know of has exceeded carbon in the ability to form complex bonds. Given this, it is a staple ingredient in the complex molecules that form the nitrogenous bases in our DNA (Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine) as well as proteins and carbohydrates, all of which are essential to life as we know it. Based upon this fact, it is most likely that Alien organisms, sentient or otherwise, will be carbon based. We also know that the optimal environment for complex carbon based life is where water is able to be in its liquid state. While this can take place in a variety of environments, most of these naturally occur on earth If we cannot simulate them in a lab setting.

So based on all of this, it is most likely, not excluding the off chance that we may not deal with carbon based life, or even life at all (It could be mechanical), that life arose in an environment we can observe a direct cousin of here on Earth.

Among all of the carbon based organisms here on Earth, what distinguishes us above all others? The simple answer is our brain, and while we may not have the largest (An adult sperm whale does) we certainly have the largest cerebral cortex, which is associated with higher thought processes and action. This in turn grants us intelligence, which is our key trait. But how do we power it? The answer is simple: Predation. Humanity, in some form or another, have been predators for the majority of recorded history. And while plants offer the most energy from the sun by comparison to tissue, the energy in meat is far more concentrated per portion. By consuming prey, we do not need to graze a field all day to meet the energy quota to power our body. This means we are given time to pursue activities that develop higher brain functions, which in turn generate innovation. And for an alien species, intelligence is a staple if they have achieved space travel. Given this, Aliens are most likely to have predatory habits, even if they have moved past eating meat.

And given predators tend to be the most competitive category of organisms, it would be in our best interest to expect an extremely competitive species within first contact. And as humans, our most amplified form of competition is war. We fight, we kill, and we destroy indiscriminately, but sometimes not without good reason. In our 2000 years of recorded history, we have failed to avoid warfare in that entire period of time. I will concede that given an Alien race is most likely to predate our existence, they have had more time to develop culture and society within their ranks. But nothing we have seen here so far indicates any progression towards world peace, in fact it dictates the opposite. And since I have already established it is not entirely unreasonable to base our predictions upon our own interactions and environment, it is not unreasonable to assume an Alien species has failed to move beyond the concept of war.

Supposing we do base out predictions on human interactions, one only needs to look at the colonial and imperialistic age of Europe and Asia to see what we might be facing. In our case, we would be the natives, and the Alien species would be the race that is, in comparison, far ahead of our time in technology. And both indirectly and directly, the natives were wiped out by the opposing force, whether by disease or war itself.

Any species that has moved into the stage of inter solar system exchanges will require a vast amount of resources to fuel these operations. It may be that they come here in search of those resources, and we are only an obstacle in the way of that progression. You might ask, why do they not simply go somewhere else? The fact is that Earth is a very rare type of planet indeed. Organic compounds, liquid water, and most of all, the conditions necessary to sustain life are all rare in the real estate market of space. We may be sitting on very valuable land. In that case, what is there we can do to stop them? They will not be looking to negotiate, as there is nothing to do so with. They simply could take whatever they please. We would, by comparison, have nearly nothing against them.

So given all this, there is a strong case in theory that Aliens are likely not to be an ally of ours. Again, I would like to stress this is based off of what little we know about the portion of the universe we understand.

So to cap up my arguments:
[1] - We can predict Alien behavior off of terrestrial environments.
[2] - Given [1], the most likely way aliens have achieved intelligence is through predation, and in turn predatory habits.
[3] - Given [2], Aliens are likely to have competitive traits, and in turn, the practice of war or conflict.
[4] - Earth is a valuable cache of resources given the rarity of our class of planet, and we may be a prime target for Aliens that likely use a high amount of resources.

Thank you and good luck to pro.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by RC-9282 1 year ago
No harm done. Its better you be there than here.
Posted by Asoz 1 year ago
i am very sorry for having to forfeit this round as i had and currently still am in the process of attending my grandfathers funeral.
Posted by RC-9282 1 year ago
Even if they have unified as a species, does that mean they will treat us with the same decency.
Posted by HoofHearted 1 year ago
It seems to me that an alien race would have to have unity to develop interstellar travel. This causes me to believe that they would be more friendly than hostile. Just look at us, our countries can't unite over a lot of things.
Posted by RC-9282 1 year ago
Even if you were, humans have one of the closest brain to body weight ratios, 1-50. Most animals are in the realm of 1-180. Birds are 1-220. Brain size does not necessarily dictate intelligence.
Posted by RC-9282 1 year ago
Yes, however are brains are more complex and house larger surface areas. I assume you are operating on a wight analysis.
Posted by logicjagger 1 year ago
Humans do not have the largest cerebral cortext on Earth. That throne belongs to the long-finned pilot whale, a type of dolphin.
Posted by RC-9282 1 year ago
Just something inspired by another debate. No one focuses on science or the interesting things anymore, at least not that many people.
Posted by Wylted 1 year ago
Nice, topic. I could rake either side,. Looking forward to read it.
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