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It is better to be a man than to be a woman in the United States.

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Started: 3/30/2015 Category: Society
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Despite decades of feminist advances to try to bring equality to the sexes, it is still far better to be a man than to be a woman. Even if absolute equality was achieved in all measures, being a man is superior.

First round is acceptance.
2nd round is for the presentation of primary arguments. The only sources or references that may be used are the direct experience of the person in the gender.
The 3rd round is for rebuttal of the second-round arguments, and final position. Only the rebuttal statements in the 3rd round may introduce new arguments.

Spelling and grammar count.


I will accept.
Debate Round No. 1


For the sake of this debate, I am assuming we are in a post Hillary Clinton presidency timeframe. Pay equality has finally been achieved; equal pay for equal work is no longer just a slogan. Cleavage is no longer the number one way to sell burgers, cars, Internet sites, cell phones, you get the idea--everything. From a purely biological standpoint, the male experience is superior to the female experience. Consider:
1. The simple mechanics of having male genitalia. This is the most fundamental differentiator in an absolutely essential distinguisher of the male experience. Not only as crudely as "the world your urinal" , but in more real terms the health benefits or the lack of health issues associated with male genitalia versus female genitalia alone makes the male experience in life better. There is no "monthly friend" to deal with. There are no massive hormonal swings to deal with, either monthly or menopause, aside from the one that is associated with puberty and generally considered a bad time for both sexes. The attendant infections and other diseases unique to female genitalia are essentially unknown to the vast majority of men. And the routine uptake and maintenance alone that goes with owning female genitalia is a significant hit on quality of life. I do concede prostate cancer sucks, but it is also one of the easier cancers to prevent and treat.
2. Sexual dimorphism. While human females are more than capable of metaphorically snapping off your head, it's nothing like being a male praying mantis. Along with our superior size and physicality, men have significant quality-of-life benefits in general. There always are tall females, but on average it is a man who will be able to reach that item on the top shelf. Our superior male upper body strength allows us to place excessively heavy things on that top shelf which can only be frustrating to even tall females thus reducing the quality of their human experience.


1 - "I would like to thank God, my Mother,..."-things that you hear famous athletes, musicians, singers, and movie stars saying.

2 - Valentine's Day-is about impressing women. Anniversaries are about pleasing the wife. Dates- the woman retrieves preferential treatment. Most dating rituals in the US has the woman being asked out, the male paying for the meal, the male opening doors, the male pulling out chairs, and the male catering to the woman's whim.

3 - Mating-the man begs, pleads, pays,...for physical contact with the woman. A male obtains a higher paying job and a higher paying house and a new car-not just to impress other men, but to impress women. The human male is subject to the same condition as the male peacock and other male mammals; the male must parade, dress, and strut in an attempt to impress the sought after female.

4 - Crimes and punishment - the woman is sometimes beaten, taken, and abused in other ways. Society has progressed to the point that the female can point at a man and say-"Look what the man did to me." Society does not have adequate punishments, but society is indeed discussing improvements to properly punish the male. Whereas, the male is often disregarded if he states that a female beat or abused him. Society unfortunately laughs at the man and thinks less of him as a man.

5 - In the same vein, men do not have the same flexibility as women. Women can work or stay at home and still be considered women, mothers, wives, ...feminine. Yet, men are still stigmatized with being stay at home dads, especially if they are stay at home spouses without even children to raise. These men are considered deadbeats. Women are freer in this respect.

6 - If sperm banks were populated with millions of donors, women could maintain the population for a period of time without men. However, men need women to create offspring...and, feed them.

Females create children, feed children, are more sought after, and have more freedoms and flexibilities. Men do not.
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to thank the Con for such cogent points. I will now deconstruct each in turn:
1. Males rely upon our own achievements, not on the adulation of others to determine our self-worth.
2. It's only because of the unscrupulous monopoly women have on female genitalia that Valentine's Day or anniversaries even exist. If you choose to celebrate manipulation and stinginess making the female experience better than the male, then I'll leave you to ponder that point.
3. This is merely a recast of point #2; yet I stand is living proof that it isn't nearly universal. There are many males who find a mate based upon their genuine heart and charm and not upon such shallow things as physical displays or fancy cars.
4. Assuming we have achieved true equality in society, crime and punishment should also be equal. That said, even in such an egalitarian future, society should laugh at and think less of a man who claims he was beaten by a female.
5. Again assuming we are living in such a future as one where true sexual equality has been achieved, the stay-at-home dad should no longer be an issue.
6. While your point about sperm banks are true, that is not really the point of this debate. Men need females for much more than just procreation; there is a natural attraction between the sexes that cannot be denied in the vast majority of humans. To reduce a man or woman to either a sperm squirting or babymaking machine is a bit crass. We are not discussing replacing one of the sexes; we are simply discussing who has a more enjoyable experience in total during their lifetime.
In conclusion, while this was a short debate, it has served to highlight that no matter how equal men and women become in all societal measures there still are fundamental differences between the sexes that cannot be escaped. And based upon my previous round 2 arguments, which my opponent has neglected to address directly, I feel I have proven conclusively that the male experience is indeed better.


The living experience of females is superior in that we can be "stingy" or generous with physical affection–legally, we have a choice. A male is driven by that drive and is often consumed past legal and rationale thought. The male lives longer only when coupled with a female, who offers a better life. A woman may have a drive to couple with a man, but the woman is superior enough not be consumed with that drive to the point of committing crimes of passion.

A father can tell his child, “I am stronger; follow me.” The child may follow or disobey, but a majority of people will at least acknowledge the superior strength of the adult male to the child. A mother may tell her child, “I am smarter, listen to me.” The child may listen or disobey, but the majority of people will at least acknowledge that the child should have listened to the mother.

A woman may approach a man and say, “I am superior, listen.” A man may roll his eyes or smirk – the attitude of a teenage child. However, most men are wise and experienced enough to be silent when a woman speaks. Men may say it is like ignoring a Chihuahua, a mosquito or a fly. “Not worth responding,” a man may tell himself. Yet, ask a man to mention this very debate to his female mate, his mother, his female co-workers and the man would be afraid---as afraid as the young child challenging his father in a fight; as afraid as a young student challenging the principal at school. The male would begin to worry that his need for females (wife/mother) would be unsatisfied after such a statement. The male that is willing to broach this debate at work would be considered a fool, not brave. This male would be laughed at by other males as being an idiot, attacked by women, and perhaps at risk of losing his job. A male saying “Males are superior to females” would be as much a pariah in professional society as a peasant saying “The Queen is inferior to my shoe” in a feudal society. In either case, the best defense would be to claim an addled brain.
Debate Round No. 3
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