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It is better to not to have kids

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Started: 11/14/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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A child results in less sleep, less time for the couple to spend together alone, less money, and less time for friends and hobbies. It is better to not have kids.


it could easily be said that our main purpose in life is to reproduce. our biological drive is to eat, reproduce until death. you take out reproduction from the equation. kids also provide love and other benefits. really though, all i have to do is point out or biological drive.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting the challenge :)
In my opinion that reproducing is not our main purpose. Many people hold to this belief without thinking of it. They try so hard to do good in middle school so they can do good in high school so they can get into a good college so they can get a good job so they can have enough money to support a family. But then what? Everyone is just going in circles. They give birth to a child so that they can go through life in the same cycle I said above. Success is important, and reproduction is important, but is it our purpose on this earth? Have you ever woken up thinking "why am I even doing all this? What is the point?"
Kids may bring love but what if thw kids turn out to be losers and ruin your life, how are you going to live with it?


all you have to do is look at the animal kingdom. they eat and reproduce. that's their main objectives.

con says what if they are losers. well what if they are winners and rich. either way you can love and be loved regardless.

bottomline is it's man's main purpose to reproduce,
Debate Round No. 2


Animals in animal kingdom are not in the same level as we are. We are human being with critical thinking skills, we can decide if we want kids are not.
Even if it's the main purpose of life, we still don't have to do it because it is simpler better without having kids.
We can have more resource such as time and money to ourselves, we don't need to live with kids who are trouble or causing harm to the society.
We all should second think if we need kids, the pros are way to than cons, do you agree we will be able to have more money and time to our own and less worry if we don't have kids?


i agree you have more time and money etc without kids. but that's not a good enough reason to not have them. love and be loved. plus the fact that reproduction is one of our primary functions. if everyone took your advice we'd die out. i dont think we're meant to die out. if you want to be an exception and dont want everyone to not have kids, then you will just have your genes weeded out. you must not be a decent addition to the human genome. but anyways again, our main purpose at many levels is to reproduce.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by asunnykay 2 years ago
The amount of stubborn users on this website in unbelievable. " really though, all i have to do is point out or biological drive." Hell no. Construct your argument using MULTIPLE points and sources. Don't be a know it all snob dairygirl4u2c. This website is meant for users we are open to see new points of view, concede respectfully on some of our own views, and find middle ground with the other party. I hope that you show more courtesy in your next turn.
Posted by Longline 2 years ago
you see, only people who live in developed country fear having kids. you might think you are free in a developed country but you are more of a slave to the system.

a slave can only worry about it's life, taking care of another slave will be far more suffering for them.

to say is it better not to have kids, yes for developed country, and no for the undeveloped.

but in general over all the answer is no, and will always be no.
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